Thursday, August 21, 2014

Colorado at last!

Good chilly morning from Grand Lake, right at the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. That's where we will be...soaking up the beauty, looking for critters, smelling the Christmas tree air.
Love, love that park. And GL. We have been here many times with our family over the years, and much prefer it over "tourist-y" Estes Park at the other park entrance.

We are dry camping (no electric sites available), but no worry. We have an onboard generator to produce our own, as needed. And who can complain about a view like this?! Not us. No sirree.

I will take lots of photos to share later. Today is our only day here, but we WILL be back again some day and stay longer.

Enjoy your day. We sure will enjoy our very own Rocky Mountain High!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Planes, rain, and burgers

We decided our hosts were entirely too hospitable, so we ought to stay another night, right?  And so we did.  There were some things left undone.  Like the airplane museum.  And more visiting.

It started to rain as we left, but that didn’t mar our adventuresome spirits.  Rick drove the scenic way around to Hill AFB Museum, which is where Rick’s retirement party was held 10 years ago.  He is a retired Colonel, so he was able to give us a quick drive through the base before going to the museum.




The bottom photo shows the plane President Lyndon B. Johnson used.  Dick remembered seeing VP Agnew flying in it and landing at the Coast Guard Air Station in Opa-locka, where he was stationed.  We have more photos!

Being hungry, we headed to the oldest saloon in Utah for a mighty tasty burger, with all kinds of stuffed animal heads staring down at us, under a ceiling plastered with dollar bills.  An interesting place that could tell lots of tales…all true, of course.


We treated the cooks to a nice dinner just down the road in thanks for their wonderful hospitality (and great steaks the night before!), then they taught us how to play bocce ball.  Neither of us had ever played before, despite it being available in our FL park during the winter months.  It is a FUN game, and we all had a great time and a lot of laughs.  We will definitely have to play this again.


So this morning, it is time to say goodbye to Eden and our friends.  We hope it isn’t another two years before we see them again.  Y’all come to the GA Alps and see us!

Colorado is next on our trek home.

Miles and smiles, y’all! 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Game on!

Looks as if we aren't leaving here today after all! The boys are already having a go at corn hole before the rain comes.

We had a true gabfest with our friends...all afternoon...then Rick took us up to Powder Mountain Resort, where he is on the ski patrol each season. He gets paid to ski!

It is an upside down mountain. Huh? Yep. Ski down to the lift, then ride the lift back up to other parts of the mountain, then ski down again. The resort is huge in acreage, with 4 chair lifts and one pommel lift. It keeps Rick busy, and leaves Terri a ski widow.

We met these two on a river cruise a couple of years ago when we did the Elbe River, but haven't seen them since. They are the type of people where we can pick right up as if had seen them last week. Love it.

Planes and trains are in today's plan. Sounds like fun! More later.

Life is good, y'all!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday, rolling SE



Apparently there were approximately 1,900 coaches in attendance at the rally, so said Moho Man.  I would believe that! 

Those are snow-capped mountains way over in the distance.  MM snapped this from the top of our moho when he was up there working on the satellite dish.  That guy is always working on something!

Yesterday was an easy but long day of driving alongside lots of sagebrush.  We also lost an hour in the process, since we are now in Central Time zone at a CG south of Boise, ID, but that means we are one time zone closer to home. 


We have this view, not that we will be here long:


It is a perfect spot to resupply our needs so that we can hit the road, heading to Utah.  Rick and Terri are about 200 miles away, and are expecting us after lunch, so it will be a short day of driving.  We are super excited about seeing them, and you will get to also.

Rolling, rolling…another day, another state.  Yay!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Goodbye, Redmond!

Goodbye, rally!

We were parked next to, and I do mean NEXT to, the wonderful but noisy humongous generator that provided us and many other coaches electricity for the week. However, fuel guy refilled it every morning at 6ish...which continually woke us up. Like every morning.

So we were wide awake at 6, got up, closed up...and are now rolling! Powered by coffee, of course.

Today's plan is to stop at a CG in Idaho so we can dump, get water, and do laundry. Excitement! Well, it would get exciting if we ran OUT of water!

And tomorrow we shall visit with friends in Utah for the night. We are the best kind of company...we bring our own bedroom.

Miles and smiles, y'all. Come along for the ride.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Italian night!


Olive Garden

Our thanks to Haley, Logan, and the girls for the nice dinner they provided for us at Olive Garden last night.  They gave MM a gift card for OG, and we finally got to use it.  Yum!  Italian is always a winner to our tummies.

All seminars were good yesterday, well, except that the wire wrap seminar I wanted to attend was already full.  Bugger.  The second one she is going to do is also full.  And that about wraps up the crafts for the ladies.  Who planned (didn’t plan) this?!  Sheesh.

The Technology for Travelers was good, and I learned some new stuff, so the day was not a total waste.  Heck, NO day is a total waste, especially when it is finished off with pasta!

We skipped the musical group after dinner here at the fairgrounds because it was the same doo-wop group we saw down in Coos Bay last week.  We enjoyed them, but decided to skip round two.

Oh, Amy and wee Will Facetimed with me for a big announcement:  Will is now reading…after only a couple of weeks as a kindergartner!  Oh the places he will go. Love my sweet Domino partner.

Hopefully the rain is now finished, since I have some sistas coming to visit me here this afternoon.  Stay tuned for details.  I’m excited!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moho row


moho row

Good chilly morning from overcast Redmond.  That’s us,  way down there on the left.  Sorry about the lovely trash bags on display.  At least we have pick up here and don’t have to go seeking out a dumpster as is typical in most campgrounds.

MM was up and out early for a seminar on…on…something of guy interest.  He enjoyed a couple of them yesterday, and so did I—different ones, of course.  I attended the travel app seminar and learned a few new tips.  I already had most of the apps the presenter uses, but am always willing to learn about more.

The mobile device genealogy one was fairly interesting, but I am not wanting to begin a different program just to have an app to put it on my iDevice.  I would definitely have to study more before making any changes.

Our Gourmand dinner was great.  We were invited to attend as guests, and left as members…along with Jim and Carol.  Dues are not hefty—$5 a year, and no meetings to attend.  Meet and eat.  Check.  Signed up. 

I have two seminars I want to attend, plus all the vendors are officially open (and mostly inside a huge building), so it will be a busy day around here.  A little more rain is expected.  Bugger.

Has anyone updated their iPhone recently?  I did last night while we were out for dinner…and it FROZE my phone.  And it did not un-FREEZE overnight, so I  (not happy) googled what to do (which I had already figured out)—and learned:  a hard reboot.  I did that.  It worked.  Whew.  Disaster averted…but no dinner photos, since my phone was not with me.

Have yourselves a ginger peachy day.  I sure will, rain or not…but no freezing of anything.