Saturday, February 20, 2010

Man at work!

Dick has been hard at work all morning breaking up this cracked part of our sidewalk. The roads in the RV park were not built to accommodate 45' mohos, so our neighbor has to back up across our sidewalk in order to get onto their lot (actually, it was already cracked when we bought the place). Dick worked on concreting some other spots while I was gone. Today we had many folks stop by and oggle his work, but only one guy took a few swings with the mallet.

My job was to keep him hydrated. And fed. And to wash his dirty clothes. Do you think he deserves a steak dinner and a backrub tonight? I thought so. That's certainly what he'll get! He's such a hard worker.

The plan for the patio is to beef up the end of the sidewalk with rebar (it didn't have any...which was dumb), and pour a much deeper end to it with sloped edges so that it will then take the weight driven across it. We eventually plan to even the whole patio out with a concrete mix to get rid of all the mini-potholes in it (whose bright idea was that?). All those little depressions do is hold water and that creates a perfect breeding ground for mildew...which stays black. Then we'll have a finish topping put on smooth concerte, and it will be attractive, instead of ugly and always dirty looking. The end.

Today feels like the Florida that we know and love...during the winter only.

May you each have some sunshine in your life today. We are going to sit outside for awhile. Dick needs to rest. After his shower.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh man, what a worker!!! bless his heart, he rocks!!!

smiles, bee

Joy said...

Got to have a project, right? Hugs...

Haley D. said...

Lookin' good! Sounds like a good plan all the way around. Yep, Joy, he always has a project. I get a double dose of that tendency, though my projects are of a much different variety.

Enjoy that steak! We're having a pork roast, and I think both brothers (mine & hubby's) are coming to dinner too.

Linda said...

They does look to be quite the major undertaking Dick's got going on there but I'm sure that in the end, it's going to be looking great.

He most definitely deserves a backrub and a steak and a nice relaxing set on the porch for awhile. Wish it was warm enough here to do that!

ivana said...


Compliments for Dick...he knows how to spend his time!!!
Sure you both are not bored...he works hard, you wash and cook...your life is very exemplary!
I wish you health and happiness!!!

Buona serata!!!


Anonymous said...

dang, that *is* back-breaking work...make him king for the day. He deserves every bit of it!