Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday

Since we are off touring  Antelope Canyon (Page, AZ) this morning, I thought I would post a little food-gasm for y’all to enjoy.   I do plan to upload some photos today, so check back.

This is the Teriyaki Salmon that I had at the Rio Grande Club.  To.Die.For.  The veggies were grilled to perfection, and the potato was soft and fluffy.  Yummm…Teriyaki Salmon SW Ribs 'n beans

And Dick ordered the SW Pork Rib special with a pile of beans there in the middle that had a bit of a kick to them.  He couldn’t finish the ribs, so we’ll polish them off tonight.

We ordered one creme brulee for dessert to share…but we’ve had better on Carnival Cruise Lines.  If you like it, this will tempt you bloggers who are going on the cruise with us in February!

Not so many miles to go today, but oh what sights will await us at our destination—the N rim of the Grand Canyon.  After we get set up, we’ll go on an animal hunt to see them as they come out to feed before dusk.  When we were there with the kids back in ‘89, the kids finally gave up counting after seeing about 185 animals!  Plus, it got too dark to count any more.  Hope we are lucky again.

Life is good!


Barb said...

Oh, this sounds like an awesome leg of your adventure! The best creme brulee I ever had was an orange creme brulee at Emeril's in Orlando. It was to die for!

Enjoy! Bigs hugs xo

Joy said...

Enjoyed your pictures! Glad you had such a nice anniversary dinner, even if it was a tad early. Anniversary season, right? Loved the scenery, the church & windows, and that beautiful blue bird (what kind?) but I think my favorites were the hummingbird ones! Missy has a great view and I'm surprised they come in with her that close, how do they know she can't get to them? :-) A hummer was visiting my bee balm when I came home a couple of days ago, but by the time I grabbed my camera, he was gone. Will be interested to read how many animals you see tonight. Hugs!

And Miles To Go... said...

oh that meal looks to die for. Happy travels!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

looks and sounds wonderful! and i love the brulee on carnival! love love love it. we are really enjoying the trip honey, keep posting!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

There's those yummy looking ribs again. I so want to taste those babies. Just saying.

Enjoy the grand canyon, as it is indeed breathtakingly beautiful.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't eaten anything yet, so you're making me hungry... YUM! That salmon looks divine... and the veggies. I loves me some veggies...

Have fun counting critters in the canyon!

Sarge Charlie said...

life is good, I want to be with you, it looks like so much fun.

ivana said...

Dear Sandy!
It looks as you have really everything divine!!!
Enjoy your travel and all things and events you meet (during it?)
The dishes are masterpieces!!!
Have a great evening!!!


Zane D. Clark said...

Yes I think that the salmon looks wonderful as well. Darlin and I were at the Grand Canyon about 1999.
have fun.