Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday at the rally...

First of all, here is the crystal bracelet I made in class yesterday using clear and tanzanite beads. Pretty, huh? I had some glass beads here in the coach, so I made this blue/brown bracelet to give to, um, someone. It was just a fun, free-form bracelet that I hope that special someone will like! If not, I'll keep it. So there.
After class I drove to Zephyrhills to visit my 98 y/o aunt, cousin Pat and her hubby Fred. Aunt Nene can hardly hear, and she probably won't remember that I was even there, but that is OK. I was indeed there and I got to see her, and that is what counts in my heart. She is a mighty special lady. And I am sooo upset! I took photos, of course, and they turned out very well, but when I tried to download them into my compter, they had disappeared! I have never had that to happen before, and now was not the time for it to happen. Bummer. Pat, send me a photo, pretty please!!!
Today's agenda is very simple...breakfast with the club...then a day to relax. We are all being given a $20 coupon for the Hard Rock Casino that is only about 5 miles away, so Dick wants to go there. It won't take long to make our deposit, look around...and partake of the buffet that is supposed to be quite good. I would also like to see a bit more of Tampa, since it has been decades since we've been here. Literally. I think Haley was a toddler the last time we were here.
Amy and her family are enjoying Disney and camping at Ft. Wilderness. We will meet up with them TOMORROW!!! Can't wait to get some good sugah from 'da boyz' and hear all about Mickey and company.
Mayberry has gotten some snow this week. I feel a little guilty enjoying the good life here in warm South Florida. OK, not guilty enough to go home and be cold! I'm not stupid!!!
Enjoy your Sunday, and go out and have some fun!


Sandee said...

I'm coming to the buffet with the two of you. Just saying.

Enjoy your site seeing and tomorrow it's lots of lives with da boyz. How fun.

Don't feel guilty about enjoying the great weather. I sure wouldn't. Just enjoy the warmth.

Have a terrific day. Big hugs. :)

Haley D. said...

Pretty bracelets! Maybe your photos got filed somewhere other than where they normally go? Did you check your recycle bin by chance? Hopefully they are there somewhere!!!! I know how much your Aunt Nene means to you, and I'm so thankful you got to go see her. Enjoy your day in Tampa!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh good job with the beads!!! we will have to get together to do more!!! i have lots of stuff (thanks lois!) to work with!!! i mean with which to work! ha ha

smiles, bee

Joy said...

No need to feel guilty, just enjoy the warmth where you are! I hope you can retrieve the pictures from wherever they went. I know they are special ones.

Anonymous said...

Looks like fun... and those are pretty bracelets.

Have fun with the boyz... gets lots and lots of sugah.... and don't even feel guilty about the warm weather... you've earned the right to enjoy it!

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
You guilty??? also for the lots of snow we got last night and in the morning?
Airport in Bologna was closed, schools in Modena tomorrow closed...
The winter is really winter this year!!!

Are the photos in another folder? It can happen!
I go sleep!
Have a great evening!