Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday stuff


Maytag Man is mah-velous, tenacious, and just downright determined.  That’s him over there in another photo from when we went to the beautiful Morikami Park. 

Back to the problem at hand.  Well, he wasn’t gonna let that satellite system get the best of him.  No sirree.  He tried one thing, then another, and yet another till he got that cussed thing to hit the correct spot and STAY.  He sez the coach is NOT moving until we go back to Mayberry.  Period.  We have internet working.  Big smiles here.  And I got to Skype with Haley this morning (another snow day), something we couldn’t have done on the park wifi.

And thanks to JJ, my hair is cut and blondied and ready for the bloggers cruise…in two weeks!  JJ worked her wonderful magic yesterday afternoon.  Dick said he liked it…when he finally looked up from the computer screen and noticed, bless his heart.

I’m going on record to say that I am sick of those Valentine’s Day commercials for teddy bears and hoodie footie pajamas that guys are supposed to buy for their lovely lady and get wink/wink good rewards.  Puh-lese.  Guys, don’t you fall for that stuff!  It seriously ain’t gonna work.  

That’s my public service hint for the day.  Make today a great one.

Life is GOOD!


Barb said...

I got my hair cut Monday. I was thinking about highlights... I may still do that.

That Maytag Man is a keeper, for sure. But I have no idea what a hoodie footie pajama thingy is so I guess I don't need one.

Happy just another day in Paradise to you and Dick! Big hugs :]

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
Oh...Dick can live in the civil WPB as in the jungle...he has never problem!!!
Oh I forgot: I've a plaque for Missy!!!
I'll add the name!!!
May I have a photo of her?
I search in your posts!!!
Have a great Friday!!!
I know you have!!!!

Big hugs!!!

Anonymous said...

I need a hairs makeover. Bad.

I'm with you on the Valentine gifts... and no hissing cockroaches named after me, either. But then I'll be lucky if hubby even **knows** VD is coming...LOL!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i got to go see jj next week! and your psa is RIGHT ON! man i am so sick of those commercials. do the guys not think the gals can see them too? makes me so mad! and GOOD FOR DICK!!!! on the internet!

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

heck a brick, i already ordered a hoodie footie in anticipation of great rewards.........

Joy said...

footie pjs? Seriously? I haven't seen that commercial - and don't want to either. Finally got some Valentine cards made last night, though.
Yay for Dick for getting the sat to work right again.

Linda said...

Sounds like your Maytag Man is the best evah! Yay for internet and for being able to Skype with Haley!

I seriously need to do something about my hair but I'm just not sure what yet - other than getting it cut even though I just HAD it cut before the employee party. I'm afraid the stylist didn't do a very good job as my bangs are already back in my face!

Thinking of doing some warm weather clothes shopping today as I've got less than two weeks to get that suitcase packed! Woohoo!

Sandee said...

I've been seeing funny comments from Sarge all over the place today. He's in rare form.

Way to go on the new do. We go the day we head to Sacramento. I'll have blonde highlights. My hair is very, very short though. I'm terrible at fixing hair. Terrible.

Glad Dick got the Internet back up and running properly. Bless his heart. He's such a trooper.

Have a terrific weekend. Big hugs until I can give you real ones in a couple of weeks. :)

Willy said...

Willy might post about his haircut sometimes. Willy has to grow some hair first. When Willy gets his thingy set in the right direction he plants his butt on the couch and does not move.

Wait a minute - Willy does that whether his thingy is pointed the right direction or not

19-4 Willy