Thursday, April 17, 2008

Off we go again...

As Willie would sing, "On the road again..."

We are leaving the lake that is actually filling up (this is the cove we live on) and loading up the motorhome to take Missy on her first trip. We’ll see if she kicks Parker out of my lap! That’s his personal travel territory, but maybe he’ll share. We’ll see. We are heading to the Big A, actually the Atlanta Motor Speedway, for a major FMCA rally, meeting up with our motorhome camping club members for a fun, long weekend. I’m sure I’ll have lots of details to report as the rally progresses. Today is just for setting up and visiting around.

The rally will begin in full force on Friday. It is an RV Super Show and Outdoor Extravaganza, complete with loads of food, seminars and entertainment...and RVs for sale, of course, but we definitely won’t be tempted to do a trade in! We are mighty happy with what we’ve got.
Dick is seriously thinking of taking the "Richard Petty Driving Experience." It isn’t cheap, but what the heck! Boggity, boggity, boggity, y’all.......later!


Odat said...

Happy traveling!!! Have a great time.

HaleyD said...

Go, Dad, go! VROOM!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun! We're heading out to Barkley this weekend...WOO HOO!

Brian said...

Do it dad, it's worth it. See if you can beat a 147 MPH average lap!!! But don't spin out trying to do it. Your forearms will hurt from gripping the steering wheel, or at least mine did. It's like riding on rails though!!!

Glad the lake is filling up, finally!