Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

I sure miss this sweet lady.  I think this was Mother’s high school Willie Mae Mobleygraduation photo, taken many years ago.  There are sooo many things I still want to ask her.  And I certainly want to tell her again that I love her.  But she always knew that.

Today, I am blessed by my three kiddos bringing over dinner.  Well, Haley and Amy are mostly doing that.  Brian is in charge of appetizers…and ALL the boys are in charge of cleaning up.  After all, us big gals are all mothers, and we deserve a little pampering today, on our special day.  Right?

God bless all mothers everywhere.  If yours is still alive, you are double blessed.

Life is good in Mayberry, y’all!


Barb said...

Happy Mother's Day! I truly am blessed to still have my mother and father. You are blessed because you were able to BE a mother!

As you might imagine, it's take a mother dear to BWTB day here. There's no getting out of that today.

Oh. And there will be cake!

Enjoy your special day. Big hugs xo

Sarge Charlie said...

wishing you a happy mothers day Ms Bell, I am sure your children will honor you today

Haley D. said...

I love you! Happy Mother's Day! You're the best.

ivana said...

You sure are having a great mother's day...
We had a fantastic trip, the mayor of a small mountain town invited me to lunch at a Festival of Wil asparagus, so we had a fun and tasty food!!!

See you!
Big hugs!!!

Sandee said...

Your mother was beautiful, just like you. You have a terrific Mother's Day honey. You sure deserve it.

Super big hugs from cold California. :)

Willy said...

Willy's mom passed on about 4 years ago. Would really like to say Happy Mother's day to her.

Happy Mothers day.

10-4 Willy