Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday in Savannah

Breakfast buffet began at 8:30, followed by a great speaker who told us some of Savannah's interesting history, especially parts involving women who made an impact on this city.

A group of kids came and did several "Cats" numbers, and other dances...very entertaining...what talent! The wee kids were cute overload for sure!
Afterward, Joy and I walked outside to find lunch and go sightseeing. We were approached to test drive or ride in this new Scion...and they would give us each a $15 voucher to eat at the Mellow Mushroom, which was where we were heading anyway. They'll pay us to eat? We're on that!!! Nope, we weren't tempted to buy a new car...
We rode the free bus around the whole downtown loop, then ran into our sister Mayberry chapter at the Mellow Mushroom...and shared one voucher with them, since we didn't need both vouchers for our lunch. We felt generous:-) Big spenders, right? Then the two of us walked to Lady and Son, you know, that little place made famous by Ms Paula Deen....but let me tell you this first..........who was at the MM leaving and walked right in front of us and said "Hey, how're y'all?" Paula's son Jamie! He is soooo cute........Joy and I both wanted to grab him and give him a little hug. No, make that a BIG hug............but we resisted temptation, after all, he doesn't know us from Adam's house cat but we sure know who HE is! Here is Joy outside Paula's restaurant (no, there were no reservations left today). We went to her little store there and did manage to do some shopping... Stay tuned for the pics from Saturday night...

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

woo hoo, jamie deen!! and y'all look so purty!!!

smiles, bee