Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet Ruby and other stuff

This gorgeous little number is my live-in maid, limited in ability, however, but very much appreciated by my back…and Dick’s.  Her battery Rubydied recently, so Maytag Man went to work and got her back up and running.  He didn’t want to run the vacuum either.

Ruby rolled and bumped around and got all the floors done yesterday, carpet and tile alike.  Missy observed for awhile from her lofty perch, but promptly got bored and took a nap.  Work is too tiring for that girl.

Our weather here has been utterly fantastic.  Love it, love it.  Who wants to stay inside cleaning?  Not me. 

And the good weather should continue for our upcoming cruise.  We leave a week from TOMORROW!  I am sooo looking forward to getting back on a ship.  We haven’t been on a cruise all year!  OK, so the year is new, but still.  It’s been too long since the last cruise.  Have I mentioned that we loving cruising? Oh.  I guess I did already.

Have any of you ever played croquet, I mean for real?  Not like when we were kids and just banged the ball around, clueless.  We haven’t…at all…and we are going to a croquet party this afternoon…and I am still clueless.  Yikes.  I’m sure there are rules, and probably competition and all that.   I should probably Google the game and learn a bit before we go. 

Maybe I won’t embarrass myself.  Or beam anyone with the mallet or a ball.  Wish me luck!  Send help!!!


Barb said...

Nope, haven't played serious crochet. Just that lawn crochet we did as kids. That's serious enough for me.

I haven't been on a cruise all year either! hahahaha!

Big hugs :]

Haley D. said...

Are you having tea and crumpets too? Have a fabulous cruise- we will be enjoying it vicariously!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well that's a sticky wicket!

and i have only been on ONE cruise so far this year!

smiles, bee

ivana said...

No cruise...
No croquet...
Footing, ja!!!
Today sun and fun!!!
Tonight dinner at my sister in law!!!
She is a great cook!!!
See you!!!

Have a great evening!!!


Sandee said...

Ruby I've seen work in a neighbors house. Worked pretty good too. I'm glad Maytag Man got her up and running again.

I'm so ready for our cruise and some nice weather and meeting all of you. I can't wait. We are in packing mode now.

Have a terrific day and enjoy the croquet. I don't know how to play either. I'm sure you'll all have a great time. That's just what you two do. Big hugs from cold, but sunny California. :)

Linda said...

I could really use a Ruby as I'm sure I'd be able to keep her gainfully employed for a very long time with all of the hardwood floors I have around here!

I don't believe I've played formal croquette but it does sound like a lot of fun - sticky wickets and all! It just seems so utterly civilized!

I've never ever been on a cruise so y'all are definitely one up on me! I'm sure I'm going to just love it, though, and I can't wait to see everyone again!

Joy said...

I like your maid, she's pretty and she doesn't take up much space! Glad Dick got her running again, of course you could always send her to Andy if you had to! Enjoy the croquet party - we used to play it at my grandparents' house, but rules? Who knew?

Anonymous said...

I'm like you. We only just banged it around as kids... I'm getting so excited for y'all!

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.