Saturday, April 26, 2014

Tree hugging, trailers, and other stuff

This is the infamous tree hugger that MM is using to clear out unwanted small hardwoods, dead pines, and crappy pines.  He wraps those big arms around the tree, “hugs” it, then the cutter comes out and clips them off at the bottom.

tree hugger

Next, he takes them over to the burn pile.  Easy peasy.

And this trailer?  Nice, single-axle trailer, right?

trailer trash

Well, yesterday it had two huge plastic water barrels sitting up front and a pressure washer behind that.  One water barrel was half full, the other full.  Water is heavy.  Very heavy, especially when we are talking way over 100 pounds!

Jason needed the above contents ON the trailer AND delivered out to the development, and he had no time to come back to get them.  Amy was elected for the job.  She had to first hook up the trailer to the truck, unload it, load up the good stuff, and then drive it out there.

I happened to look up from my desk yesterday morning to see Amy standing beside the truck at the top of the driveway with both hands thrown up in the air…praying or swearing, I wasn’t sure.  Guess which?

I walked up the driveway, offered to help (since I could tell she was trying to hook up the truck to the trailer), but she said she was DONE…and had called Jason to tell him to come get this *&#% trailer himself.  He said OK.  Smart man.  Amy was on her very last nerve.

Not to be defeated (and fresh on the scene), I figured there had to be a way the two of us could manage this task.  I told Amy we first needed to siphon the water out of the barrels to get rid of all that weight so we could lift the tongue.  And so we did.  We are mighty.  We are smart. And it worked!

The two of us finally got the trailer hooked up to the truck.  She texted Jason to stay, we had succeeded!  He could keeping working at the job site. 

As she drove away to go off load the pressure washer, I told her to remind Jason that he had himself a good woman.  And she added, “And a good mother-in-law!  Thanks, Mom!”

I raised that girl right.  Canoe and floaties got delivered to the job site.  Mama Sanford and Daughter--we make a great team.

These toys will get staged down by the lake to look cute for today’s land sale.  That’s where Amy and Jason both are, working at the sale; MM is next door on the future land project, trying to get it ready.  I have three kids…and a soccer practice today.

I have the easier job, and we all have perfect weather for our various Saturday activities.

Life is busy and good here in our mountain paradise, y’all! 


Joy said...

Aha, so that is what the machine looks like! A picture is with 1000 words, for sure. And who wants to write 1000 words, anyway? You and Amy "did good"! Hope today goes well for all concerned.

Sandee said...

You both are smart and you got it done. Good for you. Sometimes the guys don't get how difficult things are. I'm just saying.

Have a fabulous day and weekend honey. Big hugs to you and scritches to the babies. :)

Jean(ie) said...

Woman power! Hubby would have loved to play with that tree thingy... He loves big machines like that. Such a kid.

Barb and the Gs said...

You are Woman! Watch her problem solve and git 'er done!

The weather was great here yesterday. Almost 90! I am hoping the pool will be warm enough to get in soon!'

Have a fab day! I'm gonna give it my best shot, too! I;ve got a few necessary chores, some organizing... and maybe some painting. big hugs xoxo