Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hey from cool Dillard!

There are 33 Monaco coaches signed up for this rally, which is a manageable crowd. The hosts have done a great job–good food, nice entertainment. Yesterday I made a quick run to Wally World (of course!) for a few needed items. Today was the Madhatter’s Red Hat tea, complete with Alice and her costumed cohorts:-) Quite a hoot, and this was followed by a tour of a coach that has quite a variety of storage ideas. After happy hour, we carpooled over to a local restaurant for more good food. Yes, we eat well at rallies! I hear that Halloween costumes are optional for tomorrow’s happy hour. Hmmm, I may need to go back to WW and see what I can find. I’m sure Dick will be thrilled at the costume idea...NOT. Not being a ‘costume’ person either, there is nothing onboard the coach that will remotely qualify as a costume. We’ll see what happens. Maybe nada!

Ciao from two lazy folks and one kitty...

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