Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brrr...chilly, chilly

Let's start this freezing day off with a piece of yummy cookie cake:

It is 22 here and that is just too dang cold for me. I am staying inside another day, with tissues handy and drinking plenty of fluids, and in relaxing clothes. Again. Bugger. I want to feel better by tomorrow!

Nobody wants to be sick at Christmas, but in the scheme of things, this is relatively minor and will pass. The voice is a bit better.

Our wee tree has a few more presents under it for some special people. I plan to finish that up today, so I am making progress but at a snail's pace. That's OK.

Wherever you will be for Christmas, may it be merry and bright, and filled with the true Christmas spirit.

We are all mighty blessed!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

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Linda said...

Yikes! It's colder down there than it is up here! We had a few snow flurries yesterday and one heck of a powerful wind but the temps were in the mid-30s so it wasn't hideously cold. I'm sure there will be plenty of time for that yet.

I actually got some shopping accomplished yesterday and now need to start doing some wrapping along with some baking as the family will be over tomorrow night for Christmas Eve dinner. What WAS I thinking when I planned that?!?

Glad to hear that your voice is a bit better and I hope you're at 100% come Christmas Day!

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

keep warm honey and relax! see you soon!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

Wow it is cold there. It's 49 here right now. That's cold enough for me. I'd prefer it be 85 degrees year around.

I'm glad your voice is getting better, but I'm sorry you're still feeling sick. I hate being sick on a holiday. I agree that this is a aggravation more than something that could be very serious. I'm happy about that. Health is a wonderful thing.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from stormy California. :)

Jean(ie) said...

Feel better sooN!

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