Friday, April 18, 2008

Hey from Hampton!

Here we are, parked next to a small pond on the grounds of the famous Atlanta Motor Speedway!

This is looking up the row toward the track, with only two other coaches on the other side of us.

But this is the view in front of us looking at the race track........where is everyone??? The rally folks were hoping for 150 coaches, but only 58 have signed up...major disappointment!
Dick went up for coffee and donuts this morning. I don't do mornings AND I don't do donuts, so the kitties and I enjoyed a few more minutes of having the whole bed to ourselves. Now the kitties are enjoying the view out the windshield, wondering what the Canada geese are busy doing in the grass. They both did well on the trip here, alternating between our two laps. Of course Parker is a travel pro, but this was Missy's first outing...and she passed with flying colors.
It's a done deal. Dick is back; he just signed up for the RP Driving Exp on Sunday morning at the recommendation of our son, who did it a few years ago. "Follow me, Dad".......hmmm, those can be dangerous words, huh Bri? Later...


Joy said...

Hope Dick has a blast doing the "Driving Experience"! As much as it costs to fill up my car right now, I'm not surprised at people staying home, but it is a shame not to have more folks to have fun with. Oh well, have fun anyway!

Anonymous said...

I think Dick is going to have a blast! Can't wait to read about it!
Even though it may not be as full as previous rallies, enjoy the time with your club folks. Sometimes quality is better than quantity...


Anonymous said...
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the donG said...

lucky kitties! nice trip.