Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flying, finding a toad, and other adventures

Whew...lots has happened since I last blogged. We got home from NH just fine obviously), with a stop in VA for fuel; found a ‘toad’ replacement and it is now sporting the hitch to hook up to the m/h (we’ll try it out this weekend–-heading to a Monaco Travelers rally in Dillard). We’ve gotten more STUFF moved from the old house. I’ve decided cardboard boxes are the latest trend in household decorations. Sigh.

But let me tell y’all the fun news–-last night Dick and I got to fly a 737! OK, so it was only a trainer (yeah, to the tune of $15 mil), but it is the real deal as far as graphics making you think you are flying, landing, doing missed approaches, etc. Thanks to Loyal, who was down for semi-annual pilot training, for letting us join him in the trainer to observe him and another fellow pilot as they went through their actual procedures. We would fly with either of those guys any day...they really know their stuff! Dick and I both learned a lot and enjoyed our few minutes maneuvering a powerful machine! And neither of us thought to take a camera with us. Lame, aren’t we? Dick still has a big grin on his face!


Kimberly and Bob said...

Nice to see you back online blogging. Flying the simulator must have been awesome, how very cool! We love keeping up with sure to remember the camera for the trip, wink!

HaleyD said...

Where's that camera phone when you need it?!? Hope Dillard is fun, and we'll see you when you get back.