Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just another day...

Ribbit. Ribbit.
I love this little fella. He can bring a smile to any sad face and probably ward off evil spirits.
It's just another windy day in paradise, not doing much.
Surely YOU are having fun tell me what it is, k?


Joy said...

What am I doing today? Church this morning, sang a duet at both services, then a nap, now FOOTBALL! The weather is lousy but it's a great day.

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!

My family was here to we had fun...the grandchildren are so nice, and i'm glad, then they have much appetite, and love my pasta and other!!!
Then i made a long walk to a friend of mine!

Have a good afternoon!!!


Haley D. said...

We enjoyed church this morning and are now inside staying dry. The laundry may never end, but at least we're watching a movie to stave off boredom.

Anonymous said...

I am playing with my pink sparkle ball! And leaping with all my claws onto Mom's legs. Good times!