Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blue plate special!

Look who we ran into yesterday at lunch…Empress Bee’s sweet Ayla!  Loved getting her hugs, and seeing her new “do.”  Adorable!  Did you tell your mama HI for me?

Sandy, Ayla

So Christmas decorations are all put away for another year.  I don’t like taking them down this soon, normally leaving everything up until Epiphany, but we have to now get ready to pull out next week.  Priorities.  We haz them.  It is three weeks till the blogger’s cruise, and we have places to go and people to see ahead of that.

If you are of a mind to, please say a little prayer for a sista’s DH (dear hubby).  Bruce underwent a liver transplant last night in Atlanta.  I haven’t heard any updates this morning, so I assume and pray that all went well.  As with any transplant, someone lost his/her life in order to make that transplant possible.  God bless all those grieving their loss.

Organ donation is very important, and this is just another example.  I am the lucky recipient of a ligament, so I am especially aware of this need for parts no longer in use.  Be a donor!

And be happy today; hug your loved ones.  Life is precious, y’all!


Barb and TheDailyGs said...

Oh, how fun. I am a registered organ donor... assuming whatever I have is usable once I'm done using them. Prayers for your sista's DH and the organ donor's loved ones.

How fun running into Ayla!

big hugs from chilly New England... where snow is quickly approaching. xoxo

Jean(ie) said...

Hi Ayla! you're missing cold grey weather. LOL!

I'm a registered donor as well. My Dad received corneas.

Jean(ie) said...

Hi Ayla! you're missing cold grey weather. LOL!

I'm a registered donor as well. My Dad received corneas.

Sandee said...

How neat to run into Ayla.

Prayers in progress as requested.

Yes, three weeks and it will be warm weather and a cruise. Sounds good to me. Well the warm weather does, the cruise not so much.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh you lucky thing! i wish i could see her! thanks for the photo! see you soon!

smiles, bee

silverthoughts2 said...

I am an organ donor, and one of my oldest and dearest internet friend's had a kidney transplant.

Lisa said...

Well, look at those two beautiful ladies!!!!

How cool that this blogging thing makes the world just that much smaller!

Happy new year to you, hope its full of blessings and happiness.

Sending those prayers along. I too am a donor. And having witnessed first hand the miracle of life given to my brother in law this year, in the way of a double lung transplant, I am all for it!!!!