Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rocky mountain high and rocky road!


This is a forest service road that we traveled on today, for about 10 miles of gravel at each end and ROCKS for a road in at least 10 miles in the middle.  Four wheel drive needed, people!  There has probably never been an Infinity over this pass ever.  And I can tell ya, this Infinity isn’t ever going back up there with me in it!  It jarred my back teeth and innards, and this was at maybe 3 MPH.  Rough hardly describes it.  There is beautiful scenery to be enjoyed on better roads.  The end.

IMGP9638 Stitch

And this photo shows our free camping site next to a pretty meadow.  The closed train station pictured the other day was directly in front of our windshield, but behind trees, so it wasn’t visible from the coach.  There is beauty everywhere we look.

After our bumpy trip, we paid a visit in town to the local market…that sold RV and auto parts upstairs, along with other miscellaneous items that made us feel as if we were back in Mayberry.  Downstairs contained grocery items, and a counter where you could buy a fishing license.  Dick bought one, good for five days.  He plans to take a canoe trip today on the Rio Grande.  I am the drop-off/pick-up person.  That works for me.  Maytag Man has earned the right to have some fun.  He pull the washer out ONE MORE TIME and found the strut that had come loose and fixed it.  He’s wonderful…and now has clean jeans.

Life is good!


Barb said...

I love your camping site! Really love that it's also free! What a beautiful meadow. Sorry about your jarred teeths and innards. Somethings are better left undone.

I just knew MM would get 'er done!

Have fun! Big hugs xo

ivana said...

Life is good, enjoy the adventures you can have each day!!!
Beautiful scenery!!!
Let Dck enjoy fishing...

Thanks for the interesting description!!!

Big hugs!!!

Sarge Charlie said...

life is good.

And Miles To Go... said...

Great view! And clean jeans are good :)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

he found it? wow dick is really a good egg! sarge would not even have looked! ha ha

did you ever take that ride behind the sunrise grocery that ends at vogel state park? i forget the name of it but in the fall we always rode that "road?" and loved it. so beautiful, reminds me in places of the one you described today.

smiles, bee

Joy said...

Sure hope the washer stays fixed this time, and that Dick enjoys his canoeing. I'm sure you can find something to get into while he's gone...

Sandee said...

I love to four wheel, but only if I can drive. Done a lot of four wheeling in Nevada. Lots of the same kind of roads there. I will admit sometimes it's a big dicey. Looks like you had a lot of dicey.

Glad Dick fixed the washer. He's a handy guy to have around indeed.

Have a terrific day honey. Just enjoy the beauty that is Colorado. Big hugs. :)

Haley D. said...

Your post reminds me of the last time we were in CO (in '05 w/you). We couldn't believe that the gravel roads were on the map as "real" roads. Pulling the 5th wheel along one of them was, well, interesting. We made it though! Glad you saw some beautiful scenery to make it somewhat worthwhile. Hope Dad enjoys that canoe trip!

Zane D. Clark said...

I agree with Sarge. Life is good