Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Beware of imposters!

Beware of imposters, especially during this political season. Check below and see if you can find the real deal...but look VERY carefully...

Keep looking.......they are out there everywhere:-)

I survived the vampire yesterday...took two tries to find a vein, darn it. Got another pre-cancerous spot frozen off...yearly event it seems. Remember when I suggested using *sunscreen*? Sigh. Wish I had never tried to tan as a teen.

Amy and Alex joined Jennie and me at lunch to celebrate Joy's birthday yesterday. Alex was his charming toddler self. And I didn't take a single picture!!! Urrgggh. Then I went and got my hair cut, followed by a return to my desk for afternoon work. Big day in Mayberry. I am heading to church to help take inventory, but will have the pleasure of an afternoon pedicure. Life is good, happy tax day, y'all!!!


Joy said...

Those pictures are adowable!

crazy working mom said...

I loved the raccoons! Too cute. :)

Thanks for stopping by my WW post.

leelee said...

Hi Sandy & Dick - cute pics...I think I found them all. Thanks for stopping by my place.

I'll be back!!


Loving Annie said...

Sandy & Dick,
Those pictures are SO cute !

I hope the phlebotomist was good and at least the blood draw didn't hurt, but two tries - ouch anyway.

We ALL tanned as teens. Remeber baby oil with iodine in it ?

Hope the haircut and pedicure were good yesterday !

Sandy & Dick said...

Hey, y'all! Thanks CWM, leelee and loving annie for stopping by and visiting(Joy, being my BGF always visits...and of course I always appreciate that for sure!). Yes, my new summer 'do' feels sooo much lighter and my tosies are ready to show off glamping out this weekend:-) Stay tuned...I love having visitors!