Monday, December 31, 2007

John G's on the Beach

This unimpressive building on Lake Worth beach houses a WONDERFUL place to eat, serving breakfast and lunch only. Yummm, cinnamon-nut French toast...sure was good this morning!
Sunny, warm, and calm seas. Work is finally being done on the hurricane damaged pier, but that wasn't a very attractive picture to post. Can you smell the salt air???

OK, it is the very last day of 2007, and lots of you folks will be out partying. Y'all have fun, but be careful out there. Dick and I will celebrate right here on our patio. Life is beautiful! Hugs to everyone...

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Check out the neighborhood...

Nice lot next door...Larry and Sandy are currently in, silly, not in their coach. They left that somewhere on the west coast where they been traveling.

This Prevost lives on the other side. Prevost is French for "very expensive!" It's mighty fancy on the inside, too.

Friends Al and Sally are normally parked here, but they won't arrive for another month. Love their new pad coating. We now need to do ours. This design and color would look nice!!!

And this is the view looking out our windshield...

Welcome to Palm Beach County!

The entryway to the park is all decked out for Christmas.

It is hot already, so Dick put up the umbrella over the windshield to keep some of the sun out.
Ginger is showing off the new pad coating...and 'Lucille'--their new car!

Wade cooked dinner for us...yummm...Ginger helped. Dick, more wine, please!

Serge stopped by to say hi.

Our family togetherness at Christmas meant sharing a tummy bug, which was no fun but we all survived both the bug and the mass chaos! Then the bad news at the doc's office--Dick's knee is probably gonna need to be replaced in a year or so.

We are not happy campers over that, but we'll just wait and see. In the meantime, he has orders not to stand for too long, don't walk very far, and probably shouldn't ride his bike (our scooter got left back home, darn it). Well now, what does that leave him to do? Oh yes, he can swim in the pool for exercise. It's a good thing he likes to do that, and our park here has two pools. Yes, his knee is painful and he is most annoyed that this isn't turning out like we thought it would, but he isn't being a baby about it. Life is very real...but we consider ourselves blessed, cuz there are worse sufferings all around, and this is relatively minor in the scheme of things.

Parker kitty is happy to be wherever we are, and has certainly checked out all the shrubbery around our pad. He can normally be found snoozing up on the dashboard, even in the heat.

We've only been to Home Depot twice thus far, but tomorrow's another day and another project for sure. Hard to believe it is the very last day of this year. It has sure flown by, which must mean that we've been busy.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

On the road again...

It is time for these snowbirds to head south, so the motorhome is now all loaded up and ready for us to pull out Thursday morning, heading to W. Palm way of Columbus to get Dick's knee checked out.

Palm trees and warm weather, here we come!!! Stay tuned, y'all!

Say cheeseburger!

Say 'cheeseburger!' Dyers at the top; Hensons in the middle.

Flip me again, Unka Brian!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

The children's Christmas pageant at church was excellent last night. Ansley played the Angel Gabriel, with Macey as Mary. Of course, she was not a pensive Mary--she made a face at her dad and sorta stuck out her tongue at him as she walked up the aisle, ever the imp, bless her heart. Despite it all, Santa was good to her this morning, as well as to her sister and cousin Alex. Pictures will be uploaded when Blogger cooperates again.

Santa's coming soon!

A very Merry Christmas wish from this Tinkerbell to all of you out there. You'd better be good, cuz Santa comes TOMORROW!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

RMNP wildlife and other stuff

Cutest critter around--Alex with daddy in downtown Grand Lake.
Wolf or coyote???
Elk herd...can you see 5 of them?
Here is the baby peeking around the bush, and it is #6.
Lonely mama moose searching for food at dusk.
This was our last day in Grand Lake. We leave at o'dark thirty heading to Denver and our flights home to ATL tomorrow. It's been fun...but home beckons us all. See y'all later...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Breckenridge on Monday

This library here in Breckenridge sure is fun.
What's better than a tent full of toys???
Mommie reads to me, but I want to do it all by myself!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lazy day

The grinning Griswolds at Grand Lake Brewery
Alex having fun in the kitchen cabinet.
View from our side deck.

Dick and I camped in this very spot here this summer!

Snow was gently falling most all morning...cold again. We watched church TV, played double solitaire, read books. No skiing or snowmobiling today–let the weekenders have it; everyone will go out and play in the snow on Monday.
Grumps and I are keeping Alex while everyone has gone to Winter Park to run some errands. Amy is enjoying having built-in sitters. The sun that was hiding early this morning is now out after lunch. The snow has stopped, and it is almost time to put Alex down for a nap. He has kept everyone entertained...for the most part. Life is peachy!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sunny Saturday

At ZERO degrees this morning, I elected to stay home with Amy/Alex, but did go to bring a car back from dropping off the snowmobilers so that Amy and I could come back to the library after Alex's nap (no, Bee, no naps for anyone but Alex and Amy).

It is sunny and beautiful, but now at 2:15, it is only 9 degrees...brrr, chilly, chilly. There is no wind, so it isn't too bad, but I just don't want to stay out in it too long, plus all the others are 'hot doggers' on snowmobiles and I know they are having more fun w/o me! Yep, I'm a wuss at even 9 degrees:-)...but dinner is in the crock pot and the kitchen is all cleaned up. Jason fixed steak and eggs this morning, the steak being leftover from last night. We've eaten well...and Amy and I have a few more good menus between now and when we leave. Those that don't cook at least clean up, bless their hearts. They want to get fed again, is what it is!

This house has a fairly nice supply of books and movies. I had never seen "You've Got Mail," and even though Amy had, she sat through it again with me...cute! We were doing laundry. Let's see, these folks have a cook, a laundress...what's not to love about that! We are all enjoying sitting around reading in the evening. Lazy bums, right?

I did take a few pictures and will take some more and download them tonight, and then try to get them online tomorrow, so stay tuned, y'all! I did get that missing picture replaced of us and Brian when he soloed, so check it out.

Having fun in the Rockies...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Rocky Mtn. hi, y'all!

It’s cold out here! Lots of snow on the ground for the skiers to enjoy–Brian, Kevin, Steve & Beverly skied yesterday and are out at it again today. Dick, Jason and Amy went snowmobiling yesterday afternoon while I kept Alex and put together our chili supper. They drove up into RMNP (Rocky Mtn. Nat’l Park), but didn’t see any animals. They were smart enough to stay bedded down. D/J/A and I are all being lazy today, sitting around reading–my kind of vacation! Unfortunately, we don’t have Internet here at the house we’ve rented and so we are now in town at the library to use theirs. Actually, someone close by has wi-fi, but the signal isn’t strong enough for me to use, darn it. We may just have to ride around in the car to find it!

The house works out pretty well–two bedrooms/two baths upstairs (for the ‘seniors’) and two/one down. Amy and I would both make some changes to make it more user friendly:-) It is decorated with moose/bears/fish stuff, complete with an elk rack on the wall, and log furniture in each of the bedrooms–your generic western mountain rental decor.

Alex is developing a good right arm by throwing his blocks downstairs to the landing for those upbound to retrieve for him. He got them trained rather quickly. We keep a chair turned sideways to block him upstairs, which provides a nice ladder for him to try to climb. Oh the joys of having a small boy around! Life is good...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Cutting tail feathers...

Instructor Melissa cutting Brian's tail feathers, a solo tradition. So is the big grin!
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Brian in the air over Lawrenceville...

Brian is up there all by himself!!!

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Brian with mom and dad

Brian posing with the "senior pilots" after his solo today.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Countdown to Colorado!

??? Where's the picture of the "Welcome to Grand Lake" sign??? The gremlins must have eaten it! Blogger still won't let me upload:-(

OK, so it won't look like this when we get there next week, but this is where we are going for a whole week. This picture was made this summer; hopefully there will be have enough of the white stuff around to at least snowmobile.

All the kids but Haley/family are going out, as well as friends Steve and Beverly. We have a house rented...some in the group hope to ski. Some will just snowmobile (that would be Dick). Some look forward to just being there (that would be me). Love spending time with my family and friends, so no matter what we do, we'll have a blast.

Dick is doing great after his knee surgery. He is down to one crutch, and hobbles around quite nicely. Life is good, y'all!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

5 for 5 Friends

Can you name 5 friends? 5 best friends? Do these 5 friends fit the following criteria?:
1. Friends for at least 5 years;
2. Friends you haven't seen for at least 5 months but
3. have seen several times within the last 5 years;
4. Friends you have spoken to in the last 5 weeks;
5. Friends who would list you as one of their 5 best friends.

It doesn't matter if you email this to everyone. There is no curse that will befall you, nor will spamming your friends with it make you rich. But it is important. And tell your friends they made the list. They'll appreciate it. That's what friends are for.

~~Now a word from Sandy--the above was found on a new-to-me-favorite blog sent to me by our son. Holt is a friend of his, and now is another 'son' of ours, cuz we adopt all friends of our children. Holt is a writer/photographer doing an RVing stint about "Vanishing America." Now y'all are curious, right? Go check him out, but before you go, I want to say THANK YOU to my best friends--you know who you are--you are loved and appreciated, along with this great family that Dick and I are blessed with...

Sunday, December 2, 2007

The party's over...

The 25th surprise anniversary party for sister Nan/hubby Roger went off well yesterday...which is why we stayed in Albany. It was good having all my sibs together in one place, as well as all our kids but one here. Wee cuzns had fun playing in the driveway all day. They slept well last night, I'm sure!

The camping Bell Clan took a spin through Chehaw Park last night to see the festival of lights. Nicely done (for a small park)...Alex loved the bright, flashing lights, and it was a joy to see it through his eyes.

Gimp Dick is doing well on his crutches; not much pain, which is a good thing. Now for the fun of hooking up this morning and heading nawth to home! Dick sez he can manage it. Later...