Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday already...

So this is what I accomplished yesterday. A little something for the grands and for friends...and a replacement for Amy's bracelet that Doodlebug accidently broke. I love him anyway.

I learned that I need to get a work light because our overhead lights just don't hack it when working with small items like this. After playing around with the glass beads, I will eventually move on to some semi-precious stones that I have. I have a necklace in mind...with matching earrings, of course.

My washer/dryer has a problem. The drum is off, I didn't overload it! It has been sounding a little a belt is slipping or something. Dick is gonna have to take it out and get to the innards to see what the problem is and hopefully fix it. I'll have to use the facilities here at our park until then. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be a simple fix.

It is another sunny but windy day. We could get good use out of some windmills around here!

You know what Friday is here in Florida--beer and wings night! Enjoy your day, whatever you do. And wear RED to support our troops! Speaking of, welcome back to the USA, JQ. Thanks for your service 'over there' in sand country!!! Hopefully you'll be back in Mayberry real soon.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

good beading! i'll wear red, have to get in the shower in a bit and go to mahjong. enjoy the evening!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

You were very productive yesterday. Good for you. Awesome.

I'll pass on wearing red in the neighborhood. Too many Mexican gang members that would take offense. You can get shot for wearing red here. We are overrun with gang members. Bottom feeders. Okay, off the soap box.

Have a terrific day and weekend. We are off to the boat for the weekend. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. Big hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

OOOH, pretty! Enjoy those wings... Hope it's an easy fix on the laundry...

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
I hope your problrm with laundry is over!!

pretty things, a nice hobby!
I could not do it, my hands are not so good!!!
Have a great WE...

Haley D. said...

Lovely projects! Hope Dad can get the washer/dryer fixed quickly and easily. We are enjoying a gorgeous snowfall- 3 inches or so already and still coming down!

barb said...

How pretty! I AM wearing red today! Woo Hoo!

I'm ordering a pizza. Too tired to even make a peanut butter sandwich!

Big hugs xo