Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stay tuned...

Brian didn't get to join us for lunch yesterday after all. He is putting in a bathroom in his basement, and he had a crew to oversee, trips to Lowe's to make, etc. All those joys of home ownership...NOT! This is a 'fixer upper' that will eventually be a 'tear down,' but he is making improvements for his duration of ownership. Anyway, we had a nice visit with Bob & Lynne, not to mention all the good food at a family-style, all-u-can-eat place. Then they left to go park their coach in our 'old' driveway for a night or two, and will see our Mayberry kids today, enroute to NH. Got all that?

Today at 11, Dick will be having the thrill of his life...driving on the raceway here in Atlanta. Y'all check back later to see the pictures.

We leave the rally this afternoon to head to the Callaway Gardens area to be GA tourists for a few days. Dick has never been to Warm Springs to see the Little White House, so that is high on our list of things to do this week. I was there as a teenager. I'm sure it has changed a bit, and I'm also sure I'll enjoy it more this time.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

can't wait to hear about this! what fun... i had fun on my scooter all week too!

smiles, bee

Sandy & Dick said...

I saw TWO scooters like yours at the track today! Zoom, zoom:-)

Bruce Garey said...

I am impressed to know someone who has personally driven at above 150 mph. Well done!