Tuesday, December 4, 2007

5 for 5 Friends

Can you name 5 friends? 5 best friends? Do these 5 friends fit the following criteria?:
1. Friends for at least 5 years;
2. Friends you haven't seen for at least 5 months but
3. have seen several times within the last 5 years;
4. Friends you have spoken to in the last 5 weeks;
5. Friends who would list you as one of their 5 best friends.

It doesn't matter if you email this to everyone. There is no curse that will befall you, nor will spamming your friends with it make you rich. But it is important. And tell your friends they made the list. They'll appreciate it. That's what friends are for.

~~Now a word from Sandy--the above was found on a new-to-me-favorite blog sent to me by our son. Holt is a friend of his, and now is another 'son' of ours, cuz we adopt all friends of our children. Holt is a writer/photographer doing an RVing stint about "Vanishing America." Now y'all are curious, right? Go check him out, but before you go, I want to say THANK YOU to my best friends--you know who you are--you are loved and appreciated, along with this great family that Dick and I are blessed with...http://www.holtwebb.blogspot.com/

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

great post! and i already checked him out. his blog is really something!

smiles, bee