Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Up, up and away!

Alaska is calling, so we must go.

Yes, another cruise!

This is a photo of a ship we saw four years ago.  The backdrop is beautiful.

We fly into Anchorage and spend the night, take the train to Whittier in the morning where we will meet up with several friends who are already there, having done a land tour.  We opted for the cruise only, but have something special added on at the cruise end.

Come along with us and enjoy the scenery, as we sail toward Vancouver.

Life is good, y'all!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Please take a moment and whisper "thank you" for all those who died to give us our freedom.

Did you know?

Memorial Day was originally Decoration Day. It was first observed on May 30, 1866, to honor Union and Confederate soldiers who died during the American Civil War.

By the late 19th century, Decoration Day had become known as Memorial Day, and had expanded to honor all those who died in service of the United States.

In 1971, Memorial Day became a federal holiday to be observed on the last Monday in May.

Enjoy your freedom on this day, peaches!

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Graduation Day!

Number 1 granddaughter is graduating from high school tonight with honors, some nice scholarship funds, great memories, and with some fabulous friends.
I'm taking some tissues with me because I know I will need them.

And, I will need them again when she goes off to college this fall.

They will be happy tears, because we know this gal leaves us having a firm foundation, and a very bright future ahead of her.

Her cheering squad is never very far away.

Grumps and I love you, Ansley!  Shine on.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

TBT - Old and new relatives

Facebook has proven to be a useful ancestry tool, because through it and the use of my maiden name, I have received contact from LOTS of relatives that I never knew.

One "new" cousin arranged through the VA to get a grave marker for her 2nd ggf (only a distant cuzn of mine), who died at the Battle of Griswoldville (GA) in November 1864.  No body was recovered, and there is no record of his burial.  His existence needed to be acknowledged for future kin to find and know that pieces of the family puzzle are falling into place. They are gone, but not forgotten.

The marker was placed next to his second wife, a son, and other relatives in the old church cemetery near Forsyth where many of our relatives worshiped so long ago.

Yes, they are distant cousins, but after sharing this experience, and a nice lunch afterward, we left as friends, wanting to get back together again and learn more about each other and our families.

There is a preserved battlefield park that my cousin visited and snapped this photo of a monument dedicated to all the Georgia men who died there.  Many of them were our kin.  Tom and Martha sent off their six boys to fight.  Only one returned home.

I cannot imagine that kind of heartbreak, along with losing a couple of sons-in-law.  War is never pretty, and times were certainly tough back in that era when those boys were needed back home.

Memorial Day is Monday, so now James Monroe Redding finally has his acknowledgement duly in place for us to remember:
Rest in Peace, sir.  You gave all.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

MM at work!

My guy is retiring (again) on Friday, after working for six weeks for a developer on two different projects.

He is tired.  It has been a BIG project, so here is a little of what he has been doing.  This is a "before" photo...a "during"...and an "after" shot of one location:

Don't worry.  There are PLENTY of trees left on site, but folks will soon be able to have places to build homes, with fantastic views of the lake and mountains surrounding our area.

It's just another day at the office for MM...but only three days...and then he can park this baby and take some time off.  He needs it, bless his heart.

We are going on a cruise!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Four furbabies!

Yes, there are four! There is one black furball by Jackie's paw, all birthed Saturday on an old sleeping bag in the storage room in Amy's basement. Amy is grateful she chose this place, inaccessible by the two dogs, and NOT under any people beds.

I saw them yesterday and cooed and talked with Jackie to let her know what a good job she has done, stray that she is and new to the family herself. It wasn't very nice of her to show up in her condition and have the wee ones fall in love with her, but that's life, and she has a forever home.

They are keeping mama...but NOT the kitties. One is already claimed. Anyone interested in the other three, available in six weeks?

This will be the only litter Jackie produces. Yessiree. She will go to the vet ASAP, and hopefully the neighborhood Tom will get gone!

His company is NOT wanted or needed.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Senior recognition

Our girl racked up lots of honors at the Senior Recognition presentation just now. Here she is all decorated with cords, a medal, and her Honor Graduate stole:

Gosh, we are proud of Ansley. She has worked hard, and now gets to take off for the day.

She has earned a rest. She will need it. This girl's gonna fly!

Life is ginger peachy good...and her future is mighty bright. All is right in our world.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rainy Toosday!

I didn't get picked for jury duty yesterday, so I am kicked back and bonding with Missy this free morning while MM is off working.

But not for long. I really do need to get some chores done, but how can I resist this sweet girl?

It's gonna be a busy next two weeks with school stuff going on as graduation nears for our Ansley.

Haley had a joint birthday dinner celebration for Macey and Ansley because of all this busy-ness, plus travel interruptions. Any excuse for Triple Chocolate Cake is a good excuse for a gathering!

Happy late birthday to Macey, and early birthday to Ansley! Birthday Season is a good thing.

Laugh, love, travel, and keep smiling!

Oh yes, and visit your grandparents often!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fun spring concert

Our UCHS Chorus did an outstanding performance last night in the Fine Arts Center. As a senior, it was Ansley's finale, and a very fun and memorable event. Haley captured the seniors, the sisters, and the cousins...so I blatantly stole her collage:

The view from Row K from my phone:

Joy and I had a meeting to attend, so we didn't get to stay for the after-concert photos. Thanks, Haley!

I love small town living and FB, because I see where Faith's sister has posted some videos of the concert this morning. That rocks!

These kids have been given a firm foundation, and now are ready (they think) to tackle the world.

Go, UCHS seniors! Make Mayberry proud to know ya!!!

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy kids, happy mom!

Our kids treats me to a fabulous Mother's Day celebration. Rather than all 14 of us going out to eat on this restaurant-busy day, (fabulous) pizza was ordered, and the girls provided all the trimmings...nanner pudding included!

We gathered at the pavilion next door, while kids and dogs ran around and played. It was perfect. The weather was beautiful, and clean up was mighty easy.

Gosh, I love all these kiddos, their spouses, and the grandchildren they provided. And the tall guy who helped with this production. I definitely won the family jackpot lotto, and am eternally grateful. Thanks be to God, a lot of luck, a few tears and tantrums, but even more love and laughter.

Carry on the family tradition, kiddos.

Life is ginger peachy good here in Mayberry, y'all!

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Three bands!

Mayberry was treated to a Fabulous performance last night in our new Fine Arts Center. Guest performance by Woody Gap Band of Steel led the toe-tapping event:

Yes, steel drums...from the smallest public school in our state. They did quite well, playing a nice variety of music...even a country number. Yep, that was probably a first in the history of steel drums.

The UCHS Jazz and Concert bands were next. We especially love percussionist Macey there on the R:

Now on the L (momentarily) in the Concert Band:

Those playing percussion get their exercise during every performance.

Love this gal...friend Sean is a sweet senior. Hi, Sean! We are gonna miss you. And Ansley, who I learned QUIT band. The stinker.

We are sooo proud of all these fine young men and women. Going on the NYC trip with all of them made the performance even more special to me. Great kids; great memories!

Life is mighty good, y'all.

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day!

Senior Night celebration at the play last night, which included our very own senior Ansley. Thanks to Joy for the photo of my happy young'uns.

Graduation yesterday afternoon ahead of the play and over the mountain for Haley, who earned her Education Specialist degree.

Dad and I had lots of beaming smiles on our faces yesterday.

Life is definitely very good...especially for those who work for it.

Carry on...and keep smiling!

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