Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brr, chilly chilly...

These two staghorns that Joan gave me last winter are not happy about the overnight temps and wind! A couple of the fronds are looking pitiful and will need to be snipped off...and there will be more of these temps for the next two nights. Hello.......this is FLORIDUH! The farmers out around Lake Okeechobee certainly were busy all night, with having to ice down crops and take care of animals. Farmers are terribly under appreciated.....and where would we all be without them? Think about it, ppl!

I mentioned this on Facebook but plum forgot to mention it here. Dick and I got to meet blogging friend Barb Saturday morning! Umm, yes, there should be a photo here to prove it, but did either one of us think about it? Heck no! We were too busy eating breakfast and talking...and talking...and laughing! Another missed opportunity, but we'll fix that next time. It is always fun meeting in the real. And did any of you know (besides Bee and Charlie) that Barb is almost 6' tall! You sure can't tell by her itty bitty bio photo, but she is. I had pictured her at about my height (5'6"), but I was wrong. She wears her height well. And next time I want to meet 'da boyz'.

My big outting today is maybe to Walmart to get a few things on my growing list. Whatever you do today, make it a happy one, and stay warm! And wash your hands often!!!


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

stay warm honey! did you go to that new walmart? i thought i'd really like it but i don't like the layout of the ones with the pharmacy in the middle. i can't find what i am looking for in them! (set in my ways maybe?)

see you SOON!

smiles, bee

Sandee said...

Yes, I read Barb's post about your breakfast and I whined about not being there to meet all of you. I didn't know she is almost 6 feet tall though.

Have a terrific day and stay warm. Big hug. :)

ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!!!
Very interesting...what a pity you have no photos of your breakfast!
Here is snowing, I do not know of the Befana (witch) was burned, the weather is too bad!
Tomorrow morning the grandchildren get thyr gifts in the sock!
Have a warmer day!!!


Anonymous said...

"And wash your hands often!!!

...especially out in public places like Walmart, gr4ocery, etc.

That has been my flu vaccination and it works...Lots of handwashing...