Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Awesome performance by kids...

If you missed hearing the US Army Band and Chorus welcome Pope Benedict XVI at the White House Rose Garden ceremony on 15 April, get a load of the performance of some high school kids...but take note of who performs the first verse. One of the fathers recorded it, added some graphic enhancements to the recording, and posted it on the web. The song, of course, is the 'Battle Hymn Of The Republic.' It will send a few shivers up your spine. You may want to press the 'F11' key OR your maximize icon after the performance starts, to get a full-screen effect.

Having been in chorus myself, and also a band parent, I appreciate all the time and effort spent in practicing to putting together even one song, so y'all have some respect for these kids and enjoy the fruits of their labor. No, I don't know what high school this is. Now, click below!



Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi honey! going to see... sarge is at the dentist!!! right now!!! yay!

smiles, bee

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Beautiful. You won't here that in California. Mexican stuff, but not anything to do with God or being patriotic. Beautiful. Have a great day and thanks for sharing. :)

Christine said...

That is beautiful. It's wonderful to see Partiotism in our children.

Thank you for sharing.

Sarge Charlie said...

back from the dentist, I love your post, some way I can tie it to my post today, I fear for my country.

Kimberly and Bob said...

I have had two personal friends that were killed on prom night my senior year (they were hit by trying to "beat" the train after drinking) as well as a friend and co-worker who died drinking and driving from my own home in SC after a dinner party (we took her keys away but she had a 2nd set). To top it off the car she hit head on happened to be carrying our immediate, elderly next door neighbors, a very tragic story.

I will always show these types of videos to my kids in hopes that at some point they "get it" and don't make these same mistakes.

Bravo to Union County for a well done video. May all the teens out there "get" this message.

Thanks for the message! It can never be shown too many times.