Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Picture...not so perfect

Sigh. Still can't upload pictures, so it is time to try a new tactic.........go try from a different computer on a different system! That'll narrow the problem down some. That'll be tomorrow's project.

So I'll just tell y'all about our day. We have a house that we remodeled (and is for sale) that is in serious need of new landscaping, so Dick and I paid a $$ visit to Home Depot today and loaded up on various holly plants for the remodel, plus a half dozen or so for our own (new) house that is seriously lacking in the landscaping department. No, they aren't in the ground yet, but that'll be soon. Pray for the plants......and more rain!

And being Queen of the Office, I spent the afternoon doing blasted paperwork and all other fun stuff that had been waiting for me while we were off RVing. And I am seriously trying to finish moving know, empty at least one box a day, put things away where they need to be....and then try to remember where we put them! Dick had to ask me where the watering can is today. Hmmm, it was in one place for the past 20 years, and now this new learning curve.

Speaking of spending bucks today, here is a shopping chuckle for y'all:

Seems there was this preacher's wife who decided along with her husband that they really had to save more and spend less starting in the New Year.
Well, she went shopping and found the dress of her dreams. It cost way too much, but she had to have it. When she showed it to her husband, he exclaimed, "After all we said about spending less money, how could you?"
She replied, "The devil made me do it."
"Didn't you tell him 'Get thee behind me, Satan' ?" asked the exasperated preacher.
"I certainly did," she replied, "but he said: 'It really looks great from the back!!!' "


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

brain storm!!!! i think i know why you can't upload photos!!! your browser. if you are using firefox switch to internet explorer or the other way around or if all that fails try flock. bet it works! good luck and with the landscaping too. my dental work is done, now we wait for charlie's!

smiles, bee

the donG said...

the problem is still there. no idea though what's the problem. maybe try to check your security options you might have just changed the settings accidentally that does not allow you to upload photos.

one box at a time is a good idea. but i wonder how many box do you have and how big each boxes are.

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