Friday, March 4, 2016

Voting rationale

Amy posted this on FB:

"Heading to vote and my son told us to vote for Trump so they put salt back in schools!!!"

That is profound reasoning by a 9 y/o. That is sorta the age some of the candidates are acting these days.

I just want this political hooha to be OVER and out.

I dislike politics, and no, I won't get into a political discussion here. Poke fun? Yeah. We might as well laugh at them, right?! Thanks for the giggles, Alex.

Life is good here in sunny paradise, y'all! Smiles...

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Sandee said...

I'm with you. Our politics are a joke and that's on both sides of the aisle. There isn't anyone worth voting for.

Have a fabulous day honey. Big hugs to you and tons of scritches for the babies. ♥♥♥

Paul Pietrangelo said...

Thank goodness I'm a Canadian. I'm amazed that the Republicans are attacking themselves so badly. Here I can just laugh with what's going on but I realize it's not so funny since you have to deal with some one who would later become your next president. I'll have to talk with my cousin who lives in Trenton, Michigan and see what he thinks about this situation. He's a Democrat.

Have a great weekend Sandy. See ya.

Cruisin Paul

Jean(ie) said...

Looks like it's going to get weird. We've been discussing November's strategy if the media is correct. Not happy on either side. No! No! No!

Barb said...

Oh, this Presidential race is just too frightening to see any humor in it... But Alex was funny! Hey, we all have our priorities and reasonings! ;)

big hugs xoxo

p.s. it only took me a rediculous number of tries to remember my stupid password after clearing my cookies yesterday. I always clear my cache but this time I also cleared the cookies. I need a better password remembering method. And by that I mean ANY method as I obviuously have NO method now. Oy. I need more coffee!!!