Thursday, February 28, 2013

Windy Thursday

And chilly.  All the windows are still closed this morning.  It is only getting up to mid 70s today, then going downhill over the weekend.  That is still better than Mayberry, where snow is expected.  No.Thank.You.
KC snoozing
Our boy has decided that my desk is his current favorite snoozing place (instead of the back of the couch).  Constantly!, so I put down the purr pad to encourage him to move over a bit and get outta my way.  He did, but stretched out and knocked over my tray of papers.  Twice.  Bless his heart.  No, I am not turning out the light.  Move!  Yes, he has his own BIG bed in the windshield—that he ignores.  At least for the moment he is curled up in Missy’s skinny bed.

This last day in February will find me picking up the papers on the floor (again), and getting them sorted and put in the filing cabinet, one of my least fave chores.  And washing said purr pads to get rid of some kitty fluff.  Dick’s cousin and wife are coming through town tonight, and we will be having dinner with them, so that gives me a deadline.  I need a deadline, so I am giving myself one…5p.  Check.

Come on, Sun.  It would be nice to see you today.  I will have things you can dry for my babies.

Whatever you do, make today a good one.  It is all we have, peaches!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Guess where we are?


John G tee

Off enjoying good coffee, fresh fruit, and cinnamon-nut French toast with our two neighbors at our most favorite John G’s Restaurant!  WYWH!!!

MM got a “pretty good” check up yesterday with the eye doc.  His eye isn’t totally back to the vision MM was expecting.  The doc said to give it a bit more time.  Worse case scenario—glasses.  Poor thang.

Afterward, we went to an early matinee and saw Identity Theft, a nice comedy that we both enjoyed very much.  And since we were in the neighborhood, we visited a famous wine and spirits store to replenish our wine supply back home.  We have our priorities!

I started book #3 in the Outlander Series last night, after finishing a light mystery that Joy loaned me through the Kindle app.  Now I need to see if I need to return it, or if it will automatically go back to her at the end of my 2 week period of having it.  Two weeks?  I only needed it 2 days!  Thanks, Joy.

Have yourselves a ginger peachy last February Wednesday.  We sure will!  Yummm…

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunny, for now

We got a good soaking for over an hour yesterday, and more rain is on the way today.  The ribs never made it to the grill, due to the rain.  They got slowly nuked and were delish. 

We need the rain, so we are not complaining about that nor the cold front moving down.  This is the land of ever changing weather…and we call it GOOD.


I learned something new yesterday about dissolving stitches—they can take up to 3 months to dissolve!  Who knew?  I have a small stitch from my naval surgery that is sticking out, so I stopped by to have my doc’s nurse remove it.  That sucker was too short to grab enough to hold to and clip (MM tried and he couldn’t get it); neither could the doc.  Bugger.  I don’t foresee wearing any silk blouses in the near future, and if I do, I’ll slap a small bandage over the suture to keep from snagging my fancy blouse.  Our casual lifestyle comes in handy for these medical situations.  Live and learn, people.

MM goes back for his eye check up this afternoon, then we plan to do something radical—maybe see a movie.  Or maybe not.  It is nice not having a schedule.  Or having to be back to walk a dog (we love dogs!).  Our two babies will sleep the whole time we are gone (as they are now doing).  They love vacations…which occur for them 24/7…except when those pesky mowers and blowers are outside.

We do not stop playing because we grow old;
We grow old because we stop playing...

Make a little time to play today.  And share a smile with those you meet!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday mowing

The kitties had been on active window duty, protecting us from such enemies as this little critter…and a beautiful red cardinal that was chirping outside the window, that is, until the mowers showed up.  The fresh cut grass smell is delightful…but the furbabies don’t like the noise one bit.P1010395

Missy moved to the (safe) floor (in the walkway); KC is also on the floor, but he is scrunched down between Dick’s seat and the wall.  That is one gray ball of wimpy fluff, is our KC.  Bless his heart.

We are expecting a high of 85 today.  Regardless, I still need to think about what-to-fix-for dinner.  MM said the Ravioli Casserole in the crockpot was a winner, so I posted it on Dyer Dining.  I’m thinking another meal cooked on the patio is in order for tonight, to keep heat out of the moho.  Or maybe a nice big salad with chicken strips on top.  Choices.  We has them.

Birds  of a feather flock together . . .
And then poop on your car.

May your day be filled with only good things, y’all!  Watch your head!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Law of the Theater…and game/event


beer mug

At any event, the people whose seats are furthest from the aisle, always arrive last. They are the ones who will leave their seats several times to go for food, beer, or the toilet, and who leave early before the end of the performance or the game is over.

The folks in the aisle seats come early, never move once, have long gangly legs or big bellies, and stay to the bitter end of the performance. The aisle people also are very surly folk.

So, reasons enough for us to stay home and watch that little car race up in Daytona today on TV.  And the price of the tickets…the traffic…the crowds, etc.

Yep, the patio is paid for, comfy…and we will get replays, have better food, and our own bathroom.


Life is good in Paradise, y’all!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sweet smile!

Combine a wee boy with a bike and mud and that equals a BIG smile!

Will, mud, bike 2.13

A bit of soap and water will take care of all that grime, and then Doodlebug will be ready to go another again.  Zoom, zoom!

I miss my wee chitlins!!!

So last night we thoroughly enjoyed the pizza party.  MM even danced with me a few times!  He can still boogie a bit…for being another year older.

I finished Killing Lincoln and turned it over to MM to read.  It was well done, but I am ready for a light mystery now…after a bit of boring cleaning and laundry…stuff that goes on no matter where we live. 

At least there is beautiful sunshine to see, with a nice breeze going to keep me cool while I work.  Those are some of the trade offs for being here in FL, rather than back in chilly Mayberry with those sweet kiddos.  Choices.  Life is full of them.  To live with furballs…or not.  Yep, I have put off that vacuuming way too long!  Time to get busy…and see if I can pawn off that vacuuming job on MM.  It’s worth a try.

As small as it may seem, a good deed is always worth doing.

As small as it may seem, a good deed is always worth doing.

Do a Random Act of Kindness today.  It will make you smile…and the world needs more smiles!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday, honey!  You and Tal make a cute couple.  You two are even dressed alike!  Actually, this is the day we had the entire group photo made, the “Stage Fright” blog post, which was more like Stage Freight?!


MM would much rather be BEHIND the lens of the camera instead of on the receiving end, so I had to dig for a current photo.   This one never got posted from the Blogger’s Cruise last month, and it brings back good memories.

There is a pizza party here at the park, so MM opted for us to go to that tonight, despite it being his birthday.  It is just another day to him, so we will party with the rest of the old folks! 

There’s no German Chocolate Cake here, so how about a slice of this one instead?  It is non-fattening.


Hugs and kisses and purrs from the kitties and me…xoxoxo

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thursday things

What is HE doing in MY bed???  We are not happy with this.  Now it will have KC cooties in it.  Phew!kitties

Today’s mission, and MM and I choose to accept it, is to find reasonably priced glasses.  I need new lens; I like my frames, so I ONLY need to replace the lens.  Easy, right?  You would be WRONG--my frames are discontinued.  Naturally.  They would be HAPPY to sell me new frames with new lens.  Cha-ching.

We have choices…we are getting educated.

Stubborn?  Guilty!  We do not like to throw away (cruise) money, um…kitty food money.  We do have our priorities.  So, we will visit Johnnie…and go see his friend.

Life is like a coin; you can choose to spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once.

Our choice is to spend wisely!  How about your choice?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

E is for Eye Exam

All the better to see you with, my dear…said the Big Bad Wolf.


It is eye exam time for me this morning.  We are getting these pesky annual check ups out of the way while we are “vacationing” here in Paradise.

MM got a good report yesterday on his surgery examination.  His eye is still a bit swollen (normal), but his vision is already better.  That rocks!  He goes back for another routine check up next Tuesday.  We seriously like this doctor.  I had an eye issue all of a sudden last Saturday.  MM called this doc’s office and HE answered the call…on a Saturday afternoon!  He answered our questions with confidence.  All is well.  He will continue to have our business, you can bet on that, offering quality work AND customer service.

Our cold spell seems to be behind us as we continue to warm up to the high 70s today.  Love it.

So yesterday I finished the second book in the Outlander series, but now I want a break from Scotland for a bit so I am going back to the War of Northern Aggression and reading Killing Lincoln.  We enjoyed the movie, but the book is filled with lots more details and very interesting.  I am reading from a “tree book” as one of my favorite authors calls real books, less convenient than toting around my Kindle, however.  I’ll manage.

I have read almost a dozen books thus far this year, another advantage to being in Paradise…but I do need to do some of that boring normal paperwork today.  Reality calls…and I do have to answer.

May your day be an Excellent one.

Life is good, y’all!  Enjoy wherever you are.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

S is for Snow!

Our wee boys think this is great!

Me? Not so much. S is for Sun!

Your choice?

So MM's eye is better this morning. I take him to the doc for a follow up after lunch. He can already see better, so that is a good thing.

We are meeting Jimmy and Cathy for dinner tonight, so today is an easy day here in paradise, finally warming up enough to enjoy sitting on the patio.

You are never fully dressed without a smile. Got mine!

Life is mighty good, y'all!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Hungry guy!

MM did well and has to behave bending or lifting. Check.

He is starving and requested Cracker Barrel. Check.

Breakfast is coming up.

Thanks for the prayers and good wishes.

Life will be brighter for MM tomorrow...and that is good!

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Sitting and waiting...

My sweet MM is about to have his second cataract removed. We had to be here at the surgery center at 6:30. Hmm, I don't think that was for HIS convenience.

It was cold and dark outside when we left...45 degrees. At least the sun is now peeking out. I know he will do well. We have confidence in his doctor. But still. It is surgery. Fortunately, it is relatively quick surgery.

Hurry up and wait. We will and all will be good. I'm confident.

I will post an update when I know something.

Still waiting...

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boy sprouts and Brussel sprouts

These two are growing up entirely too fast.  Alex just got glasses, and Will wanted a new “do” like his buddy Maddox.  I miss these two munchkins, as well as their big cousins.
Alex, Will 2.13
Diana served some great appetizers before we went out to dinner the other night.  This one is a keeper and is also posted on Dyer Dining:

Marinated Brussel Sprouts
2 10 oz packages frozen Brussel sprouts (or cook fresh)
1 ½ C sugar
1 C cider vinegar
5 Tbsp horseradish
½ tsp salt
2 Tbsp dry mustard

Cook sprouts until tender and drain.
Heat vinegar; add sugar, stirring to dissolve.  Add remaining ingredients, and pour over sprouts (sprouts can be cut in half before marinating, if desired).  Refrigerate at least 6 hours or overnight.
Drain, and put in bowl, reserving some of the liquid in case any are left over.  Enjoy!

I wanted to eat a whole bowl of these babies.  Try it, if you like Brussel sprouts…and even if you don’t!  They are that good…and tangy.

Thought for the day:  Never a failure; always a lesson!

May your lessons today be simple, y’all!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rainy lesson learned

Note to self: don't leave the Moho overnight without closing unprotected windows.

The rain boldly blew in that N facing window. Got the chair, floor (carpet) and of course that padded window frame soaked. Totally soaked. I blotted the carpet and window area, now the fan will finish up for me. More rain is coming, lucky us...NOT! We may have to a/c, just to finish removing all the moisture.

Most of our windows have awnings over them, so they are well protected from rain. Oh well, it's not the end of the world. Lesson learned.

I need to figure out what to fix for dinner, and then make a run to Publix. A Cuban Sammie is probably gonna be our lunch! Yum.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Lakeland visit, and had 2 kitties that missed us. KC was mighty loving (annoying) all night, bless his heart.

No other great plans for the day, and that's fine and dandy. It's just another day in paradise.

So what's for dinner?

Life is good, y'all!

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Rainy Lakeland

The 3 guys are off to the indoor shooting range on this rainy day. Diana, Verna and I are beached on the couches in the family room, each with our electronic reading devices...swapping computer info and learning about which books are worth reading...or not reading. None of us worked up enough desire to go out malling, so here we sit, downloading books and apps. Fun...and easy shopping...and a little TV in the background.

No doubt MM will come back salivating for a new hand gun. Now WHO is high maintenance in the family?! Bless his heart.

I am so glad to see that everyone is off the Carnival cruise ship. No, I am not afraid to go on a cruise, or to cruise Carnival again. Stuff happens, and when you travel, you stay flexible, have some smart items always with you...first-aid stuff, flashlight, hand sani, food, water...but most of all, a level head. And a credit card! That fixes a lot of grief. Not that a credit card helped on this cruise, of course. What a mess this is gonna be, with folks wanting to sue. Poor CCL!

So the rain has stopped; the Travel channel is taking us to London, Diana found an app I need to download, a guy is out on the golf course, and we have no worries here in our corner of the world.

Life is good, y'all!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine’s Day wishes

May each of you have a SWEET Valentine’s Day, my good friends.

My sweetie and I are heading to Lakeland to visit with good friends, then enjoy a nice dinner out with a whole bunch of people.

Share a smile today, and make some good memories.  We sure will!Sandyv8[1]

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ways to a better life continued…

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a college kid with a maxed out charge card.
Smile and laugh more.  It will keep the negative blues away.
Life isn't fair, but it's still good.
Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.
Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

And in the process, have yourselves a ginger peachy Wednesday, y'all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday, refers to the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before Lent begins on Wednesday.  New Orleans will be hopping tonight!  I have no desire whatsoever to be in that huge crowd.Mardi Gras beads

Tonight will find the two of us at our FL parish enjoying the annual Shrove Tuesday (another name for today) pancake supper with a relatively small crowd of folks.  This is a fund raiser for the youth of the church, and we definitely like to support the youth.  I don’t mind a night of not cooking.

I finished the first book in the Outlander series Sunday, and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I read a  quick free mystery on the Kindle last night, and intend to begin book #2 of the series today.  So many books, so little time…but I’m trying!

When  you are dissatisfied and
Would  like to go back to your
Youth,  think of Algebra.

Make a little time for yourself, pick up a book and read.  You can travel the world in the comfort of your own home. 

What are you reading right now?

Have yourself a ginger peachy day!  I sure will.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday on the move

Today was my day for retail therapy. And not just stuff for me.

The Crocs I bought for MM will have to be exchanged for a smaller size, but my stuff fits just fine. Of course!

And a funny thing happened at T J Maxx...a lady blocked my buggy exclaiming "I know you!"

I knew her, too!

She and her roomie sat at our dinner table on a cruise a few years ago! Hey, Beverly and Peggy. They live just up the road from us in PGA. Small world indeed! It was great seeing y'all today.

MM and the kitties had a quiet day. I don't think KC has moved all day, bless his heart.

That's OK. He is on vacation.

Life is good, y'all!

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Windy Sunday in Paradise

Hiding under a bush is a good idea today.  Is it March already?  Boy, do we have wind…again…but at least we don’t have to shovel it!


Speaking of hiding, MM left the back hatch of the SUV open yesterday to unload some stuff and didn’t get around to closing it till after dark.  He got quite a surprise—a calico kitty was inside, peaking around his stuff!  Needless to say, she took off at lightening speed.

Note to self:  don’t leave doors open!

True story.  Our sweet Parker kitty adopted our RV park many years ago, and took his duty as park ambassador very seriously.  He loved to visit all the campers (he was supposed to be on mouse patrol, but he mostly sought out attention…which he got!).

One Monday morning we got a phone call from our manager saying that a couple from Atlanta had left the day before, arrived home and (thankfully!) opened up their camper to discover that they had a hitchhiker with them—Mr. Parker.  They turned around and drove him back to the park!

How many people would have done that?!

Parker went on to live a very indulged life—at our house.  I still miss that sweet boy.

Food for thought:  Nostalgia–Life in the past lane.

Do you have a special pet memory?

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday super shopping

So this morning, MM went over to the rec hall for the weekly donuts and coffee gathering, and brought home this not so small surprise for me from the Trash and Treasure sale:

cook top

Just what is this, you ask?  Well, it is an induction cooker, introduced to us by some of our Canadian friends last year.  They are a super, duper quick hot plate type of cooker that can be used by temperature and/or time combination.  It will boil water much faster than my gas burner cook top.  Srsly faster.

cook top 2

I don’t think this one has ever been used.  And MM only paid $10 for it!  This price even beats the bargain one he bought me last summer (love it!) on that famous auction site for $60.  They sell for MUCH higher than that.  Now one can stay home, and one can live in the moho.

Smart shopper, that MM guy.  Notice how he looks after his tummy!

We are certainly hoping everyone is coping well with the blizzard up north…as we are basking in the beautiful, warm Florida sunshine.  Well, I am the basker…MM has gone to tinker on his trailer again.  And he needs to work on the chain binders he bought online, anther bargain, and something he seriously needed.

Laundry is going, trash is out, 2 kitties are sleeping…it’s just another day in paradise.

Thought for the dayA  penny saved is a
Government  oversight.

Have yourself a ginger peachy Saturday.  Life is good, y’all!  Stay safe and warm.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday lunch time

MM and I just left our financial planner guy. We think we have enough money for lunch. Bee, you will recognize where we are because it is just around the corner from you.

We have a salad and Sammie ordered, so I just wanted to say HI. Delizia's is a great place to eat. Not that we don't have leftovers from last night sitting in the fridge, but who cares. We shall have that tomorrow. Seize the opportunity is our motto.

It is a bit overcast today, but it is warm and wonderful.

Not much else going on today. It is another day off and another day in paradise.

Who wants to go to the Well tonight?


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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why men prefer guns over women…

Not these men…certainly not Christine! 


But MM thought this was funny and that I should post it, so here it is.  For him.

And here we go...

#10 - You can trade an old 44 for a new 32.

#9 - You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you're on the road.

#8 - If you admire a friend's gun and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times.

#7 - Your primary gun doesn't mind if you keep another gun for a backup.

#6 - Your gun will stay with you even if you run out of ammo.

#5 - A gun doesn't take up a lot of closet space.

#4 - Guns function normally every day of the month.

#3 - A gun doesn't ask, "Do these new grips make me look fat?"

#2 - A gun doesn't mind if you go to sleep after you use it.

And the Number One reason Why Men Prefer Guns over women...

#1- You can buy a silencer for a gun.

Remember, MM, I own and can operate a firearm or two.  Or three.

Life is sunny and good here in paradise, y’all!

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday in Paradise

Cheers to this beautiful, sunny weather!IMG_0496

And cheers to the fabulous new kitchen at Johnnie and Susan’s house, finally finished (and seriously remodeled) after a house fire over a year ago.  No, not a kitchen fire.  It happened in the garage, resulting in smoke damage in the entire home.  What an adventure they have had.  The Super Bowl game was a great opportunity to throw a “new home” party!

So my big plan for the day is to go food shopping, now that I am allowed to drive again…my list has grown and the larder has gotten lean in a week’s time.  Neighbor Kathy stopped by yesterday with thoughts of a combined supper—she had potatoes and fresh broccoli and was going to pick up a roasted chicken.  No, no--MM had some venison marinating.  Instant (and tasty) dinner for 4, al fresco, complete with a lovely red wine.  We love these impromptu meals and good times.

Life is good…and YOU are in control of that!

Food for ThoughtFriends are the bacon bits in the salad bar of life.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

L is for Laundry!

Meet Ida (pronounced E-da), head of laundry services for the beautiful Carnival Breeze.  He manages ALL the laundry and linens for both guests and crew on every cruise, and he is busy every day…especially on embarkation day, because that is when the “old” guests get off and sheets/towels have to be washed before the new folks arrive.


These huge dryers holds 240 pounds of laundry…each!  There were several of them.  The dryers are run by the hot exhaust from the massive ship engines.  Everything possible gets used and/or recycled.

How’d you like to to wash and fold even ONE load a day?!  These make my normal laundry pretty insignificant.

I was fascinated by the machines that handled all the sheets.  To begin with, a long, narrow canvas basket thingy with a spring loaded bottom holds the wet sheets lengthwise before they are fed by two guys, lengthwise, straight onto the conveyor belts of another big machine.  This machine first begins drying the sheets, and therefore ironing them, as they are fed continuously onto more conveyor belts through more machines…where they wind up being folded in half, then folded again and again until they are plopped out (a definite laundry term) onto a small table.  This is when they are touched by another human, picked up, and stacked on a different table in groups of 10 sheets.  Always 10.  Then they are stacked up and sent to the cabin stewards.

Of course before the sheets go into the machine, it is programmed according to sheet size, since they have two sizes.  That is step 1.

There is a separate room for dry cleaning, which is a different type of dry cleaning than is done on land.  This all has to be environmentally safe, as well as using special laundry detergent for the washing.  Everything is highly monitored and controlled.

We love being Platinum cruisers with Carnival because we get FREE laundry done.  That totally rocks!

My iddy bitty machine is washing a piddily load right now. 

Have you gotten your laundry done today?  No complaining!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Monday in Paradise

First and foremost, a very happy birthday to our baby girl, who has been a joy to MM and me for thirty-something years!  Cheers…love ya, honey!!!

Jason, Amy close up

The kids want to see the birthday guy Jimmy.  He is lucky to have Cathy (and 3 kids and 3 grands) to keep him motivated and moving.  Great friends!

IMG_0491 (2)

So today’s mission, and we choose to accept it, is two…count’em…TWO doctor appointments.  MM is at the eye doc right now (cataract surgery coming up), and I go for a follow up with the surgeon this afternoon.  Groan…we are at the geriatric age already.  Yikes…I’m not ready for all this!

But it is sunny and 55 (beats 28 back in Mayberry), and only slightly swaying palm fronds.  This is a great place to recuperate…or just chill out.

I’m ready for more of that chilling out part.  We did just that last night at the Tieches’ Super Bowl party.  How ‘bout that game…and the lights going out!  Sheesh.  Somebody’s heads gonna roll on that one.

Did your team win?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Sunday, from soggy to snow-y

Remember that soggy backyard I posted the other day?  Here is that same view…in snow…that is still coming down!Snowy backyard

At least our two girls are enjoying their own yard and cold-weather fun.  Even church got cancelled there today:

Girls, snowy trampoline

And the wee boys are out having some sledding fun on the hill between our two houses:

Boys sledding

Brian is out schussing the slopes at Heavenly in Lake Tahoe:

Heavenly Tahoe

MM and I are happy with 54 degrees here in sunny WPB.  Church starts at 10:00, and the palms are gently swaying.  You can visualize that without a photo.  WYWH!

Life is good, y’all!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Stage fright!

John invited all 600 bloggers up on the stage for a farewell group photo last Saturday.  MM and I decided that load testing the stage was NOT a good idea, so he went upstairs to photo the mob, and I stayed in my seat, mid-auditorium, talking with Bee and Tal.


The stragglers were encouraged to come down to the front rows.  Check.  Safer.  We’ll go.  Tal put his hand on my shoulder, you know, to make sure I was safe in my seat, while Diane braved the crowd onstage.  And nobody got hurt.  The stage survived the impact.

Last night we went over to the rec hall for an Italian potluck dinner.  Normally we would peddle our bikes over, but MM drove me right up to the door.  He is taking good care of me.  He even went out and bought a cheesecake for our dinner contribution, and not a crumb was left to bring back home.

Yes, I am indeed taking it easy and not taking chances with my tummy.  It gets inspected on Monday.  There just might be a piece of cake on it, since we are heading up to Hobe Sound for an afternoon birthday party for an OLD friend.  We’ll be back home way before dark.  He’s old…and will probably need to get to bed.

The wind seems to be gone, so it is gonna be a great day.  I declare it so.

You are never fully dressed without a smile.

Slap one on.  I’ve got mine!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Wind, and more wind!

Holy moly it is windy out there.  And chilly.   These are facts, not complaints, kiddos, where there was another two-hour school delay this morning.


I will take THIS, over THAT, thankyouverymuch.

MM and I met Bob and Diana at our favorite breakfast place this morning.  Yes, John G’s Not on the Beach.  I managed to walk a little further this morning, trying to get my stamina back up, bit by bit.

After changing into work clothes, MM is off to work on a flatbed trailer he bought some time back that a friend is storing.  It will be towed home when we leave, with our tow vehicle on top of it.  At least that is the plan.

I am happy to stay inside with my two assistants and get a little paperwork done today.  And read.  Moving at a snail’s pace, but I’m moving…and that is OK.  For now.

So who has big weekend plans?  I hear there is a big football game on Sunday.  We’ll be going to a party, but I am excited about seeing the folks far more than seeing the game. 

Stay warm, hang on to your hat, and have a great day, y’all!