Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome to Palm Beach County!

The entryway to the park is all decked out for Christmas.

It is hot already, so Dick put up the umbrella over the windshield to keep some of the sun out.
Ginger is showing off the new pad coating...and 'Lucille'--their new car!

Wade cooked dinner for us...yummm...Ginger helped. Dick, more wine, please!

Serge stopped by to say hi.

Our family togetherness at Christmas meant sharing a tummy bug, which was no fun but we all survived both the bug and the mass chaos! Then the bad news at the doc's office--Dick's knee is probably gonna need to be replaced in a year or so.

We are not happy campers over that, but we'll just wait and see. In the meantime, he has orders not to stand for too long, don't walk very far, and probably shouldn't ride his bike (our scooter got left back home, darn it). Well now, what does that leave him to do? Oh yes, he can swim in the pool for exercise. It's a good thing he likes to do that, and our park here has two pools. Yes, his knee is painful and he is most annoyed that this isn't turning out like we thought it would, but he isn't being a baby about it. Life is very real...but we consider ourselves blessed, cuz there are worse sufferings all around, and this is relatively minor in the scheme of things.

Parker kitty is happy to be wherever we are, and has certainly checked out all the shrubbery around our pad. He can normally be found snoozing up on the dashboard, even in the heat.

We've only been to Home Depot twice thus far, but tomorrow's another day and another project for sure. Hard to believe it is the very last day of this year. It has sure flown by, which must mean that we've been busy.

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yay! you are here!!! let's get together soon...

and i found a great scooter dick might like to see.

the guy builds them at the lantana airport. i LOVE mine!!! heck, dick may even know him! ha ha

smiles, bee