Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where’s Missy???

Dick and I had two different places to go last evening,photo (1) but we arrived home at about 8ish, pretty much at the same time.

I asked him if Missy was in or out, since he left after I did.  He thought IN.  I called her.  No Missy.  I called for her from the front door and the back door.  No Missy.  OK, it wasn’t totally dark, so I thought I would wait a little while before shaking her food container, a guaranteed magnet, and decided to go upstairs to have a look up there.  That is where I heard a faint MEOW, MEOW…coming from the air conditioner closet!

Dick had been working in there before heading out, and Miss Nosy Parker had gotten shut inside for a few hours.

She promptly laid claim to Dick’s office chair for the rest of the evening.  Maybe she won’t be so nosy the next time she sees an open door.  Nah, she’s a cat!


The end.


ivana said...

It happens, that foreign cats sleep in our garage, because they go in, while he drives the car inside!!!
Missy wanted to assist Dick on his work!!!
Have a lovely Wednesday!!!

ivana said...

Errata corrige!

He = G.

Joy said...

I'm sure Missy feels that she did nothing wrong, after all she IS the queen of the household in her mind! (a typical cattitude) She probably wonders why her humans were being so lax in coming to find her!

barb @iPhoneographi said...

I can't tell you how many times one of mine has found themselves on the wrong side of a closet door! The other day Grayson decided that that open crawl space door needed to be walked through and investigated. Ugh.

Big hugs xo

Sandee said...

I can so relate. They are indeed inquisitive little darlings. I so remember. I'm glad you rescued her.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

awwwww. glad you found her... my neighbor's cat would sneak into my garage alot. My door would go up and I'd hear a squawl and then the kitty would just tear out like a crazy person....

It's that curiosity thing. I'm the same way!

Haley D. said...

At least this time she didn't have to use up one of her nine lives!

Linda said...

I've opened my bedroom closet door to have Tesla dart out a time or two also so it must definitely be a cat thing! I wonder if dogs ever find themselves in those sorts of predicaments??