Thursday, December 6, 2007

Countdown to Colorado!

??? Where's the picture of the "Welcome to Grand Lake" sign??? The gremlins must have eaten it! Blogger still won't let me upload:-(

OK, so it won't look like this when we get there next week, but this is where we are going for a whole week. This picture was made this summer; hopefully there will be have enough of the white stuff around to at least snowmobile.

All the kids but Haley/family are going out, as well as friends Steve and Beverly. We have a house rented...some in the group hope to ski. Some will just snowmobile (that would be Dick). Some look forward to just being there (that would be me). Love spending time with my family and friends, so no matter what we do, we'll have a blast.

Dick is doing great after his knee surgery. He is down to one crutch, and hobbles around quite nicely. Life is good, y'all!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

drat. photo is not showing... anyway have fun honey. hey you had the last vacation, didn't you? i thought we were taking turns! ha ha

the lw christmas parade is saturday and we plan on winning again!

smiles, bee

Sandy & Dick said...

The gremlins stole the picture! I saw it last was there, really. I tried to upload another one and Blogger is not cooperating. Same problem last night, so I had to upload from Picassa, which obviously got kicked out. Oh well, it was a lovely "Welcome to Grand County, CO" sign. Sigh. Dontcha just love technology? NOT.

I'll be crossing my fingers that y'all win again, Bee. Strut yo stuff, gf! I'll be watching for the pictures:-)