Friday, December 19, 2014

Toad stool

I laughed when friend Barb suggested MM’s double decker hauler for the toad/4 wheeler might be called a toad stool.  Here it is loaded up…for practice:

Toad stool

They are not all battened down for travel.  MM just wanted to see how they look and take a final measurement—6” shorter than the moho, so it will tow just fine and dandy.  That MM is one smart and handy guy.  I think I’ll keep him.

And also this guy, who is having a birthday today:

Jason, Amy tacky sweaters

Jason is another handy, dandy guy to have around.  He and MM often get themselves into a lotta trouble together, with all their many projects.  Yessirree.  They sure do.  We love’em anyway, bless their hearts.

So today’s big project is to clean the inside of the moho, and get it whipped into shape to depart.  Soon, and without the toad stool.  Only the “toad” is going with us.  And the kitties.

My leaving to-do list is all printed out, and I’m checking off stuff!

It’s just another day in the cold N GA Alps, y’all!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

TBT–Christmas(es) Past

Haley posted these two “pre-Amy” photos on FB this morning:

Haley, Sandy, BrianHaley, Brian

So I had to do a little digging to find a few more that included their new baby sister who arrived a year or so later:Kids Xmas '78


scan0002scan - Copy

The last photo was dated 1984; the first pair had to have been taken in ‘75, since I was very preggars Christmas ‘76 (that’s the way this mom’s calendar memory works). 

And now, all these sweet little kids are grown and have careers, families, and homes of their own.  The time has flown by…all too rapidly.  And I still have about 89,572 more family photos to scan in! 

So the cycle of life and memories continues, as does the scanning.  Help!!!

Have a ginger peachy TBT, y’all!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Double-decker car hauler

MM has been a mighty busy boy, working out an engineering design for a double-decker car hauler that will haul both the ATV and the “toad” (our car) behind the moho (mainly…it could also be pulled by a truck, of course.  Be prepared!).

This particular trailer (that he already owned) didn’t quite work, so he went back to the drawing board and figured some more.

Dick, 4 wheeler trailer

And back to online shopping, where he found a trailer in Atlanta that he could easily modify. 

First, he had it sandblasted by a local guy to rid it of salt and rust:


Then, MM welded on some more braces, added a tool box, and then painted it all over with black gunk (a rust preventative):


This guy hates, HATES, to paint, but it was a necessary step for rust prevention.  Git-er-done!

He made the upper rack for the ATV…and more painting:


Here is the mostly finished product, ready to use whenever we need to haul both items!


Ramps attach to the back end to drive up onto the bed, but they were still wet and drying up at the shop after having the gunk applied, so they aren’t shown.  They store somewhere (I think he said UNDER the trailer.  Anyway, he has it all figured out.  At last.

MM’s happy. 

His hands are still speckled with black gunk.

Did I mention he HATES to paint?

Happy trailering, honey!  Good job.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Ring, a-ling, a-ling…


Brasstown Ringers

Joy and I attended a lively handbell bell ringing performance at her church yesterday afternoon.  The Brasstown Ringers once again brought a beautiful selection of music to entertain the audience, and get us all in the Christmas spirit.

Haley and I took lessons with this group a few years ago to help us with our own wee handbell playing at our church.  Unfortunately, it takes lots of practice and lots of folks to make a handbell choir, and we just don’t have enough folks dedicated to this endeavor.  Bugger.  Maybe someday we can get active again.

MM and I did run into Mrs. Claus the other night, hanging out with some old guy dressed in red, but who wasn’t Santa…but we won’t tell on her, and I know y’all will keep it a secret!

Mrs. Claus, Lamar

My sweetie and I are still working on year-end stuff.  I need to do some Christmas gift wrapping, check my list twice (you can’t check it just once), and get a few more things cleared off my desk.

It’s just another day in cold Mayberry, where we are already dreaming of palm trees and flip flops.

Life is good, y’all!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Baby, it’s cold outside…



The official temp was 20 this morning when I woke up waaay too early.  That’s OK, because this body is staying inside until it warms up!

Don’t we have the cutest little elf?!  Amy did a Christmas gift project for Will’s class Thursday, so I went over to assist her…and get some sugah from my wee sweetie.

Amy had already made up a big batch of hand/foot scrub (Epsom salt, olive oil, peppermint oil).  She had the kids place the crystals in small Mason jars, add a paper Christmas muffin cup on top of the lid (great idea!), then screw on the lid ring, and place a small bow on top (why didn’t I get a photo of the finished jars?  Sheesh).  She had product labels for the outside that I placed on each jar, and I wrote each child’s name on a label that went on the bottom of the jar to identify the owner.  Easy peasy and useful gift for each child to take home to mom, dad, grandma…anybody.

That Amy is a good mom.  She has done a class craft for all three of her kiddos, spreading lots of Christmas cheer in the county.  It’s fun to pay forward a little happiness.

I have a warm, cuddly girl sitting in my lap this morning.  She doesn’t like the cold outside any better than I do, and it also means that MM is not here.  She is such a daddy’s girl, but I settle for second best and am OK with that status.  I remind her that I am the one who cleans out her littler box, but that never moves up my rank.  Sigh.

Stay warm…and spread some Christmas cheer, y’all!

Friday, December 12, 2014


Gosh, I got so busy I forgot to post a photo this morning, so here are two…a photo of all my siblings (I am second from R):

mickey,sandy,donna kay, delle,nan

Sadly, only three of us are still living (this photo was taken when brother Mickey died a few years ago):

Redding gals

We still line up in birth order!  Some things never change, no matter how old we get.

Carry on.  And stay warm!  It’s been a cold day here in Mayberry.  Me no likey!

UPDATE:  Blogger would not let me post this last night.  What’s up with telling me I am “forbidden” to post?  First, annoying word verification (that I can’t get rid of), posting ads (that I did NOT approve), and now this?  Mama ain’t happy!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Merry Kissmas!

Dang it. I didn't get a single photo at the Christmas party last night. Our hostess had two large crockpots of soup, and everyone else brought salads and desserts. Yummylicious! And a good time was had with the sistas.

Thanks to Haley for creating the little cards for me. I gave each of the gals this little care package to help get them through the holidays. Everyone needs extra kisses, especially chocolate ones.

Winter is about to wear out its welcome around here. At least there is no snow, but our temps are not even getting up to 50 until maybe Friday. I am seriously counting down the days till Christmas, and it is not because of Santa. Well, the fat man is keeping us here to celebrate with the kiddos, but then we will leave the cold in our rearview mirror!

I'm checking a few more things off my to-do list, despite my desk still being a mess. At least I am slowly whittling down that mass of paperwork, no thanks to my two assistants, bless their hearts. Because of said cold weather, they both want to stay inside...and help. KC makes a terrific paperweight.

Y'all stay warm...and enjoy a little piece of chocolate every now and then.

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