Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pretty coaches

Here are the Bell-Heaton coaches parked at the Dillard rally. That is our 'new' toad...everything worked out well. Heading to ATL today in order to be at the airport tomorrow for a 9:30 flight to St. Maarten! Yaaayyy...let the next adventure begin!!! Y'all behave while we are gone now, ya hear?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hey from cool Dillard!

There are 33 Monaco coaches signed up for this rally, which is a manageable crowd. The hosts have done a great job–good food, nice entertainment. Yesterday I made a quick run to Wally World (of course!) for a few needed items. Today was the Madhatter’s Red Hat tea, complete with Alice and her costumed cohorts:-) Quite a hoot, and this was followed by a tour of a coach that has quite a variety of storage ideas. After happy hour, we carpooled over to a local restaurant for more good food. Yes, we eat well at rallies! I hear that Halloween costumes are optional for tomorrow’s happy hour. Hmmm, I may need to go back to WW and see what I can find. I’m sure Dick will be thrilled at the costume idea...NOT. Not being a ‘costume’ person either, there is nothing onboard the coach that will remotely qualify as a costume. We’ll see what happens. Maybe nada!

Ciao from two lazy folks and one kitty...

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flying, finding a toad, and other adventures

Whew...lots has happened since I last blogged. We got home from NH just fine obviously), with a stop in VA for fuel; found a ‘toad’ replacement and it is now sporting the hitch to hook up to the m/h (we’ll try it out this weekend–-heading to a Monaco Travelers rally in Dillard). We’ve gotten more STUFF moved from the old house. I’ve decided cardboard boxes are the latest trend in household decorations. Sigh.

But let me tell y’all the fun news–-last night Dick and I got to fly a 737! OK, so it was only a trainer (yeah, to the tune of $15 mil), but it is the real deal as far as graphics making you think you are flying, landing, doing missed approaches, etc. Thanks to Loyal, who was down for semi-annual pilot training, for letting us join him in the trainer to observe him and another fellow pilot as they went through their actual procedures. We would fly with either of those guys any day...they really know their stuff! Dick and I both learned a lot and enjoyed our few minutes maneuvering a powerful machine! And neither of us thought to take a camera with us. Lame, aren’t we? Dick still has a big grin on his face!

Monday, October 8, 2007

N. Chatham, MA

Our flight to Chatham was short, with slightly hazy conditions. Steph and Chuck are ‘mahvelous’ hosts, providing wonderful accommodations and delish meals. I doubt they want to go into the B & B business, but we could certainly give them a high rating. We are all (but Bob/Lynne) staying in Chuck’s parents’ home next door (built in ‘48), which actually is now used as a summer rental...4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and a couple of half baths...beautiful woodwork everywhere, complete with handmade wood furniture done by Chuck’s dad during vacations from his surgeon duties. Our view to the bay is outstanding (see photo above), and just awhile ago, I spotted a red fox in the back yard!

Chris/Janet spent Saturday night here (nice to see them). After lunch yesterday, we took a trip to the Christmas Shop and did a bit of damage there:-) Today is a rainy, lazy day, so some are out sightseeing, some sleeping, some doing laundry, some playing with cameras/phones/computers. It is nice having a ‘free day’on our own, ahead of the arrival of Jon/James for dinner and an overnight with us tonight. Tomorrow is departure day for everyone, and it looks as if weather will cooperate for our flight south to Mayberry. Later, y’all...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Home in Mayberry!

The flight home was uneventful yesterday, but the ride home over the mountain got a little too exciting. Blood Mountain didn’t extract any blood, but it did claim our vehicle in a tight curve, luring it over to the shoulderless shoulder and into the ditch. Our guardian angel kept us safe, even during the snap roll that left us upright and pointed directly into the mountain, rather than over the other side down into the ravine. Thanks be to God that neither of us was seriously hurt, but my shoulder harness sure left an ache in my chest! That is much better than other alternatives, of course.

Clothes are now washed, and the suitcase didn’t get to sit idle long. Dick is working on our flight plan to get us to NH tomorrow for the annual sibling gathering, with Amy/Jason/Alex joining us this year. I am up for my co-pilot duties, and weather is looking good, so it should be a smooth flight. Hopefully, Mr. Alex will be a good passenger:-) We'll forgive him, even if he isn't!

Tighten your seat belts; trays upright and locked! Away we go!!!