Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Faithful, Old Faithful…


We arrived at the inn with about 20 minutes to spare before Old Faithful was scheduled to erupt, so we grabbed sandwiches and drinks at the deli and headed to the outside porch…to sit…and wait…and we visited with our pew partners.  Here is OF as seen through the porch structure, amongst all the oohs and aahhhs.

And then back at rest again.


IMGP0478Say ‘cheese’ next to the  big park cheeser…

Dick on Snake River

Then I dropped Dick off on the Snake River…bye, honey…be safe…IMGP0508

Whew…safely back at the campground.  Oh, we get to stay here.  The new outhouse and holding tank were delivered on a lowboy late yesterday afternoon, and we were not in their way at all.  The guys kept us entertained for about an hour, doing all the offloading, and turning the trailer around by crane.  Piece of cake.  We entertain so easily.

Hmm, wonder where we’ll go exploring today?  Wait and see.  The Griswolds are out to have fun!  And were just treated to a deer walking through our campground.

Congrats to Mayberry…we are moving up to modern times—the sale of beer and wine was approved last night!  Woohoo!!!  Now we’ll get the revenue and not just the litter.


Joy said...

How nice of Old Faithful to "spew" just after your arrival! And I'm glad you got to stay at the cg. Yay for the revenue for Union Co. I doubt it will affect the amount consumed :-) but we will get more of the sales now.

Sarge Charlie said...

wow, you have seen so much on this trip.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well finally! never thought i'd see the day that podunk got beer and wine. now maybe they'll get some nicer restaurants too! but i do love that comfort cafe!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

I'd love to see Old Faithful erupt in real life one of these days but not sure if that's ever going to happen so I'm more than content with your pictures!

Glad to see Dick made it down the Snake River safely and yay for being able to stay in your campground!

Have another wonderful day!!

Sandee said...

I've watched Old Faithful. It's indeed a beautiful thing. See we've been in the same place, but just at different times.

I knew you would get to stay. I'm happy about that. Free is good too and the entertainment is the cherry on top of the sundae. Enjoy.

Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

Barb said...

We have alcohol in this county. However, not on Sundays. It took almost 2 years after us voters voted in sales of Beer and Wine in restaurants on Sundays before they actually figured out how to implement it. Dur.

I nearly bought a lovely old Victorian home in Americus... until I found out about the pesky 'No Wine' thing. Imagine me, WillThink4Wine, in a town with no wine?

I know it was for the best that I did not buy it. What would a single woman do in a 250 year old home with 5 fireplaces and in need of constant maintenance?!? Silly, romantic thoughts begone!

Continue to enjoy! I know I'm enjoying it!

big hugs :)

"Lois Grebowski" said...

I'll bet Dick had a blast with the guys while offloading the stuff. I know how my man gets with heavy equipment... He turns into a three year old with wide-eyed curiosity...LOL

Congrats to Mayberry on getting with the times... Now you won't have to bootleg your wine and beer...


ivana said...

I refresh my eyes with your images!!!
Very beautiful landscapes...and the Old so scenic!!!

I wait for the next day's adventure!!!

Carrie & Laton said...

Having fun following you. Awesome pics.