Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beads, and more beads

I got some more gifts made, and an item or two (or three) to keep:


Bracelet—Swarovski crystals, FW pearls…a gift for someone.






Chunky amethyst,  white FW pearls, and small gold balls-- necklace and earrings to keep.  Probably.

But this one, using peacock FW pearls instead of white pearls, is a gift:P1010175





These are both turquoise balls, although in different colors.  P1010174The photo quality doesn’t do them justice.  The red ones have a bit of a black vein running through them. 



And this one was a very easy necklace.  All the elements are semi-precious stones of various types.  I really liked the variety of colors that make this a very simple and versatile necklace…about 20” long:


So now I have to clean up my mess and put everything away, and get laundry done.  B.O.R.I.N.G. 

But…three more sleeps and then it will be time to go cruising!  Woohoo!!!   I hope you’ll come along for the adventure.  Wait…several of you ARE coming along with us!  I like the sound of that.

Gotta go get my toes ready for the toe inspection prior to embarkation.  What?  You didn’t know there were toe police?  Oh yes.  Definitely.   Winter toes are not allowed onboard!  Now, do I want a French pedi or do I want red toes???

Thought for the day:  The best is yet to come...

Later, y’all!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

for some reason i did my own mani/pedi this time. don't know why but i was just sitting in front of the tv and started doing it. anyway it's done and they are fine. see you saturday!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

Today is full on packing mode for us. I'm watering all the plants in between blogging. Got to get things done as we leave noonish tomorrow. I'm so ready.

I opted for the French pedicure. I did think about pink or red since it's so warm. My feet will pass the toe inspection with flying colors.

Have a terrific day and I'll see you on Sunday. Big hugs. :)

Joy said...

Your beading projects are lovely! I'd go with the red toenails but hey, that's just me. Can't keep polish on my fingernails worth a flip but I do enjoy having it on my toes! Have fun getting ready. Hugs!

Barb said...
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Barb said...

You and Miss Bee are rocking that beading thing! Gorgeous!

I vacillated between my favorite drop-dead red and French all morning yesterday and then spent 10 minutes going through the polish for my red... which they didn't have. So I went with French. Now I'm wishing I did hot pink on my toes... the pink that the lady beside me used! Too many choices!!

I did acrylic nails and I love how easy it is to freshen them between fills. I haven't had acrylic in 5 years. Loving it! Except typing is harder. :D

See you in 2 sleeps! Big hugs :]

PS. Sorry about the above delete. I had to correct a serious dangling preposition faux pas.

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
I like your amethyst necklaces, I love white-grey-blue colors!!!
How should be the bloggers toes?
I see that you are so enthusiastic for the cruise...I wait for great pics and stories!!!
I'll miss you so much!!!

Big hugs!!!

Haley D. said...

Lovely beads! Decisions, decisions on the toes... I personally would go for a hot pink.

Anonymous said...

I love the amethyst pieces! beautiful. I just wish I was a jewelry person. Nowadays it's just a watch some small earrings and my wedding ring.

Have fun on the cruise...