Monday, May 25, 2009

Mark this for Memorial Day...

Look at this happy face. This is Mark, son of a Beta Sigma Phi sister, holding a box of homemade cookies his mama sent him. Yes, that funny looking stuff is bread...packed in the layers to help keep the cookies fresh for their long journey.

Leet has had plenty of practice sending this son of hers *stuff* while deployed, see he has served a tour in Iraq, and now he is serving another tour in Afghanistan.

This is just one serviceman protecting us and our freedom. I wanted you to see his face. He is not nameless. This is Mark. Look into his eyes and know that he is real...he loves, and is loved...very much. He is proud of what he is doing, and signs his emails "Proudly serving." I have never met Mark. In fact, I have never even met his mama face to face, but I do know her through our online chapter. And I know that she and their family are counting the days till August, when this fine fella comes back home. What rejoicing that will be!

Thanks, Mark, and please pass on thanks to all the other troops over there from all of us back here in the USA. God bless you all. Stay safe.

Y'all go over and check out my friend Sarge, one of the most patriotic fellas I know...I sure love that guy, and Dick doesn't mind a bit! Thanks to both of you for proudly serving our country!

FREEDOM is never FREE. Never forget.


barb said...

Mark sure looks happy to get those homemade cookies! I've packed many a box to go to Iraq and Afghanistan, myself. Too many, yet never enough for those who receive them.

Stay safe, Mark. Thank you for your service.

HaleyD said...

Thank you to all of our servicemen and women!!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yes they all have faces and families and friends and loved ones waiting for them. thank you mark and thank you sandy for posting this...

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

I like your new blog, thanks for the kind words, all gave some, some gave all

Linda said...

What a great looking guy Mark is and he sure looks happy in that uniform! A big thank you to him for his service to our country!

And even though Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember the fallen, I want to thank those who are still standing who protected our country - so a big thank you to Sarge and to everyone else who put on a uniform and stood proud as a member of the United States military!

Amazing Gracie said...

I second Linda!!!
May God bring Mark home safely. I have been all over the blogs today and I am struck by the overwhelming support. I just wish they (and Mark!) could realize how very much we care about them.
Thank you for the most important post.

Sandee said...

Nice to meet you Mark and thank you for your service.

What Linda said too.

Have a great trip honey. Big hugs. :)

ivana said...

Buon Giorno!

Thank you Mark and thank you for all young soldiers, who are protecting our peace in the difficult regions of the world!!!

Have a lovely day!