Monday, January 18, 2010

Mighty oaks...

Here are the oak trees, Haley. This big one was moved from the trailer by Dad using the front-end loader. The other two were moved (rescued) from a piece of property that Dick and Bob were clearing over on SR 7 (441), which is now a six-lane highway! It is always good going back to the farm and seeing all the lakes that we dug all those years ago, and watching all the changes made over the years since we left ('86). It was a great place to raise kids at the time, but I wouldn't want to live there now. It is far too crowded! But, our family has good history there, and those memories can never be taken away from us. That is, until we get old and can't remember anything! Then we'll be especially grateful for photos.

We left the farm and drove Hypoluxo Road OVER the Turnpike (Dad never thought that would happen) all the way to SR 7, and of course went to Willis Gliderport and visited Lyn. Mike and Jennie both enjoyed seeing our old stomping grounds and meeting some of our old friends.

Today we plan to take a ride over to the beach and maybe end up at John G's for lunch. Bob and Lynne are having moho troubles, so they are still MIA but hope to be here today.

Have a fabulous Monday! Life is short...make fun of it!!!


ivana said...

Ciao Sandy!
I love the oaks, here they are protect trees, all oaks are registered. I love the old ones which i see on the fields, they were as limits of properties!
I hope i have wrote exactly, i do not use translator or dictionary, it'ld take too much time!!!


ivana said...

of course have written, i was not sure: i wrote, or better I've written? So it's wrong!!!
Would someone help by correcting my sentences?

Anonymous said...

So this is the tree your daughter commented about? Have a great day... Friends, memories, and John G's... Sounds like the makings for a good Day.

Ivana, you're doing pretty good with the English. it comes with practice!

Sandee said...

What a fun thing to do to revisit a home of long ago. I've not done that in a very long time. Excellent and great on the trees too.

Enjoy your day and we will too. Life is indeed very good. Big hugs. :)

Linda said...

What a glorious tree - I just love oaks and always think that if they could tell tales, they'd have some doozies!

Hope you have a lovely Monday; it's kind of gray here but at least we didn't get walloped with more snow yesterday - just lots of rain. Of course, they're talking about more of that white powdered stuff later in the week - ugh!

Haley D. said...

Ivanna, your English is way better than my Italian!

Thanks for the photo, Mom. I remember Dad moving the tree and tending to it. Now where are the lake shots?

We (the 4 of us) are going to have to make a trip back sometime so that I can bore the kids w/all the places, etc. (And here is where I lived in college, here's the V, etc.) ;)

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

lovely place! enjoy that company.

smiles, bee