Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday stuff

So now that Amy’s birthday has come and gone, I can show y’all the other necklace that I made for her.P1010038  She wanted pink, so pink she got.  This one is made from pink chip opals (opals are Scooter’s birthstone), pink marble, coco beads and wooden beads.  She liked it and the other pink necklace I posted awhile back.   Yep, it was for her also. 

We began Amy’s birthday with breakfast at Cracker Barrel at her request, a little shopping for the ladies, then a trip back to Carolyn’s house for an early dinner.  Amy and Nana Joyce made chicken pot pie—delish!—and then Amy, Jason, Bob and Lynne enjoyed a performance by Cirque du Soleil (Dick and I had seen this particular performance, so we kept the wee boys—no hardship there).

Speaking of boys, here they are after a day at Disney sleeping boysWorld, totally exhausted…our own mini-Blues Brothers.  Happiness is…having tired boys sleep!


We plan to go to the local farmer’s market and poke around today.  No telling what else we’ll do, but it’ll be fun for sure.  Yikes, the kids leave to go back to Mayberry tomorrow.  Time is flying by!

Can y’all believe the piles snow all across the country?  And snow in Texas messing up the Super Bowl?  Sheesh.  Anyone have any plans for a Super Bowl party?  We do, and I’m taking meatballs, clam dip, and crab dump.

You’ve never heard of crab dump?  Easy peasy—a block of cream cheese; topped with a can of drained crab meat, and about a half bottle of cocktail sauce dumped on top of that…served with crackers.  Good, but good!  Try it.


ivana said...


Wonderful days you have!
The photo of your grandkids...super!!!
I'm sure you have other fun, food and friends...
You'll be sad, when the kids have gone...GA is so cold!
Here sun and I wait for the spring!!!!

Buon sabato!


Haley D. said...

Her necklace is really pretty! Sounds like everyone is having a good time. Enjoy your Saturday! We will be hanging out here at home, doing a few chores and relaxing a bit too.

Barb said...

The necklace is beautiful, but the photo of the zonked our boys is priceless!

Enjoy your day. I'm planning to make Chicken Pie for Super Bowl!

Big hugs :]

Linda said...

Those wee boys most definitely look plum-tuckered out!

No Super Bowl plans here other than I'm not planning on watching it! If I were to watch it would only be for the commercials and I can always catch those on YouTube later!

And if you want snow piles, boy do we have snow piles! They're getting to be quite dangerous as drivers can't see around them and people are pulling out in front of each other all over the place. I can't wait until they're history!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh they look like two little rock stars!!! so cute!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

We aren't doing any super bowl stuff. Can you believe that hubby doesn't care for sports? I told you he was perfect.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

Joy said...

LOVE that photo of the boys! Hugs!

jc said...

Andre and I may have passed by you on your way from one place to another - we are here in the Orlando area - jct of 4 and 27.
Visiting with friends from 'home' and seeing others off on their way back north. We head back to Sarasota tomorrow to rest up for BC4. See you then.