Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Change of plans…stay flexible!

Rut roh…Norm’s moho wouldn’t crank up yesterday, so mechanic Dick went over to check it out.  Some relay switch wasn’t making contact.  Dick got it removed, cleaned up, put back in place.  Long story short—something electrical had been left on inside the coach, and the batteries were simply drained down!  Simple fix.P1010083  And that relay thingy needed cleaning anyway.

So both coaches stayed over one more night at Tropical Palms, a very nice resort, by the way.  We didn’t have anything pressing for today and were able to change our reservation at the next cg, so it was no big deal…and we got one more chance to visit with Norm and Harriet.  That’s always a good thing. 

And so today we move on, just up the road a piece to Winter Garden…and another adventure that will surely put smiles on our faces.

Thought for the day:

Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.

Lighten the load, y’all. 

Enjoy Groundhog Day!  How’d it get to be February already???


ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
Perhaps you all had to leave today, in Februar!!!
You are lucky, as you have no routine life, and you can also enjoy changements, adventures!!!
I think that Dick is a rare creature!!!

Have a safe trip to the next target!!!


Barb said...

My Dad and I just had a conversation about lightening the load around here some more not 20 minutes ago! Too.Much.Stuff!

Enjoy the adventure! Big hugs :]

Joy said...

So great that Dick could help find the problem and that you had the time to do it! I'm wearing my blue scarf today, btw, and have gotten lots of compliments. One of our ladies wants me to bring it back on Thursday so the knitting group can see it. I will TRY to remember! :-)

Sandee said...

Well good for Dick for fixing the Moho. He's a handy guy to have around.

Safe travels today and enjoy the new campground.

I love today's quote and it's right on the money too.

Have a terrific day. Big hugs from sunny California. :)

Linda said...

With all of the snow covering our roads right now I'm having trouble simply imagining being able to motor around without one's car being covered in salt from the roads and snowbanks so high you can't see around them! Cruising in a Moho in Florida sounds really, really nice I must say!

Odat said...

Well, it could've been worse...'and
I have that "thoughtful phrase on my fridge! Love it and believe it!