Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Decorah Eagles

I am thoroughly enjoying watching this eagle family in a high nest in cold Iowa.  They don’t mind folks spying on them---mama, daddy, and three baby eaglets. 

Viewing is open 24/7, however yesterday, the lens was ice coated all morning so I couldn’t see the family until in the afternoon:(  They are all fine, so pop in every now and then and have a look.

Streaming .TV shows by Ustream

The info indicates that this is this pair’s fourth year of producing eaglets.  Good for them!  We don’t want our national bird to become extinct.

Which is the male and which is the female?
It is hard to tell the difference unless they are both on the nest. The female is larger than the male.  This female has a ridge above her eyes that goes further back than on the male, and her eyes are surrounded by a greyish shadow; the male has a line around his eyes that makes them look “beadier.”  Some think that the male’s head is “sleeker” than the female’s.

Check them out.  You can read lots more info on the website…if you want to do that.

Life is fluffy and good!!!


ivana said...


Thank you...I love Nature, and the animal life always is a joy to our heart!!!

Have a great Wednesday!!!

Big hugs!

Haley D. said...

Very cool! I have been meaning to visit but then keep forgetting. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

They are fascinating to watch. I've been sneaking peeks, too!

Stay warm and dry. Storms are coming.

Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

way cool!

smiles, bee

barb @iPhoneographi said...

Nature rocks! We do have eagles around here, but not at the Swamp.

Big hugs xo

Sandee said...

I've been watching them too. Along with God knows how many other folks. I sure does look cold though.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hug. :)

Linda said...

Goslings over at Barb's and Eaglets here, way cool!