Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday, Monday


Hey, boys.  Look up there on the water tower at that HUGE bird nest!

Little boys are sooo easy to entertain, as long as they can keep moving and working off their abundant energy.  Whew!  I wish I could bottle up some of that stuff.

The kids hit the road yesterday, stopped for the night in middle GA, and are visiting an airplane museum this morning.

Another rainy day in central FL, so the plans are for a museum visit in ORL today for the big kids here.  Carolyn is being a good tour director:)

How ‘bout those Packers?  The Super Bowl party was fun last night.  More later on the wine tasting event.

Can you believe another arctic blast is heading south?  Sheesh.  It makes 57 here seem like summer.  Stay safe and warm, ppl!


Barb said...

Yes, kids do seem to have boundless energy!

It's rainy and 50-ish here, too. Brr.

I fell asleep shortly after half-time. Overall, I thought the game was a stinker. But Gracie liked my lap for an extended period!

Big hugs :]

Joy said...

I enjoyed the game but didn't watch the halftime show. Loved the little Darth Vader commercial.
Yes, I can believe the winter stuff is headed our way again but I HOPE it misses us! Typical February. Spring is coming...

Anonymous said...

I found my way overe here from another blog - forgot which one, have been around too much today in the blogosphere :-)

Funny how a rainy day suddenly can sound so wonderful.... We still got snow over here in Sweden and begin to long really badly for spring now!

Really nice blog you got here, I hope you don't mind me lurking around a bit more after writing this. We share an interest: traveling :-)

Lifecruiser Travel Blog

Sandee said...

I see you got a visit from Lifecruiser. She's a dear.

We didn't watch the game, but we did have some champagne last night. Just sat and talked about...our carnival cruise. Woohoo.

Have a terrific day honey. Big hugs. :)

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!
Sorry that you have rain and cool!
I see you find other things to do!
Have a great week!!!

Zane D. Clark said...

i walked the dog to the park today and on the way back the bees were working so much that there was a constant humm in the trees.

short sleeves and such.

see you in a few days.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

it was HOT here today, loved it! sunny too!

smiles, bee

Haley D. said...

Send some hot weather our way, Bee! I am sick of the cold. There's a wintry mix tonight and more expected Wed. PM/Thurs. AM.