Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bee happy!

Look who we had dinner with last night...Bee and Kyle!  He is such a cutie...and oh so funny.  We laughed and laughed...and talked and talked.  And did manage to eat another fine dinner.  See y'all next winter.

MM gets a break on the rain this morning...we think.  He has a final (we hope) coat to put on the area where we had the moho parked, and just a small spot to top off here where are now parked.  Keep your fingers crossed.  He needs the patios to dry off, slap down the paint, then have four hours for the paint to dry before the 2p rain arrives.

I have coffee with some local ladies here in the park, and tonight we do a farewell dinner with Johnnie and Susan and the gang.

Depending on this paint project, we will head nawth either Friday or Saturday...if all goes well.  We plan; God laughs.

Logan is doing OK.  Mighty sore, of course, but grateful for his soreness.  He was mighty lucky.

Have yourselves a ginger peachy day.  We sure will!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Birthday gal!

Our firstborn Haley is having a birthday today, and we hope it is less exciting than yesterday!

Logan was pressure washing a building roof, and proceeded to mis-step and fall off!  A bush broke the painful fall, and hopefully helped matters.  Except for a few thorns.

He was mighty lucky--he only broke off the "wings" of four of his lumbar vertebrae.  He was given two pain pills and sent home.  I just now spoke with Haley; he is sore but has been up walking a bit this morning already.  She ordered him back to bed while she goes to get a script for the pain.  He is sore in places he didn't know he had, but a mighty lucky guy.  We prefer sore over worse scenarios.

So we are hoping Haley's birthday today will be a little less exciting than yesterday's experiences, bless Logan's heart.

We are all thankful Logan's guardian angel was watching over him, and we are grateful for all the prayers on their behalf.  He's gonna be down for awhile...slightly mobile but unable to work.  I see a lot of TV watching in his immediate future, interspersed with lots of boredom!  Poor baby.  Suck it up, buttercup.  You are alive...and able to walk...and able to get back to normal.

Life is precious, and VERY good, y'all.

Happy Birthday, Haley.  We love you bunches!!!

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday stuff

So, Saturday morning was rain free and Moho Man decided we needed to close up and move to the other lot.

We moved, set up, then he got busy playing with the concrete slurry to finish up where we had been parked.

We enjoyed Easter service on Sunday, then dinner with Johnnie, Susan, and their various family members.

Now MM is back at work rolling on the first coat of concrete paint (remember this guy hates painting?) before rain arrives this afternoon.

Got to git-er done before the weekend. We leave then!

Life is good...when the rain holds off!

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Friday, March 25, 2016

Airplane tour

A friend of ours who flies for an on-demand airline texted MM to say that he would be at PBI Thursday night, and did we want a tour of a Global 6000 aircraft after the passengers departed.  Is the Pope still Catholic?  Of course we would love that!

MM got a run down of all the cockpit bells and whistles...

This is the aft view from the galley...
 Galley, looking toward the cockpit...
 MM enjoying the cushy seat...
 If one aircraft is good, two are even better!
So this is how the other half travels!  Beautiful and comfy...well equipped aircraft.  It would certainly be nice to travel this way, but no way could we afford such luxury.  We will stay happy with our little, relatively slow, aircraft!

Honey, would you like peanuts or pretzels?

It was great seeing our friend, and visiting with him and some of the crew later at the hotel.  They are all off duty today, and heading to their homes.

And us?  MM is washing the moho today (after a good rain), while I do inside duty.

Life is back to normal, complete with napping assistants nearby.

Have a thoughtful, thankful Good Friday, y'all!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hello, Spring!

MM is still working on the two patios, bless his heart (knees and back!).

Yesterday, he rolled paint while I dabbed at the edges until we ran out of tan paint.
He applied a coat of the terra cotta paint to the "ugly" side, while I drove about an hour away to pick up more of the Sandstone Tan paint.

We will be back at it today, while it is still cool weather.

News flash:  it snowed in Mayberry Sunday night.  Of course it didn't stick, but still.  Brrr...

We like warm, but we definitely will be heading nawth pretty soon, warm weather or not.

Tonight is Taco Tuesday Trivia.  What's happening in your world?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

My hard working man!

MM is re-surfacing our patio because some idiot past owner thought it would be cute to have dimples in the concrete.  WRONG.  Dimples hold water, which creates mildew that is sooo NOT attractive.

The light (now dry) area is what he did yesterday.  He is applying a thin coat of colored concrete (a concrete slurry) that is filling in those dimples and cracks.  The dark (wet) areas are today's work.  And tomorrow, he will continue on out a bit farther, as long as his knees and back hold out!

This is his practice area.  We have another lot here in the park that is rented out; said renters will be leaving this coming week, and he will then go work over there...where he has already pressure washed:

Not that it looks clean.

After the concrete is all cured, MM will apply a special paint to cover everything in a light brown color.

Then we will move the moho so that he can paint this spot...the same light brown color.

Got all that?

Did I also mention that MM HATES to paint?  Yes, he does.

At least this is a different kind of painting...not like he would have to be careful painting around windows and doors type of painting.  This is a slap it on kind of painting.  Check.  He can do this.

I will be the fetcher and water girl and push the roller helper in both projects.

We are a team...and we'll git-er-done.  And then go back to Mayberry.

Life is busy in windy paradise, y'all!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Voting rationale

Amy posted this on FB:

"Heading to vote and my son told us to vote for Trump so they put salt back in schools!!!"

That is profound reasoning by a 9 y/o. That is sorta the age some of the candidates are acting these days.

I just want this political hooha to be OVER and out.

I dislike politics, and no, I won't get into a political discussion here. Poke fun? Yeah. We might as well laugh at them, right?! Thanks for the giggles, Alex.

Life is good here in sunny paradise, y'all! Smiles...

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Aching muscles

What is that, you ask?

It is a new yoga mat, used yesterday while I stretched and challenged this old body for an hour and a half. Seriously.

Said body is rebelling today.

I will go back for another lesson tomorrow, which is unfortunately the last session here at the park. Bugger.

Now I do stretches every single morning, but not for that duration. Lesson learned and now imprinted in my poor muscles, letting me know I need to continue these challenges. Walking and bike riding certainly use muscles, and I do both...but yoga works on different muscles and uses more techniques that I need to be working on...a lot.

Meanwhile, KC needs me to cuddle with him for just a little while longer on the couch this morning, right?!

Have yourselves a wonderful Wednesday. I will.......eventually.

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