Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day!

Senior Night celebration at the play last night, which included our very own senior Ansley. Thanks to Joy for the photo of my happy young'uns.

Graduation yesterday afternoon ahead of the play and over the mountain for Haley, who earned her Education Specialist degree.

Dad and I had lots of beaming smiles on our faces yesterday.

Life is definitely very good...especially for those who work for it.

Carry on...and keep smiling!

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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Beauty and the Beast

Pardon me while I brag a little. Last night was the first of three performances of this famous Disney musical by our high school drama and ensemble students.

Sets, costumes, lighting, singing, dancing, and acting were all superb...especially since this is the first year we have had a drama department. And, we have a state-of-the-art brand spanking new Fine Arts Center!

Am I excited about this? You bet. This special senior is in the play, and did a fab job playing a villager and a napkin! Not that I am a bit prejudiced...

Ansley had so much fun performing, and gets to do it all over again tonight and tomorrow afternoon. She really has talent!

I'd like a cup or two of that energy, please.

This senior year is gonna fly by, baby girl. Enjoy it all! We love ya to the moon and back.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

9/11 Memorial

Despite the long overnight bus ride, the three tour buses arrived at the 9/11 Memorial pretty much on time for our ticketed entry.  We only had a few minutes to view the outside fountains and plaques before we entered the museum:

This is the view on the Right of two rescued beams:
The students were very respectful while touring through all the exhibits.  Since some of them are 9th graders, they were babies when this tragic event occurred back in 2001:
These are the very stairs used, or attempted to use, by so many in trying to escape the carnage:
Segment of radio and television antennae, North Tower:
Memorable symbol of the brave firefighters who died trying to save those trapped in the carnage:
View of our group gathering near the Survivors Tree on the grounds outside after touring the Museum:
This museum is a must see if you are ever in New York.  We must never forget this attack that killed almost 3,000 people, and severely affected too many families...and touched the hearts of people around the world.

God Bless America!

Monday, April 25, 2016

NYC and back!

Oh man, what a trip this was!

We left Mayberry on time Wednesday at 5, drove to our dinner destination in Asheville, and then the NOT fun began.  Bus #3 had a problem, so we sat until a replacement could be brought up from Atlanta, to be re-loaded with kids/bags, and off we go at 3a!  Of course this through off the whole Thursday schedule...but we adjusted.

Most of my photos are still in the camera, but here is one with my family all gussied up to go see Wicked...which was wicked good:
And another of us on the Hudson River boat tour, wearing our Forced Family Fun tee shirts:
We had two teens, mentioning NO names, who refused to (briefly) don the shirt for one stinking photo, till the baby mama said that if baby girl refused, she would have to wear the shirt ALL.DAY.LONG.  They know who doles out the dollars when they wanna buy something!  Ha.

There were no breakdowns heading south, but it was still a loooong trip.  Sleeping sitting up is practically impossible for me, but worth the inconvenience to share this wonderful experience with my gals.  I was in bed at 7:30, which is totally foreign to this body, but very welcome last night.

I will post more photos later.  Laundry comes first.  Bugger.

NY was great, but there's no place like HOME!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New York state of mind!

Internet Image

This is one of the most recognized images in the world, and one I will be seeing...soon!

This afternoon, three tour buses will depart Mayberry carrying the high school band and chorus for three fun-filled days in the Big Apple.  I am one of the 42 chaperones onboard.  Call me crazy, but I'm going!  All.Night.Long.  On a bus...with lots of teenagers.

Also going are Haley, Amy, and Faith, along with Ansley, Macey and lil Haley.  How could I let these gals go without me?!  No way.

The kids won't be performing anywhere while we are there, unlike the last band bus trip that MM and I took when Haley was in high school.  They will, instead, be participating in some workshops to sharpen their various skills.  Chaperones will be on their own in Times Square during the workshops...yay to that!

While in the "city that never sleeps," we will visit the 9/11 Memorial, enjoy a Radio City Music Stage Door Tour, visit Lincoln Center, China Town/Little Italy, take a boat tour, take a driving tour, AND see a Broadway play!  And walk our toes off!

I am hoping my BlogPress app will work (I deleted it/re-loaded/tested it last night and it worked); otherwise, I will only be posting via FB until we return home (tired) on Sunday.

All prayers for safe travel, sanity, and sore feet will be greatly appreciated!  And I also ask that all students behave, and not sneak out of the hotel, and get into trouble.  Amen.  TYVM.

Later, y'all!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lavender Tea party

Marcie, Joy, Cathy, and me at the Lavender Tea party Saturday.

Testing the blogger phone app. Again.

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Prom and party

Haley invited me to go over to the resort for prom photos after I had attended an afternoon tea, so I jumped at the chance to see Ansley and some of her friends all gussied up.  Here is the prom beauty in her gorgeous gown, with lucky Grammie!  Sniff, sniff...this is her final HS prom.  I don't know how this child got so OLD!

She isn't old, but Cathy and I gave Joy a surprise birthday party recently to mark a milestone in her life...

She was a tad surprised when little Miss Eva walked into my house, singing that famous birthday song!  We got her good!!!  Sorry about that open mouth shot, Joy.  Stuff happens.

May all our surprises be this much fun...complete with good BBQ and cake.  Yeah baby!

So today is wash day; tomorrow is pack day...for me.  Only.  MM isn't going.  He will be left at home alone...with two kitties.

I don't think there will be any parties going on while I'm away, unless MM throws a little catnip around..


Check back tomorrow for details.

Life is good, y'all!