Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baubles and beads...

Look at this pile of stuff...woohoo! I introduced Lynne-the-shopper to Tuesday Morning...and it was actually ON Tuesday that we were there. She loved the place and found several useful items! I found beads, pearls, AND yarn. And the prices were GREAT. Oh boy!!! Bee, we've gotta get together and bead!

Dick and friend Johnnie have gone to Miami for the whole day to see a bunch of boats at the annual boat show, so I am carless...which means that I will be home ALL day by myself, playing with my crafty things, creating something lovely, I am sure. Of course I have to do some pesky laundry and vacuuming and change the sheets and stuff, but my personal reward when finished with all that will be the gift of creating...something. Whatever! I do have a few ideas running around in my head.

Maybe I'll put out a "Do Not Disturb" sign and stay in my jammies all day. Who knows...I'm gonna seize the day...and play!

If you had a 'free' day, how would you spend it?


Linda said...

A free day, eh? Uhm, chasing trains? I seem to do an awful lot of that lately!

Looks like you're going to be creating some wonderful things with that whole of goodies you've got! Don't forget - we want pictures of all creative endeavors!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oboy! you can come here, i have that (almost) new dining room table now! we can bead! and i think somewhere i have a bunch of ribbon, i'll have to look.

smiles, bee

Joy said...

I wondered why you'd be carless today! Now I know. Love the pile of loot from Tuesday Morning! What I did with a day at home yesterday...went back to bed, slept until noon (I have a cold), watched tv and read, sneezed,checked email and blogs, coughed, made Valentines, sneezed, and went back to bed...a jammy day for sure!

Sandee said...

How fun. Jammie days are fun indeed and I've not had one in years. I need to fix that.

I have a free day most days. Well not lately with all the pre-op appointments. Today I'm going to pack for our boating weekend that starts tomorrow. We are leaving tomorrow around noon first to the boat. Unload everything for the weekend and then to the bay area for dinner at Encinal YC with another couple. Then back to the boat. Saturday we are boating over to Tower Park for our yacht club function on Saturday night. Fun, fun and more fun.

Have a terrific day getting your chores done and then creating beautiful things. Pictures please. Big hugs. :)

Janelee said...

I love your scarves. Sorry to hear that our cold stuff is moving your way. We had a great trip to the Holy Land and now we are on our way north to Bloomingon to see the family. Tomorrow we go farther north to Aurora to see Becky play volleyball all weekend! Cold!!!

barb said...

I love relaxing clothes days! I can't remember the last time I had a free day! Unless you count when I was sick about a month ago and slept the entire day away.

I ♥ Tuesday Morning any day of the week!

Big hugs xo

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!
How was the day?
I was so busy, yesterday...not bored nor alone..... with fritters and friends!!!!!
Now...all the stuff to clean in the kitchen!!
Have a great Friday!!!