Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life is good!

OK...I sent this photo from my iPhone, but the text didn't arrive with it.  I have to learn what went wrong:(

Anyway, Dick is there with the girls...Dixie and Georgia...Don and sister Carolyn's two sweet doggies...who love to go for a boat ride. 

So we are now back at the cg after a nice lunch, and guess who is here--Amy, Jason, Nana Joyce, Doodlebug and Scooter!  Bob and Lynne will be arriving shortly, then we all head back to Carolyn's home for dinner.

See why we love to come to FL in the winter?  No snow/ice...and lots of fun and family.

Amy and I are taking the wee ones to the playground.  WYWH.

That's life in paradise, y'all!


Anonymous said...

I'd say that judging from the photo it is not only good, it's FANTASTIC!!!!!!!

Sarge Charlie said...

tell dick that his hair is getting in his eyes..

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
I'm smiling...Dick's hair are too long!!!!
Cute doggies...and sure a paradise for you there!We had frost, fog, all gray!!!
I bet your dinner is fantastic!!!!
Big hugs!!!

Barb said...

Is there a BAD reason to go to Florida in the winter?! :D

Big hugs :]

Haley D. said...

I knew exactly who Grumps was loving on! Give those sweet doggies some scratches from us and their owners big hugs!

I am so ready to go somewhere warmer- or at least different- WIWT2!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh man today was beautiful here!!!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

I had to stare at the picture for a few minutes to figure out that I was looking at Dick wearing shorts! When you live in a really cold environment it's a little unnerving to see people in other parts of the country dressing totally differently from the type of dress you're used to yourself. Right now I don't think there are too many people in New England who even remember what "short weather" is like!

Joy said...

I wish I were there, too! It's COLD up here again tonight. I recognized the pups, although they've grown a bit! Tell Carolyn & Don hello for me. Hugs to all!

Sandee said...

I sure wish I was wearing shorts, a polo shirt and some flip flops. My favorite attire. Soon.

I'm glad you are having a terrific time honey. Big hugs. Pretty soon I'll give you some real hugs. :)

Odat said...

What a great, peaceful picture!
I'm living thru you waiting for the warm weather!!!

Anonymous said...

Dixie and Georgia, lovely names. My best friend has a similar one named Vera - lovely ladies all.

It really seem to be a paradise, your Florida. We've never been there, but my sister once went there and I was dog-sitting while she was there. They were driving around a bit, it was many years ago.

We still have snow on the ground over here in Stockholm, Sweden.