Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday stuff

Maytag Man traded in his cap for a new name--Traveling Man.  Dick’s brother Bob recently made him an offer he could not refuse.  He’s easy.  If Dick delivered to New Hampshire the big equipment trailer Bob had recently bought in GA, Bob would give MM, oops, Traveling Man, the trailer in NH that it was replacing. 

Having just finished putting a hitch on the “new” truckFreightliner that then needed a good testing, T Man left last Saturday for NH looking like this…  and came back Tuesday looking about the same, but with a slightly different trailer.   That’s right—he left North GA on Saturday morning, drove all the way up to New Hampshire, spent the night, and was back in N GA on Tuesday…2,300 miles.  Crazy, but T Man does not mind driving for long hours at the time.

Other than running out of fuel in northern Virginia on the way home, and getting a ticket for not having safety triangles out while stopped on the side of the Interstate, it was an uneventful trip that let him rest his bum leg, or so he said.  Remember the recently torn muscle?  Yes, rested that leg for 2,300 miles.  Hmmm…

Anyway, this “new to him” trailer needed cleaning up and painted, so turning it on its side made it easier for him to trailer undersidework on it, and not have it be so hard on his back.  This black stuff is a rust deterrent, so the whole underside is coated with it.

Four gallons of paint, and several days later, the finished product looks like this:

yellow trailer

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that T Man HATES to paint.  Really hates it.  But, he now has a good trailer to safely haul *stuff* with, so that made it all worthwhile.  He’s happy.

The end.

Goodbye April.  Hello May!  Enjoy your day, y’all!


barb @iPhoneographi said...

That's a lot of leg resting for T-Man! And that is one fancy truck and super-duper lookin' trailer!

If I have to do 2300 miles, I'd far rather do it flying or cruising. Driving wears on my nerves something awful. And makes me say bad words. And gives me migraines. Because the highways are full of dipshidiots.

The End.

Big hugs xo

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

honey tell him to have a little nap for gosh sakes! lol

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Dang, driving a truck, getting a heavy equipment trailer, and painting a trailer... that's a lot of stuff. My McGuyver is drooling at the trailer. He wants to come over to play with MM and all his toys.

Sandee said...

You know he didn't rest that leg during the trip, but it sure sounded good. The trailer looks great now. I didn't have a doubt one.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs from warm California. :)

Joy said...

Hearing Allman Brothers "Ramblin' Man" in my head as I read about Traveling Man!

Linda said...

Were it not for all of the other traffic on the road, I'd find a 2,300 mile trip to be restful, too! I'm not too sure how much leg resting I'd get in though as my legs tend to get a little cramped up after awhile - especially having a standard shift!

Love the color of the "new" trailer!

Now I hope T-Man is having an extra long nap!

Haley D. said...

I'm sure MM or TMan or whoever he is would love a play date, Lois. That is one fine yellow & black (Ga Tech?) trailer. We're so glad he made it up and back safely. We are not exactly looking forward to the drive...

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
I cannot say, if TM is an hero...or a happy unconscious man!
You are a "quite" quiet girl, that accepts everything from her trust him...he is omnipotent!!!
In the end he is...a great man!!!

Lisa said...

Now that's a heavy hauling trailer! My hubby has one for hauling cars. He refurbished it himself, painted in a nice fire engine red. The best part... he named it, or had it decaled with ...

"None of Your Business"

It was his dad's CB handle when he drove truck. We get lots of stares and smiles and thumbs up when we pass by!