Sunday, February 28, 2010


We leave, and the kids are still throwing parties at our house!

Cornhole, anyone? Huh??? Never heard of Cornhole? Well, apparently it is a fun game:

Cornhole or Corn Toss is similar to horseshoes except you use wooden boxes called cornhole platforms and corn bags instead of horseshoes and metal stakes. Contestants take turns pitching their corn bags at the cornhole platform until a contestant reaches the score of 21 points.

Cold weather outside, plus one empty moho bay inside, equals a perfect place to thrown a cornhole party, so that is what our 3 kids did Saturday night. Pots of soup, a little beer and wine, 22 friends having fun - priceless! Rumor has it that everyone was gone long before midnight, so it seems the kids are all getting older, just like us.
Dick is still playing in the concrete...I am playing with beads. Sounds like a good day to me. I hope your Monday is a fun day! March on...

Sunday stuff...

So here are two bracelets I made the other day, since I had just enough beads to make the two. I wore one this morning to church; the other one is going to..........someone........who reads the blog....and deserves a little something special. I think she'll like it. I liked all the various shades of black and gray, and used small black glass spacers between the gemstones. Jasper I think. They weren't labeled, dang it. I don't like not knowing.

I needed some lobster clasps for some other bracelets I plan to make, and wound up going by the 'real' bead store. They had pearls for 75% off, so I got a stand to play with...soon. What a deal! I love pearls.

I am so ready to say goodbye to February. Come on spring! We are still windy and chilly here in WPB. isn't happening here! This has been a COLD winter and I want it GONE.

We aren't hockey fans, but we sure are rooting for Team USA to beat Canada. Our neighbors just cheered for the point made. Us or them will not like the outcome, but we'll all be good sports...and life will get back to normal tomorrow with no Olympics to watch.

So that's our day here in Paradise. Hope yours is a great one!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday progress...

Dick has been hard at work layering rocks, rebar, and concrete to the end of our sidewalk. It is slopped down both sides so that heavy rigs can go across it without cracking the concrete again.
At least that is the plan.

And now that Dick is pretty much finished with that project, he moved to the back of our patio where he had already removed some ugly plants (we inherited the landscaping). He is filling in the area with paving stones and concreting them in. This will give us more usable patio area...and it will all eventually be prettied up with the topcoating.

He is now finished with all the messy work he is gonna do today, just in time for the rain to hit here. Plus he ran out of bags of concrete.
I am having an equally exciting day doing laundry, and am about to get a pot roast in the crock pot for tonight's dinner, watch the Olympics, and go to Wally World. We live such exciting lives.
So what's for dinner at your house? Enjoy your Saturday.

Friday, February 26, 2010

A little known fact...

The first testicular guard "Cup" was used in hockey in 1874, and the first helmet was used in 1974.

It took 100 years for men to realize that the brain is also important.

Bless their hearts.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday thought for the day...

Thought for the day.

Women are Angels
And when someone breaks our wings....
We simply continue to fly......on a broomstick.

We are flexible like that.....

Just so you know.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Creative chaos...

...but with a few finished projects! I discovered a grapefruit spoon picks up small beads nicely. Being creative on hump day...enjoy yours!
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday B things...

Things/people I love that start with B:
1. Brian
2. books
3. bananas
4. beads
5. boats
That was easy. How 'bout you?
Dick loved all his birthday wishes and thanks everyone for them. He decided he didn't want to go to the Okeechobee Steak House (we've been there the last couple of years), and he wanted to do something different. Neighbor Al called and suggested a new-to-us seafood place...Johnny that's where we went. The food was good, but the place was LOUD...all hard surfaces and high ceilings and sound waves bouncing everywhere. That was OK. It is always nice visiting with friends. And yelling across the table!
So today we'll make a trip to Lowe's and to Sam's. Just another day in paradise, y'all!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy birthday, honey!

Today the big guy is officially entitled to Medicare. Does that signify that he is OLD? I guess it does. Dang. Where did the time go? Where did his hair go? As he always says, of all things to lose, the hair can go FIRST!
Something on TV just now reminded me of how and when we started the family tradition of letting the birthday honoree pick out the place to celebrate birthdays in our family.
We were on a ski trip up to Quebec in March '84 (we were living in FL then). Normally I would fix a special meal for the birthday person, but we were in a hotel and the next best option was to let the birthday gal Haley select the restaurant for her celebration. A tradition began...
Now what did I see on TV to remind me of this? With the Olympics being in Canada, we just saw a feature on poutine, Canadian junk food introduced to us on that trip to Quebec, that's what! It looks disgusting...French fries, covered with brown gravy, and topped with cheese...but it was actually very good! We won't discuss fat grams nor calories nor clogged arteries. And we won't eat this very often, but y'all should try it at least once. It may be sneaking over the border soon.
So this brings me back around to the birthday boy. He gets to eat whatever he wants to eat tonight. Since we had great steaks at the Tieche's house last night, he may pick something else. He is King of the day! He rules!!! For today...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday questions...

Empress Bee made me think this morning. She posted about TWQ...the weekend question...from a fellow blogger to name five things you hate. I had to really think about that. I don't actually HATE much, and never dwell on that feeling. I had to stop and think on this one, and this is what I wrote:

1. Smoke
2. Liars
3. Politics (may be the same as #2)
4. Liver
5. Root beer

Actually now when I think about it, maybe liars should be at the top of my list. They are more abundant than smoke.

What are your five?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Man at work!

Dick has been hard at work all morning breaking up this cracked part of our sidewalk. The roads in the RV park were not built to accommodate 45' mohos, so our neighbor has to back up across our sidewalk in order to get onto their lot (actually, it was already cracked when we bought the place). Dick worked on concreting some other spots while I was gone. Today we had many folks stop by and oggle his work, but only one guy took a few swings with the mallet.

My job was to keep him hydrated. And fed. And to wash his dirty clothes. Do you think he deserves a steak dinner and a backrub tonight? I thought so. That's certainly what he'll get! He's such a hard worker.

The plan for the patio is to beef up the end of the sidewalk with rebar (it didn't have any...which was dumb), and pour a much deeper end to it with sloped edges so that it will then take the weight driven across it. We eventually plan to even the whole patio out with a concrete mix to get rid of all the mini-potholes in it (whose bright idea was that?). All those little depressions do is hold water and that creates a perfect breeding ground for mildew...which stays black. Then we'll have a finish topping put on smooth concerte, and it will be attractive, instead of ugly and always dirty looking. The end.

Today feels like the Florida that we know and love...during the winter only.

May you each have some sunshine in your life today. We are going to sit outside for awhile. Dick needs to rest. After his shower.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday, and on the road again...

So the plan is to visit with Mickey and Barbara this morning and then hit the road for the return trip to WPB.

I've had a good visit with my siblings and everyone...and I'll be leaving with a heavy heart as I drive south. I don't want my brother to die just yet, but his quality of life is almost non-existent, so he is ready to go. And I am preparing myself to accept this. At least I'm trying to get there.

Thanks, friends, for all the sweet words and prayers. They truly mean a lot to me and my family.

Make the most of every day, y'all. It is truly a blessing.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Thanks, everyone, for the kind words and prayers for Mickey. He survived another day...and spoke from his heart of his concerns about the coming days. He is confident he will be healed in heaven. So am I!

Count your blessings!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Long day ahead...

My big brother is now home from the hospital with Hospice, surrounded by family and friends. His tender heart is literally worn out, and so is he. I want to go collect some hugs while I can, so Dick is arranging a car rental (we only have one vehicle here) and I will head to Albany as soon as I can get packed.

Mickey is just shy of turning 69 next month. It will be a glorious celebration for him...

I'll be careful and be in touch as I can. Thanks in advance for good thoughts for our family.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Let the good times roll!

Happy Fat Tuesday from windy paradise! I'll take the wind over the ice reported back in Mayberry. School is closed another day (it is too dangerous for buses to go on some of the icy back roads).

Have any of you ever celebrated Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Mobile? We haven't...we don't like the huge crowds...but I would love to sit on a balcony high above Burbon Street and watch the festivities from up above.

Do you have a Mardi Gras tradition? We always attend the annual Shrove Tuesday (Fat Tuesday) pancake supper at church. Today represents the last hurrah before Lent begins tomorrow. Milk and eggs were at one time forbidden during Lent in long ago England, hence the pancakes to use up the household supply of those items. So now you know.

Got beads???

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday with friends

Our day began with breakfast at (where else?) John G's with Lyn and Terry, long-time local friends, followed by a stop at a local craft place to use a good coupon and pick up a few supplies.

Dick and Bill have gone pedaling around the park, so I have the remote control all to myself...hello HGTV...but now the Olympics are on, so I am enjoying watching that while I do a little work around here.

Today is going to be our warmest day all week...maybe 70. A cold front is moving through tonight, but I'll take that over the snow that is still in Mayberry where schools are closed today, and not because it is President's Day.

Spread some cheer around today, whatever you do! And stay warm!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

No, Dick, this is not the chocolate I had in mind for you. Ummm, something maybe on a smaller a Reece's Cup. Or a bag of M&Ms. like chocolate covered cherries. That's it (plus, I don't like them and won't be tempted to eat any!).

Lynne and I found that Hoffman's is a chocoholics paradise! She found some cutsey chocolate alligators, dogs and ballerinas to take back to her grandkids. I'm sure they'll love them.
The day is supposed to be a romantic one, but this is what we'll be watching this afternoon. The Daytona 500 RULES the day here in the south! Brian and a few friends will actually be there enjoying the madness, um, race. I much prefer watching from the comfort of our own patio and big screen, with no crowds to fight, and my own potty inside. I guess that is a sign of gettin' old.Come join us for a hot bowl of chili and a cold beer if you are in the neighborhood. It'll be relatively quiet, and no crowds! Guaranteed.

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Before...and after...

Dick worked on our washer/dryer all afternoon yesterday, trying to get the drum to line back up. There was some fussin' and cussin' and nicking of knuckles...and the occasional come hold this assistance needed. He even called the repairman to discuss possibilities, and the repairman said in his six years of fixin', he had never heard of our problem. Great! Leave it to us to pave the way for the professional. Dick will definitely call and tell him how he finally fixed it.

And of course we had a deadline for him to get cleaned up so we could go out to dinner with friends. We were only about 20 minutes late, because he wanted to get that sucker fixed and back into place. See how it blocks the hallway? So back into place it went, all hooked up but not tried out and off to dinner we went.

When we got home, full of blackened Mahi, he put the door back on the washer, then the wooden doors back on the cabinet it sits in. I fed a load of laundry inside, shut the door, and turned it on. Success...happiness...and one back rub for my sweetie. It was hard work, bending over this thing and lifting and squatting. His back is getting too old for this kind of work!

No schlepping laundry to the laundromat. Hallelujah! We now have one load of darks done...and the whites are happily spinning. I love that sound. Roll, Tide, roll!

Thanks, honey. You are the bestest fix-it guy. I guess you think this is my Valentine's present, right? I know...I'll buy YOU flowers...and chocolate. And you don't even have to share the chocolate. That's true love. Besides, I do have a new potato pearl necklace. It was draped across that lovely bag of *stuff* from Tuesday Morning. Nice.

So what are you doing for your sweetie for Valentine's Day tomorrow? Dick, you get another back rub. I promise.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday already...

So this is what I accomplished yesterday. A little something for the grands and for friends...and a replacement for Amy's bracelet that Doodlebug accidently broke. I love him anyway.

I learned that I need to get a work light because our overhead lights just don't hack it when working with small items like this. After playing around with the glass beads, I will eventually move on to some semi-precious stones that I have. I have a necklace in mind...with matching earrings, of course.

My washer/dryer has a problem. The drum is off, I didn't overload it! It has been sounding a little a belt is slipping or something. Dick is gonna have to take it out and get to the innards to see what the problem is and hopefully fix it. I'll have to use the facilities here at our park until then. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be a simple fix.

It is another sunny but windy day. We could get good use out of some windmills around here!

You know what Friday is here in Florida--beer and wings night! Enjoy your day, whatever you do. And wear RED to support our troops! Speaking of, welcome back to the USA, JQ. Thanks for your service 'over there' in sand country!!! Hopefully you'll be back in Mayberry real soon.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baubles and beads...

Look at this pile of stuff...woohoo! I introduced Lynne-the-shopper to Tuesday Morning...and it was actually ON Tuesday that we were there. She loved the place and found several useful items! I found beads, pearls, AND yarn. And the prices were GREAT. Oh boy!!! Bee, we've gotta get together and bead!

Dick and friend Johnnie have gone to Miami for the whole day to see a bunch of boats at the annual boat show, so I am carless...which means that I will be home ALL day by myself, playing with my crafty things, creating something lovely, I am sure. Of course I have to do some pesky laundry and vacuuming and change the sheets and stuff, but my personal reward when finished with all that will be the gift of creating...something. Whatever! I do have a few ideas running around in my head.

Maybe I'll put out a "Do Not Disturb" sign and stay in my jammies all day. Who knows...I'm gonna seize the day...and play!

If you had a 'free' day, how would you spend it?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthstone bracelet...and other Wednesday stuff...

There are two sets of larger beads that represent our four grandchildren and their birth months:
June, April (girls), October (boy) and another June, but a different color for the wee boy. It was fun putting it together. Come back tomorrow and see my shopping finds from yesterday!

Thanks for the scarf compliments. Ivana asked what they are made of...well, plain yarn, fancy yarn, narrow ribbon, fun fur, eyelash yarn, cording...whatever strikes my fancy that will bend and blend and knot well. They are about 6' long and can be worn simply hanging down the front, or either looped or pinned over the shoulder. I use many different colors that coordinate and contrast so that they can be worn with a variety of colored shirts. And I'm learning techniques that make it easier to do all this in a moho, where storage and working space is limited! And no, Sandee, I don't want to go into business doing this. That would take the fun out of it. But I do take special orders for friends and family:-) And I accept all offers of leftover yarns and narrow ribbons!

So Bob and Lynne have left...I need to go to the post office and run a few errands today, since I will be 'carless' tomorrow. It is sunny but windy today, but a freeze is expected tonight. I know you folks up nawth are used to that, but this if FLORIDA and there are crops down here that us and the rest of the country needs! We don't need frozen...again!

Stay warm, y'all!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Two scarves...

Lynne liked the blue/brown fiber art scarf that I made for Amy (forgot to take a photo of it), so I made one for Lynne and it is over there on the L. No two are identical, so this one is entirely unique.
And today is Ginger's birthday, so she will get the pink/blue one on the R. Shhh...don't tell her! She won't get it till later on today.
Bob/Lynne leave tomorrow to go up to the Orlando area to put their moho in storage in preparation for their departure to NH on Thursday. This is their only opportunity to go have breakfast at our fave place, so that is where we are heading shortly...John G's, of course! They are forcing us to go...we just have to do it! We'll suffer in silence.
Wish you were here, y'all!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Monday stuff...

Hey, missed a spot over there. Nothing like little boy supervision! The wee boyz are now back in cold Mayberry, but folks are wanting survey work, so Jason had to get back and Amy has to be there to teach at night school on Wednesday. Life is real, but I miss them already!

Dick is heading to the dentist to have a pesky tooth checked out...that of course wasn't hurting this morning! Lynne wants to visit Hoffman's Chocolates, so that is what we'll do today. That is much more fun than going to the dentist. Heck, vacuuming is more fun than going to the dentist!

And later on we'll catch the afternoon matinee for The Blind Side.

Who 'bout those Who Dats?!!! Our Super Bowl party was successful...and most everyone seemed to be pulling for the Saints. Do we know how to pick a winner or what?

Enjoy your Monday, y'all!

Who Dat?!!! Where dat?

This is the lovely place where we'll be at 5p. No, not in the pool. We'll be in the rec hall just beyond it watching the Super Bowl on the big screen TV, enjoying it with friends and food. Always food!

After all New Orleans has been through, I guess I am rooting for the Saints to win. They need something positive, right? So, who are you rooting to win?

Why Dem Saints are going to win....

This will be the 44th Superbowl
The Saints franchise is 44 years old
There are 44 days from Christmas to the Super Bowl
Obama is the 44th President
Super Bowl Sunday it will be 4 years and 4 months since Katrina
The Saints won in 4 minutes and 44 seconds overtime


Whatever you do today, have a bit of fun...and remember how blessed we all are. Life is GOOD!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday stuff...

This is what we are missing back in Mayberry. No thank you!!! I'll take our current sunny but windy conditions in WPB over that white stuff. Yessiree.
We took Bob/Lynne to the Friday night 'beer/wings' gathering last night. No wings. Instead we enjoyed blackened Mahi Mahi that was sooo good. Lynne is cooking tonight, so she and I have a trip planned to Publix today. Hmm, what else do I need to add to my list?
I need to make a couple of birthday presents, so my afternoon will be spent doing some crafting.
Just another day in paradise! Enjoy your Saturday, y'all! Make it a great one...

Friday, February 5, 2010

National Wear Red Day!

Did you know that one in three women will die from cardiovascular disease? Wear RED today in support of women's heart health. Visit the American Heart Association and Go Red for Women to learn more. Start changing your lifestyle NOW to protect your heart. It's the only one you've got!

Shamelessly stolen from Haley as a mother is privileged to do......AND because I was on the board of the American Heart Association for quite a number of years there in Mayberry and this is a subject that is close to my heart. Literally. Plus.......Friday is always wear red day to support our troops. Today my RED is doing double duty.

From my heart to yours...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy birthday and goodbye for now...

My baby is having a birthday today. Thanks for the good wishes that have already arrived. Amy appreciates them all! Carolyn made a carrot cake that we all enjoyed last night. Sorry I don't have any to share with y'all today, but trust me, it was GOOD.
The guys took one Jeep and rode around the hunt camp, only seeing cows. Us gals in our Jeep saw a herd of turkeys, a few cranes, and the cows. I guess it was having the wee boyz with us that brought us such good luck with our animal sightings. The boyz were especially fond of seeing the baby calves...and driving through the mud puddles. Aunt Carolyn knows how to entertain wee ones!
So today we say goodbye and everyone goes in different directions. All good things must come to an end...and new adventures begin.
Everyone is healthy and happy...the sun is is good! Happy birthday, Amy. We love you and yours very much!!! Safe travels...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Heading to the hunting camp...

But first, Lynne and I are going shopping, since she missed the outing yesterday. Lynne is the official family shopaholic, bless her heart, and I need a few more jewelry making thingies. That aqua/brown bracelet that I showed the other day was a big hit with Miss Amy, as was the scarf I made her (I had my doubts about the scarf, but she said she liked it). Trust me, if she didn't like it, she would have said so. She looks like me, but she is Dick Junior, bless her heart. Tomorrow is her birthday.

Amy/Jason are taking the boyz out bike riding again to wear them out before we head to Don's hunting camp this afternoon, where they will get worn out again. Can you say "sleep well tonight?" They sure will.

Dick is doing moho maintenance on the internet satellite...Bob is over at their moho reading. I'm sure those two big boyz will find some kind of trouble to get into while us gals are out shopping. Sherman/Pat are going to visit their son/family nearby, so they aren't joining us in our doings today, and that's OK. Everybody can do their own thing.

At least the sun is out to dry up the rain, but I know two boyz who will still find plenty of mud to get into later on, just as boyz will do.

Dinner tonight at the camp will be hamburgers, beans, cole slaw and all the trimmings...yum..........

Enjoy your day...ours will be grand!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Biker boyz

The boyz were having fun after the rain stopped. Amy and gang just loaded boyz and bikes to go do some serious riding on a nearby trail.

Amy and I did some damage at Marshall's and Jo-Ann's this morning. Had fun!

We are all going back to Don/Carolyn's house for a seafood boil tonight. Yummm. Last night's dinner there was great...a good chicken casserole. They are great hosts.

Have a terrific Tuesday, y'all!
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Time to move on...

The yellow roses celebrate the discovery of a BSP sista here at the rally, someone I have known for 3-4 years through our Monaco Travelers but we did not know we were sistas until this weekend. It was a delightful discovery. Sistas are everywhere!

Dick and I did go to the Hard Rock Casino...and the smoke hit me in the face the moment we walked in the door. That was not a good sign, and it only got worse. Needless to say, we did not stay long. Dick quickly shot our $40 in free money; added his own $20 contribution. The buffet was definitely pricey, and neither one of us were hungry enough to enjoy it, so we headed to the food court and enjoyed a really great Cuban sandwich and plantains. That saved the day just a bit.

Shampoo and shower to rid of us the smoke smells that were lingering, and yet another load of laundry...and then checking out a bead company online completed the day. Life's simple pleasures.

Today, we are doing the stowing and hooking up thing and heading to Orlando to meet the kids...and then go to Carolyn/Don's home for dinner tonight with a bunch of family. We'd better take two cameras, just to be safe. No, I didn't 'lose' the photos of my aunt/cousin in a strange folder. They totally disappeared from my memory card. And I know they were there, because I checked them out immediately after taking the photos. I even put the card back into my camera to check it out...and there were NO images captured in the camera. Maybe it is time to buy a new memory card! Stuff happens!!! But Pat promises she will send me a new photo when her granddaughter shows up with her digital camera. That's the best we can do.

Have an awesome Monday. Life is short...make fun of it!