Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ice, baby, ice!



It took far longer for the three shots of novacaine to numb my mouth than it did to get the wisdom tooth removed yesterday.  Open wide, insert a block to keep the mouth open, clamp the tooth, pull, repeat the clamping/pulling (it was broken into two pieces), insert gauze, and it was over.  Done.

I was given a list of instructions to take home with me, and off we went.  I pretty much stayed on the couch, applying an ice pack as directed, and kept hydrated.  I was given a prescription for pain if needed (I didn’t), and only took a couple of ibuprofens as suggested.  Easy peasy.  Ice was my best friend…along with MM.  Missy laid down on my stretched out legs, which warmed them up to counteract the chilling of the jaw.  KC, well, he did come around to help (annoy) a couple of times.  Normal!

My jaw is sore, of course, after all that opening and tugging.  I am allowed soft food today, which is a welcome change from the liquid diet of yesterday.  My bowl of yogurt tasted mighty fine!

So MM and I will have a laid back Saturday here in mostly cloudy paradise.  Tomorrow will be an even better day.  We shall begin March with a smile, and carry on!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday fun…NOT!



The good news at the dentist’s office was that the filling on my wisdom tooth was still there.

The BAD news…the wee tooth had broken in two places…and was infected!  And the tooth needs to get outta there.  It is now worn out.  Old and broken.  Creating problems.

Fortunately, the oral surgeon can do it later this morning, so off we shall go to get this bad boy gone!  I started an antibiotic immediately, so getting the tooth out will speed up the healing.

It rained during the night and more is expected today, so I wouldn’t be able to get out and get much exercise anyway.  I ‘spect it will be a sleeping or reading day, depending on how I feel afterward.

Maytag Man and the two kitties will take good care of me, and I’ll be good to go………….soon!

Life is good y’all.  Don’t forget to brush and floss…and take a chance on having OLD teeth.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Open wide!

Enjoy the view out Haley's window back in Mayberry, while I sit in the dental chair here in paradise.

A filling in my wisdom tooth fell out, so I am having that fixed this morning. Thankfully our old dentist is still in business and could work me in. He is a classmate of MM's, so he knows us well and will get me up and going again. Bugger.

Say ahhhh!

Have a ginger peachy day. I will.....but it will be awhile with waiting for the novacaine to wear off. Double bugger.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Motor City concert


Motor City

Last night, MM and I went to a fabulous toe-tapping Motor City concert with Bill, Barbara, Don and Leslie.  The auditorium holds about 1,200 folks, and it was about 90% full. 

The band consisted of two keyboards, two electric guitars, a (great) sax, and drums (played by a kid that appeared to barely have his driver’s license).  They were great.

And the singers—oh boy, were they awesome.  Five guys singing a variety of the great songs out of Motown, mainly by The Temptations, The Four Tops, Smokey Robinson, and Marvin Gaye.

Who can listen to “My Girl” and not tap those toes?  Or dance?

The Temptations are known for more than great songs.  They are known for their choreography, distinctive harmonies, and flashy wardrobe.  Last night’s group did not disappoint in any department.

Bo Henderson, a previous lead singer of The Temptations, was one of the five singers.  Oh my—what a voice!  The evening was over all too soon, but…….Bo invited everyone who want to to come down to visit and pose for photos with the gang, and all five singers sat down on the edge of the stage…….and stayed till (I assume) the last person wanting to visit got a visit.  Very impressive!  Bill, Barbara, and Don all went down for a photo op (we couldn’t get a good photo of that, but the singers are over my shoulder, all in red jackets).  I think I was encouraging Bill to get up and go on down there!

Motor City Sandy

Who says I talk with my hands? 

Bill is gonna be smiling for a week after shaking hands with these guys!  Plus, he picked up some new techniques for his (many) karaoke gigs.

Life is always better when we add a little soul music to our hearts, right? 

Can I get an Amen?  Dial up some tunes today, and tap away, y’all!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

White Mayberry…brrr…

Here is the view to Joan and Dan’s yard this morning:

Crooks yard

And from Bev and Steve’s deck, where the birds are enjoying their early morning breakfast:

Huntoon deck

This is Amy and Jason’s deck and side view:

Henson deck

Pretty, but…it’s too dang cold for us!

There are three kids up there about to go four wheeling in this stuff, so they are mighty happy!  School?  What school!

I will be a good friend and NOT post a photo of sun, palm trees, and flip flops here in WPB…but I will suggest that y’all come on down!!!

It’s Toos-day, so that means that tonight is dinner and trivia.  There is always room for more folks to join Team Awesome.

MM survived rolling over to the big number, and appreciated all his birthday good wishes.  He says that he hopes to have a birthday every year.  I agree.

Make today a good one, wherever you are.  There will never be another one just like it.

Life is good, y’all!  Zoom, zoom…

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Happy birthday, honey!

Dick in shades

Today is a special birthday for my Boy Friend--he is 70!  And he is doing well for his advanced years, bless his heart.

May you have many more celebrations, with me included in them…of course.  Our adventures continue!

Love and hugs, honey…

Happy birthday candles

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Square in snow!


Square in snow

Our hard-working county commissioner posted this photo on FB of Mayberry’s square during one of his many road checks last night.  This man (and the road crew) are getting very little sleep, poor thangs.  He reports many slick spots in the area this morning, with a large area of frozen rain set to possibly hit Mayberry at any time now.  They are right on the edge of “does it hit…or does it miss?”  Regardless, they are prepared.

Icy, slick roads are taken very seriously in our mountain county.  Those hard workers are definitely appreciated for keeping the folks safe and informed.

Our Canadian neighbors here in WPB think nothing of sitting outside in high 50 temps…as Maytag Man and I sit inside our moho.  They probably think we are wusses (yes, we are).  I am OK with that opinion.  We expect 75 later today, and that sounds like a patio sitting temp to me!

I’m making Barb’s Crockpot Cajun Chicken Pasta for dinner.  Who wants to join us?  It’s always a good day for pasta, in my humble opinion, along with some good red wine.  Top that with sunshine, and life is good, y’all.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

TBT–Great grandparents


These are Maytag Man’s great grandparents on his dad’s side, Frank and Ella Hullinger. 

I have been climbing the ancestor tree again, finding some interesting facts that are hopefully accurate.  Also finding several obvious errors.  Seems as if this line actually came from Switzerland (no wonder we love that country!), but the name was HOllinger there; apparently changed to the current spelling when they entered Germany.  This certainly creates more challenges.

Interesting stuff, and I will keep researching to see what else I can uncover. 

Meanwhile, back in Mayberry, this is a photo of our cove from yesterday (thanks, Amy):


Brrr…makes me appreciate our balmy 48 here in W Palm Beach even more!

Stay safe and warm, peaches!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

French...and cake!

We took some new Quebec friends and introduced them to John G's and some of their famous Cinnamon-nut French toast and ethnic omelettes. It was all a winner, times five!

This couple is renting our other lot here at the park, so it was a good opportunity to get acquainted and for them to practice speaking...and reading...English. Crusted was a new word for them (potatoes, crusted with cheese).

I told them about our introduction to Quebec junk food (poutine--French fries, topped with a light-brown gravy-like sauce and cheese curds...just in case y'all haven't had any) back in '84 when we took the kids up to that region. It was a memorable trip for all of us

Today started out with rain and thunder. KC does NOT like thunder, so he hunkered down under the ottoman, poor thang. He and I are both happy that the sun is now shining. I'm ready to go out for a bike ride around the park and work off a few calories.

Lent begins today, so calorie burning is a goal of mine. That, and fasting from chocolate. Life without chocolate? Yes. I can! I will resist temptation. Won't I?

Susan and MM managed NOT to burn down the restaurant last night with their birthday candles!  That carrot cake was delish, and all the happy birthday wishes were well received.

Life is good, y'all!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Amy, Jason wedding

Happy #14 to these two precious kids of ours.  You’ve come a long way, baby! 

Hensons at DW

Your formula for marital success is apparently working.  Keep it going, and keep smiling.

Love y’all to the moon and back!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy St. Valentine’s Day


I treated my sweetie to a healthy bowl of hot oatmeal, steel-cut oats cooked with an apple, raisins, and pecans…in bed, with coffee delivered as well. Lucky guy.  It tasted mighty good on this chilly morning.

He offered to take me out for a late lunch.  Deal.  We don’t want to fight the crowds tonight at the local restaurants, so lunch out suits us just fine and dandy.

This chilly day gives me the chance to wear my red sox with hearts all over them.  MM calls me the Socks Queen (yes, I do pretty much have socks for all the holidays, don’t you?!), so my toesies will be toasty today.  If I can’t wear flip flops, my socks will be styling!

Smiles, hearts, love, and hugs…Spread the cheer, y’all.  Cupid rules!!!


Friday, February 13, 2015

Chilly Friday

These two do not cuddle, but chilly temps brought them at least close together. In my chair...which is why it needs to be covered. This is not a decorating statement. At.All. Claws and leather are not a good mix, but we love our furbabies so we accommodate them.

Hello from 54 degree sunny S FL, where some of the Canadians are adding windbreakers to their shorts outfits. Even FL born and raised Maytag Man is in jeans and long sleeves. Mayberry is 19, so I definitely feel their pain. Snow is coming there...which is why WE are here.

And we like here, thankyouverymuch. The above photo was actually in Windermere that I snapped when Carolyn and I were out walking. This guy didn't like us disturbing his lunch search.

MM and I are invited over to have dinner with Max and Kathy, but we may have to forego alfresco dining tonight. I made a pot of corn and chicken chowder last night that was quite tasty and perfect for a chilly night. And there are leftovers! I love to cook once, eat twice.

Who has big Valentine's Day plans? Not us. The park has a big dinner dance tonight, but the tickets were all gone so we missed out, but have a better offer anyway.

Keep warm. We will, too. And be happy!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

TBT–Windermere 2011



Awww, look at those wee jammie boys…and now Madison (Jason’s niece) has been added to the family.  Lucky girl.  This trip was her first visit to WDW.  And this was their third ride on Space Mountain last night!


Lovely nose, Amy.

These crazy kids rode the Tower of Terror and the Aerosmith Rockin Rollercoaster that has flips!  I would be the one sitting on the bench taking photos.  I do NOT do skerry rides.  Yep.  I’m chicken.  Bite me.  Flipping, fast rides are not my thing…unless it is in a small airplane.

Those worthless kitties we left behind didn’t do one single load of laundry for me while we were gone, the slackers.  KC managed to add a bit more girth to his already fluffy self, so methinks we are gonna have to leash him up and make him go outside and walk.  Of course, being an inside/outside kitty at home, he wants to go out and do it on his own, but that wouldn’t be safe here in the park.  We can’t convince him of that though.  Reasoning with a kitty is about like reasoning with a one-year old…with even less success.

It is sunny and cool for my fun laundry day.  Maytag Man has gone to breakfast with the guy gang…and I will go out to restock the fridge after awhile.

Life is now back to normal stuff.  And that is mighty fine, y’all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mickey Day

Doesn't everyone balance their washing machine this way?! It works. And with three kids, these machines have been getting a good work out.

The kids are off to a full day at Mickeyland, so MM and I are going to head back to the moho with our own dirty laundry. Oh the fun we have. Two kitties will be mighty happy to see us...we hope.

Don and Carolyn have been terrific hosts. We have helped them with some technology stuff while here, so we are welcome to come back any time to teach them a few more things to update them to (maybe) this century. We are always happy to share our knowledge.

It was great stocking up on sugah. I'm gonna miss both the tall and the short kids, but work and school are calling them back home.

Have yourselves a ginger peachy day, peaches.

On the road again...

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday in Windermere

MM and I dropped Bob and Lynne off at the airport this morning. They are heading back to frozen NH, crazy folks. Love'em anyway, bless their hearts. They will be back in a month.

The kids are at the condo swimming, then are going to a kid's play place and coming here for dinner. And staying here! It will be wild tonight.

Carolyn and I took a nice walkabout Windermere, while Don did some house tinkering. MM held down the sofa and enjoyed the lake view and saved wear and tear on his achy knees.

Life is easy peasy and wonderful here in cool central Florida, y'all.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

Rainy Orlando

These three munchkins don't care about the rain! They are already wet...and the hot tub is warm...and they are happy!

Amy and Jason took the kids to see the Mickey yesterday. We have said howdy to that cute rodent enough already, and didn't need to join that fun.

Bob and Lynne are in the area, so they joined us at Don and Carolyn's house last night. The kids are coming over there tonight for dinner. Love getting together with fam! It is spaghetti night for Don's birthday. Yes, there will be cake. And laughter. I will try to remember to take some photos.

Liquid sunshine is not going away, darn it. Oh well, life is still good, y'all!

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Hello, Miami!

Goodbye, Ben and your props...good music, fun times...but it all has to end.

Reality is about to sink in. Hello, Miami! The sun is peeking out of the clouds. Matt just announced that we all need jackets out there! We will brave the chill.

Johnnie is picking us up in awhile, along with his cousins, who were on a different ship. Too bad we didn't plan better!

We shall love up on two kitties, unpack...repack...and drive the toad to Orlando. Something special is waiting there for us. And it is not is better!

Life is good, y'all!

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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Breeze-y Nassau

Hello from overcast, cool Nassau! We are docked next to the Fascination (notice the absence of balcony cabins), and Norwegian Sky (small balconies). Our newer ship Breeze has larger balconies, proving there are always changes with each new ship. Me likey. We spent a lot of time out on our lovely balcony yesterday, enjoying our sea day...and no more cigarette smoke from the neighbors.

This has been a busy morning, with Matt and John hosting a "chat" session after breakfast. Then I had a lovely (almost free) hot stone massage at the onboard spa. One of our table mates had a gift certificate that needed to be used today that she passed on to me, since she was instead going to the beach. I was the winner on that deal. Ah yes!

We enjoyed another evening listening to Ben at the piano bar, plus seeing Al in the comedy club. The lines were too long to see the other comedian, so we will try again tonight to see the other guy.

The blogger farewell party and photo op is at 5, so the fun cruise is coming to an end...just as it should.

There will be a part deux of this adventure. More on that later.

It is time to fill out paperwork...and think about packing. Or not.

Cheers, mon!

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Friday, February 6, 2015

Breeze-y San Juan

This is how MM and I enjoyed San Juan yesterday. Our neighbors were actually smoking on their balcony! my hero gave them the what for. He told them that smoking is NOT permitted on the balcony and that if they did it again, he would call security! Both ppl were smoking! Sheesh. Stinky smokers.

We were aced out in the final round of corn hole, but we had fun and that is all that counts. Well, except for not getting a solid gold plastic ship on a stick.

The piano bar was dark last night, so we listened to a couple of other performers and read after dinner. And saw Edge, a comedic juggler, perform.

So this morning John is here with Calvyn, who is doing a special bloggers breakfast and trivia for the group. Al Ernst joined the ship and will be performing tomorrow. Love him. Al turned away just as I snapped the photo.

Tonight is the second elegant night. MM can hardly wait...not.

Cheers! WYWH!

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Breeze-y Antigua

So how did we like Antigua? Hmm, not so much a. It was colorful, the ppl were friendly, the straw market was small, the shops were pretty much same old/same old. In other words, a junior Nassau. They tout 365 beaches, so beach goers have a lot from which to choose. If you like beaches.

It was a somewhat short day there, so it was perfect for the two of us. And we were happy. Except for losing the very first round of corn hole. Um, bean bag toss. It was still fun.

Ben totally rocked the piano bar last night. We likey. We did see The Brits show, and heard at breakfast this morning that the bloggers only LATE hypnotist show was hilarious. We opted for sleep instead.

Ola! We are docked in San Juan this morning, but we will probably not go ashore. It is another short day, and we have been here many times. Hey, the ship is often our major destination...and Carnival is starting to think about no-port cruises. How 'bout that!

Cheers! WYWH, y'all. The balcony is calling me.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Yesterday in St. Thomas

The views from our balcony:

Not too shabby!

John H had a special chat session with the bloggers this morning, giving folks a chance to ask him anything and everything. He is always candid, and certainly entertaining.

Afterward, MM and I walked to the nearby shops and poked around. Lunch back onboard, then a quiet afternoon reading on the balcony, watching the folks, the water, and a few boats.

A bloggers only pre-dinner seminar on the new Carnival Hub app was very enlightening. One of the app developers discussed its many features, and welcomed our feedback at the meeting, as well as in the future. I have enjoyed using it on this cruise, but agree it needs more tweaking before going fleet wide. And a few more features added to it.

We caught the Divas show after dinner, Ben in the piano bar with some hearty Scots, and then the Motor City show. It was a full, fabulous day. Of course it is...we are on a cruise ship!

Today we are docked in Antigua, which is a new port for us. We plan to go out and explore, so I will report about it tomorrow.

But first, a very happy birthday today to baby girl Amy! We sure love you bunches. Mucho hugs and cheers!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Breeze-y Tuesday

John hosted his marriage show yesterday, amongst lots of good fun and laughter.

It was elegant night, so we had to miss corn hole...and will again today here in beautiful St. Thomas. Photos tomorrow, as the balconies are closed because of maintenance this morning. And there is a meeting about the new internet program at corn hole time that I want to hear, since we can't meet up with our local friend after all. Bugger.

Ben rocked the piano bar last night. Bee, he enjoyed your hug...and so did I! He is a great PBE, really getting the whole room involved.

We are now heading off the ship for a walkabout on this beautiful day, then we will return to the quiet ship. Love it.


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Monday, February 2, 2015

Breeze-y Monday

Second sea day onboard the beautiful Carnival Breeze, again quite windy outside but sunny and smooth seas.

This was yesterday on Lido, with awesome CD Matt hosting a mixology contest...

MM and I attended afternoon tea with John, our fave CD who is hosting the bloggers cruise and not acting as CD this trip. He has learned over the years as the bloggers have increased in number that it is difficult for him to wear both hats on a bloggers cruise.

I did give John a nice hug from the Empress. He said HI back and that he misses you! He is looking great, minus about 60 pounds.

We were aced out by one point on the bean bag toss, and will have to skip today's game, since it interferes with getting gussied up for elegant night. Game on tomorrow!

We decided to watch the super bowl from the lazy comfort of our own room, so no piano bar last night. Choices. We make them. Did your team win? We rooted for NE because of our nawthern kin. I know they were all happy campers!

Our first port is beautiful St Thomas tomorrow. We always enjoy this island, and hopefully will be meeting a friend there in the afternoon.

Have yourself a ginger peachy day. We sure will. John is doing his famous Marriage Show this afternoon, which is always a hoot.

Life is truly a Breeze, y'all! WYWH.

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Breakfast in bed

Good morning from the Carnival Breeze where we are enjoying a lazy beginning to our sea day...because we can. And because we don't do this at home.

Bloggers Cruise was a bright red in color up on the big screens, but my phone saw yellow. John had a pretty full house for the welcome aboard party for the 624 bloggers just after sailing yesterday. He is funny as ever and lookin great with all his weight loss.

He and Calvyn are doing a special Q&A continental breakfast at 9, but we will probably skip that and opt for coffee out on the balcony. We are in a no hurry zone, right? Right.

So last night...dinner was awfully slow in coming...seriously slow, and one lady at our table nicely let it be known to the server that this was unacceptable. We got a visit and an apology from the head waiter, with a promise that tonight would be better.

There were a few other glitches, but all will be well in our world. All the bloggers got special lanyards upon cabin arrival, along with a schedule of events (our first glitch). Fortunately I checked with guest services about ours not being there (these admit us to special events), where I learned of the welcome aboard party that was about to begin. Timing is everything!

MM opted to let me check out Ben at the piano bar, while he watched a movie. Judy C sat with me awhile as we enjoyed Ben's music and banter. He is good, both musically and interaction with the peeps, just as Empress Bee said. I still have that hug to deliver to him! WYWH, Empress!

Both today and tomorrow are sea days, which we love. We will find plenty to do and people to watch.

Life is mighty fine, and the day is just beginning. What's not to love about that, y'all?

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