Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday stuff

Well, well...ATT didn't like all the photos I uploaded. They sent me an email saying I used too much data while 'off network.' Huh? I have unlimited data, who knew I had to be on THEIR tower. I am just a bit not happy. OK, a LOT not happy! Hey, ATT--y'all need more towers and better coverage! I'll be checking into Verizon when I get home. So there. Funny that Dick's Verizon phone was working while I had no service for the past few days.

Anyway, our MotoSat part is hopefully 12 miles up the road in the Post Office, but it closes at 10, so we have to hustle and leave. At least Dick's puter picks up the weak signal in this cg, unlike my computer, but that is another whole problem! When technology doesn't work or doesn't work to my liking, I am not a happy camper. But at least Dick shares, smart man.

So, now back to the Tour, finish laundry, and get out the door. It is sunny and beautiful, so I think we are safe to see Bryce today without rain or lightening.

Later y'all...


ivana said...

I hope you find more coverage, so you can work, and send photos!
I see that Dick choises better server!!!
I'm resting a bit...i prepared many dishes for tomorrow, for all my guests!!!
Have a great trip in the Bryce!

See you!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yeah, what's up with that, we have unlimited data!!! that is not fair! but on cruises att is much better than verizon, d#1 has verizon and no free service in the us ports like att so i'll stay where i am. plus i love my iphone!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Interesting about AT&T. Go get that satellite part!

Zane D. Clark said...

Can you hear me now?

Anonymous said...

"Funny that Dick's Verizon phone..."
Verizon owns the west, cell-wise. ATT hugs the freeways. But Verizon falls among the HooDoos at places also. I hate Verizon, and the way they have screwed me, a "purchased" AllTel customer, but I hate it less than having huge holes in the coverage like ATT. Compare their maps.

BTW, almost every cell company uses Verizon (CDMA) or ATT (GSM) towers.

Enjoy WY. I will be in Cody and then Yellowstone area, but long after you have streaked through!