Friday, October 30, 2015

Feline Friday

These two rarely ever curl up together. Oh, they frequently groom each other, then one will throw a whap, the other will whap back.......and the chase is on. Fun.

This is the comfy love couch (love seat) as Amy called it when she was a young'un, where I sit and read. It has grown downright chilly here in the N GA Alps, so that fleece throw has felt mighty good across my elevated legs and warmed my feet.

KC and Missy called dibs on the fleece when I got up.

Dang cats!

It is 37 and foggy outside this morning. Did I mention it has gotten chilly? Brrr...

Move over, fur babies. I need to share that fleece!

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

TBT–Happy Anniversary!

It is only a two-year throw back, but still.

A very happy anniversary (last Monday) to Faith and Brian (and lil Haley) as they (continue) to celebrate two years of wedded bliss:


Faith, Brian 10.19.13

We pretty much today have a repeat of this beautiful scenery:


For those of you wondering, that couple on the R end are friends.  I didn’t birth either of them, so don’t try to figure out who they are and how they fit in…friends…and this was the only shot of our clan.  They would be a bit difficult to crop out of the photo at this point.  I think.

It was such an exciting, crazy day, two years ago when our families blended together:

Brian, Faith garter

Man, are we blessed.

Yep, Faith and lil Haley are keepers.  They have survived two years with US!

Life is good here in chilly Mayberry, y’all!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vietnam War Memorial Moving Wall

Our local Vietnam Veterans of America chapter, plus a multitude of local volunteers, played host this past weekend to the Vietnam War Memorial Moving Wall, one of four such displays that travels throughout the country.

MM and I attended the Opening Ceremony on Thursday. A stage had to be set up, bleachers placed, a sound system had to be procured--all things separate from the actual wall displays. Our UCHS Marching Band provided music (thank you, Ansley and Macey). Following a bugle call, the local Honor Guard did the Posting of the Colors, our national anthem was sung, and a dignified tribute followed for the Vietnam fallen, the Vietnam Veterans, and to all veterans.

A triple amputee delivered a powerful keynote speech, straight from his heart...with no notes. He has spent his life championing veteran affairs, as well as acknowledging thanks to all the families of these veterans, who often remain anonymous in the background.

School buses brought over many children, who will most likely never see the "real" wall in DC. Saturday's rain slowed the foot traffic somewhat, but with the Wall being open day and night, it gave working folks plenty of time to stop by and pay their respects at their own convenience.

A Morning Service was conducted on Sunday, and Monday saw a Quilts of Valor Program presentation (20 quilts given)...and later, the Closing Ceremony.

Special acknowledgment goes to friend Mike, who helped spearhead getting the Wall here, and to Jennie for having to live with him during the whole process! Recognition also to Dan for all his help, especially with set up and take down. This whole process took many, many hands to make it (successfully) happen. Kudos to our community, its leaders, and volunteers!

The annual Sorghum Festival began last Friday, and will gear back up this weekend. And the leaf lookers will be back. Traffic is awful, but it is just what we expect every October. November is just around the corner, and life will be back to normal.

Mayberry is a happening place...and a blessed place to live.

Y'all come see us!

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Musical, magical fun

Our high school chorus presented a thoroughly delightful, costumed musical performance of several Disney movies, complete with movie clips on the two overhead TV screens.

Tinkerbell Ansley totally rocked the (short) introduction:

Thanks to Joy for the clip! The color of the costume is green, and can be seen in the stage photo on the R:

Unfortunately, my shot of the other side of the stage got messed up by the overhead lights, but Macey and lil Haley were over there. And cute. Trust me!

The chorus did a fabulous job of this happy music...and in our incredible, new fine arts center.

Next week is a band concert, later this month, a drama production. This building has long been needed! And we have students and faculty anxious to use it.

Yes, I'm a proud grandparent, but I'm also a very proud member of a great community!

Life is good here in these N GA Alps, y'all!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Lost oak tree

This beautiful oak tree fortunately had the grace to fall down Friday while MM and I were in town and didn't hear the loud snap:

We hated losing it. That makes two oaks that have rotted within and fallen over. The maples seem to be doing well. And our fall color is popping already.

Rain poured enough to bring the lake up 4'. Look at the oak tree, now submerged:

Ahh, and finally...sunshine this morning! So welcome after three gloomy, grey days.

Our area had several flash flood warnings this weekend, but we have all fared well. Our hearts go out to all those affected by the hurricane. So much heartbreak, especially with that missing cargo ship...that appears to definitely have sunk. God bless the Coast Guard and their search and rescue efforts.

Life is precious, my friends. Consider this a HUG to each of you...and please pass it on!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Home, sweet home!

MM is checking us out of the hotel in Honolulu. It was a popular spot for crews of a certain Korean airline. Groups like this one was a constant sight.

It is soo good being home. We had a good tailwind, so we got into ATL almost an hour early, but still hit some of the morning rush traffic. And rain. It didn't matter because we were back on Georgia soil, and home was just up the road, with a good napping spot waiting for us to get there.

Two kitties have been our constant shadows. They missed us, even with their beloved kitty sitter taking good care of them.

Suitcases have been stored, laundry done, arrival dinner by Amy (thanks!), but I seriously now need to get myself to the grocery store and replenish fresh food. Life is getting back to normal, mostly. Jet lag is the pits. I couldn't get to sleep till the wee hours this morning. Bugger to that.

I left my laptop home and only used my phone and iPad while away. Just now for an update on the old laptop I use in the kitchen, I poked the screen a couple of times to OK the update, using my finger. Oops, my laptop doesn't have a touch screen.

I need more coffee.

And to work on my food shopping list.

There is no room steward, nor Main Dining Room anywhere in sight.

Yep, welcome home!

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