Wednesday, October 22, 2014

T minus 6

The things a sister has to do'

Good morning from a chilly Nawth Jawjah. It is 38 outside. Brrr...fall is officially here, and the leaves will soon be peaking. Well, the leaves that are still holding on for dear life, that is. The winds have been knocking a whole bunch on the ground already.

So it is about time to bring out the suitcases, sharpen up the to-do list and the packing list, clean off the desk, arrange the kitty sitter...yes, we are going on a cruise. Not just any cruise. It is a river cruise in Portugal. And then another cruise, starting in Spain!

If ya travel that far, ya might as well take advantage of being there! And so we will.

Six more sleeps, and a lot to get done between now and then.

Stay tuned, peaches.

Let the listing making begin!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The new black and other stuff

Ansley needed a “fall ball” dress, so Haley invited me to go dress shopping with them yesterday down in the big city.  We found the ideal dress at a great price on about the 3rd or 4th stop (note STOP, not store…huge difference).  It is a cute, girly, short black dress that will eventually get posted here when said girl is all decked out for the ball.

I wanted to get a black quilted vest for an upcoming trip since I will need to dress in layers for various weather.  I have a white quilted vest, but a gal needs variety, right?, and since the uniform of the day on this trip will be various black pants, I need a black, medium-density vest.  My current one is for COLD weather and is too bulky (and not needed) to take on this particular trip.  Gals will understand that logic.

No vest was found to meet my requirements and within the price I was willing to pay at the first few stores we visited.  Finally, I saw this cute pewter metallic one and the light went on in my head—this would also go with navy blue!  Bingo!  It was reasonably priced, and is now mine…and it had daughter, and more importantly, 16 y/o granddaughter approval!  Triple score!!!


The other bags contain a cute scarf, in addition to some tee-shirt hangars (if you haven’t tried those, get some—they are great for small-neck pullovers and lightweight sweaters), a travel pillow, and other less than exciting stuff. 

Haley needed some new running shoes, so we actually went to a (highly recommended) shoe store that specializes in active footwear, complete with know-how on what shoe fits which activity best.  We both got an amazing education (and help) on feet, shoes, and shoe inserts.  Haley is now the owner of an awesome pair of running shoes…and I will try some inserts to make my feet happy for all the walking I shall be doing.  More on that another day.

I loved spending time with my gals yesterday.  Oh, Macey, Faith, and Lil Haley got home this morning from their fabulous trip to DC with the 8th grade.  They are totally ready for their own beds (and undoubtedly a bit of peace and quiet).  I look forward to hearing all about it…soon.

That’s it from foggy Paradise this morning, other than I’m doing some retirement party planning today (in honor of our park managers).  It’s a busy, gray Toos-day, y’all!  Come on, Sun…

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall festival time

For over 40 years, the Sorghum Festival has been going strong.  This year’s event, now over, was a huge success.

Sorghum Festival2

Joan and I checked it out Saturday, and found lots of happy folks enjoying the crisp, then warm, fall day.



A bunch of contestants participated in the “biskit eatin” contest:

Biscuit eatin

These folks didn’t need any dinner that night, that is for sure!

Life is good in the GA Alps.  Y’all come up and visit next year, ya hear?!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happy Birthday! And more…

Blatantly stolen from Amy’s FB page, complete with her tender message:

Happy 8th Birthday to this sweet boy! He brings us so much joy and laughter. There isn't an animal he doesn't love, a fish he doesn't want to catch, a friend he doesn't want to hug and a stranger he doesn't want to talk to. I love you to the moon and back.

Alex is 8

So true.  Grumps and I love you, too.  You are such a blessing to all our lives.  I am glad y’all got to enjoy a day at the zoo today.

And this gal is in DC with her classmates, visiting with old Tom at Monticello:

Macey at Monticello 10.14

These kids are getting entirely too big!  Yes they are. 

Everyone had a busy day and will sleep well tonight.  We are lucky to have a short fella spending the night with us.

That’s the news from Mayberry, y’all!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sunny Friday

We hit New Hampshire at its colorful peak last week, so here are a few more shots of that loveliness:

Llama farm2



The gals stopped by a farm stand and picked up a few fresh veggies for dinner:



And we even spied a wee fairy door!


Lynne was a fabulous tour director and kitchen manager, along with chef Bob…the accommodations and food were superb, as well as all the excursions.  Can we do this again next fall?!

Life is good when you get to spend time with family and friends, and this trip was definitely rated good.  No, make that GREAT!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

TBT - Tim

We sure wish you could be with us for your birthday today, but we can’t make that happen.  I remember this cute little fella from when I married his uncle back a few decades ago.  Our Tim was always a very interesting guy.Tim Bell

He grew a lot taller.  And lived and loved a whole bunch in his 40-something years…and was also loved a whole bunch. 

Tim, Bob, Dick (2)

Everyone misses you, buddy.  Gone, but not forgotten.  Ever.

I have been climbing the ancestral family trees on MM’s side lately, and have found several more grandparents we knew nothing about.  I now know more about MM’s relatives than he does, and am duly recording it in my family tree program. 

The Internet is a marvelous tool for ancestral digging, since it would be impossible to actually travel to all the places our relatives lived and look up local records.  Of course it is also like putting together a giant puzzle, since there are many spelling mistakes, typos, etc., out there.  It takes a lot of cross checking of facts…so the information does change occasionally when new facts are found.

I know our kids are glad I am doing the digging, but I sure hope future generations keep up the recordings! 

Family history is important, and unfortunately, there aren’t any older folks now left to answer our (many) questions.  Get the information while you can, my friends!

Life is precious, and family history needs saving.

Are you keeping records?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

This is the view of Quechee Gorge (or “George,” as Bob/Lynne’s kids called it).  It is known as Vermont’s Little Grand Canyon, and is known as one of New England’s most popular natural wonders.  It is a looong way down there.  Trust me.  And there were lots of folks joining us on the bridge.  Very popular spot.


This is a popular (to me) local spot.  Sorry to scare you away this morning, Mr. Heron.  He is in the water on the R side, undaunted by the ducks swimming toward him.  He loudly told me off as he flew away.  Hmm, I apparently interfered with his breakfast:


Remember I said we got lots of rain yesterday?  Yep, the lake rose almost 2’ by mid-afternoon, and that rain washed all kinds of debris and mud from its shores.  Said debris plugged up some culverts here, flooding some roads…and a mudslide over the mountain closed a major road to Mayberry for several hours.  It was a mess!  Two (smart) kitties remained inside ALL day long…helping (?), in between naps.  Our neighborhood was without Internet all afternoon and evening, but at least we had electricity, thankyouverymuch.

We welcome the sunshine this morning to begin the drying out process.  Mother Nature rules, but I sure wish she would share this rain somewhere it is actually needed.  We are crying UNCLE!

Enjoy your Hump Day, and respect your Mother!