Friday, December 14, 2007

Rocky Mtn. hi, y'all!

It’s cold out here! Lots of snow on the ground for the skiers to enjoy–Brian, Kevin, Steve & Beverly skied yesterday and are out at it again today. Dick, Jason and Amy went snowmobiling yesterday afternoon while I kept Alex and put together our chili supper. They drove up into RMNP (Rocky Mtn. Nat’l Park), but didn’t see any animals. They were smart enough to stay bedded down. D/J/A and I are all being lazy today, sitting around reading–my kind of vacation! Unfortunately, we don’t have Internet here at the house we’ve rented and so we are now in town at the library to use theirs. Actually, someone close by has wi-fi, but the signal isn’t strong enough for me to use, darn it. We may just have to ride around in the car to find it!

The house works out pretty well–two bedrooms/two baths upstairs (for the ‘seniors’) and two/one down. Amy and I would both make some changes to make it more user friendly:-) It is decorated with moose/bears/fish stuff, complete with an elk rack on the wall, and log furniture in each of the bedrooms–your generic western mountain rental decor.

Alex is developing a good right arm by throwing his blocks downstairs to the landing for those upbound to retrieve for him. He got them trained rather quickly. We keep a chair turned sideways to block him upstairs, which provides a nice ladder for him to try to climb. Oh the joys of having a small boy around! Life is good...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

love the post title!

i saw a cat and some birds today... life's great!

any naps?

smiles, bee

Joy said...

Have missed hearing from you but figured you just hadn't been to the library yet! It's finally a little cooler here and I'm finally feeling a little more normal today, hallelujah! (to both) Y'all be careful out there!