Saturday, December 15, 2007

Sunny Saturday

At ZERO degrees this morning, I elected to stay home with Amy/Alex, but did go to bring a car back from dropping off the snowmobilers so that Amy and I could come back to the library after Alex's nap (no, Bee, no naps for anyone but Alex and Amy).

It is sunny and beautiful, but now at 2:15, it is only 9 degrees...brrr, chilly, chilly. There is no wind, so it isn't too bad, but I just don't want to stay out in it too long, plus all the others are 'hot doggers' on snowmobiles and I know they are having more fun w/o me! Yep, I'm a wuss at even 9 degrees:-)...but dinner is in the crock pot and the kitchen is all cleaned up. Jason fixed steak and eggs this morning, the steak being leftover from last night. We've eaten well...and Amy and I have a few more good menus between now and when we leave. Those that don't cook at least clean up, bless their hearts. They want to get fed again, is what it is!

This house has a fairly nice supply of books and movies. I had never seen "You've Got Mail," and even though Amy had, she sat through it again with me...cute! We were doing laundry. Let's see, these folks have a cook, a laundress...what's not to love about that! We are all enjoying sitting around reading in the evening. Lazy bums, right?

I did take a few pictures and will take some more and download them tonight, and then try to get them online tomorrow, so stay tuned, y'all! I did get that missing picture replaced of us and Brian when he soloed, so check it out.

Having fun in the Rockies...

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

no naps??? huh??? *blink*

smiles, bee